Something special made my day this early morning!
In some forgotten corner of the fence, a bunch of white tender snowdrops were calling for my attention. As soon as I saw these dainty white flowers, my pulse rate raced, my heart went pitter patter, my face was covered in a smile and a happy warmth poured over my body... I have been craving for greens and flowers for so long, so these little creatures put on a delightful surprise when little else was blooming; They were gently whispering "Spring is really on its way, be patient..." So tiny and fragile, yet hardy, they reminded me of a premature baby who couldn't wait anymore to show its head and meet the world.... I, on the other hand, felt as a little child to whom his parents just bought an ice-cream ... only that Mother Nature gave me snowdrops... And I couldn't think of nothing else, but one of the most beloved stories of my childhood, the story  of "The Snowdrop" by Hans Christian Andersen. 

"Welcome! Welcome!" sang and rang out every sunbeam as the Flower rose above the snow, out into the world of light. The Sunbeams caressed and kissed it, so that it opened itself fully, white as snow and adorned with green stripes. It bowed its head in happiness and humility. 

With images in my mind of my grandma's garden enveloped with the first sign of Spring and memories of her tiny snowdrop bouquets she always gave to me saying "the Herald of Spring just for You", I went on my way... happy...

                                                                                        What has made you happy today?

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