April 4, 2013

Snowdrop Happiness

Something special made my day this early morning!
In some forgotten corner of the fence, a bunch of white tender snowdrops were calling for my attention. As soon as I saw these dainty white flowers, my pulse rate raced, my heart went pitter patter, my face was covered in a smile and a happy warmth poured over my body... I have been craving for greens and flowers for so long, so these little creatures put on a delightful surprise when little else was blooming; They were gently whispering "Spring is really on its way, be patient..." So tiny and fragile, yet hardy, they reminded me of a premature baby who couldn't wait anymore to show its head and meet the world.... I, on the other hand, felt as a little child to whom his parents just bought an ice-cream ... only that Mother Nature gave me snowdrops... And I couldn't think of nothing else, but one of the most beloved stories of my childhood, the story  of "The Snowdrop" by Hans Christian Andersen. 

"Welcome! Welcome!" sang and rang out every sunbeam as the Flower rose above the snow, out into the world of light. The Sunbeams caressed and kissed it, so that it opened itself fully, white as snow and adorned with green stripes. It bowed its head in happiness and humility. 

With images in my mind of my grandma's garden enveloped with the first sign of Spring and memories of her tiny snowdrop bouquets she always gave to me saying "the Herald of Spring just for You", I went on my way... happy...

                                                                                        What has made you happy today?

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  1. What a sweet memory. I don't think I've ever seen a snowdrop flower but I sure wish I had some growing. What a precious flower to be the greeter of spring.

    happy beginning of spring to you ~

  2. So pretty! Happy spring :)


  3. Sylvia! What a sign of HOPE and life for you today! While we are still having chilly air in our midst, the sun is shining, but still no buds. We are way behind the rest of the country and western sections of the hemisphere!

    But what has made me happy today? A visit with a most beautiful "sister" from blogland, IRINA.

    She is a joy to know, to spend the day with so much that the hours go way too fast. She gifted me with a special piece of art that I just LOVE and also, she showed me how to use my camera to get the maximum light affect! I am so thrilled.

    Friendship, poetry, LOVE...what more could one ask for?

    Thank you for this lovely moment of inspiration my sweet friend. Anita

  4. So pretty! Today I saw many robins in our yard and that made me very happy. And the sun was shining too! It doesn't take much does it? :) Pamela

  5. What has made me happy today? Waking up to another day. Spending the day teaching my youngest daughter. Seeing my oldest daughter happily going to her first job. Having my son come home from a good day at college. Having my husband come home from work with five loaves of bread for me to put in the freezer. (weird one, I know) Having time to relax with my family.

    Seeing your post with the gorgeous photos and reading your sweet words also made me happy. Thanks for that.

    God bless, Amy

  6. Those are delicate and lovely. I'm pretty positive that we don't have them around here. If we did, we would call them something like cotton drops since we don't have snow.

    The flower that brings back the most childhood memories for me is the lady slipper, but we don't have them down here either.

  7. Absolutely lovely, Sylvia! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hermosas las fotografías, me encantan! Bella entrada.
    Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana.

  9. Precious Sylvia!
    I too agree that the book and stage productions of Les Miserables are far better representations of redemption, reconciliation and forgiveness. We watched the movie and though I am more accustomed to watching "musicals" than my husband is, I was not overly impressed with the latest film. I read Les Miserables in French when I had found a three volume set for $1.00 in Paris and to read Hugo's words in the original language made a connection with the spirit in which is was conceived.

    Oh my friend, I agree too that to SEE ONE ANOTHER would be the greatest gift ever! I am so fortunate that Irina lives in my area and we just saw each other this week, in my home! She is magical, and a person that is unique in that she gives so much of herself to you when in your presence. AND I had not realized until she mentioned it that you are from that part of the WORLD that she is from!!!! HOW WONDERFUL of a chat you would have, we three would have, since it would interest me so much to hear about life on that side of the world.

    Well my dear, enjoy your weekend; it is gray and cold here, but hope is just on the windowsill and calling out to us. LOVE! Anita

  10. So very sweet! Enchanting photographs Sylvia! My brother came to visit today, which made me very happy :-) and....the sun is shining....the chocolate fudge cake I made tasted delicious and I was given a beautiful bunch of spring flowers...!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  11. Snow drops are so lovely. I want to add some to my garden.
    What made me happy today? I got to spend time with my mom who is 98 years old and my sweet sister. '-)

  12. Sylvia~ As always your photos and styling are like opening my favorite magazine! Love your tape and notecard presentation! Flowers always make me happy, along with visiting you :)

  13. What gorgeous images!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. You have brought me happiness with this breathtakingly beautiful post, that's for sure!
    Dear sister...I am so happy you have been gifted with the sweet miracle of these delightful snowdrops! And to add the memory of your dear Grandmother's words....
    And reading precious Anita's words above has brought some tears to my eyes! What a magical thrill it would be for all of us to meet...someday... :)
    Anita is a treasure...as are you....
    May you have a glorious week, dear one!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  15. so beautiful and fragile. I always love coming to visit!

  16. What beautiful photos, and such a lovely post! Brings to mind all the lovely lilies-of-the-valley growing along the back fence of my grandmother's garden. Thanks for bringing forth that wonderful memory.

  17. Today the rain coming in and making everything green makes me happy! Beautiful photos! ♥ Hope you will join our party! http://www.thevintagefarmhouse.com/2013/04/creative-things-thursday-link-party.html

  18. I'm happy today to see your lovely flower pictures, and read some previous posts from your delightful blog! I just loved your memories of your Grandma! Blessings! Linda

    1. P.S. Your followers comments are also a blessing to me! Glad I found you!

    2. Linda, thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy you like my blog. I hope your days are happy!

  19. You're truly blessed with a talent to write and create art through photography Sylvia! The pictures of these tender snowdrops that herald the beginning of spring are so precious...If I had read the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen in the past I have completely forgotten it...I read it today and felt like a little child. Thank you for these gentle reminders of how to cherish the simple beauties in life and be happy with little! I'm truly happy I found you so that I can immerse myself in your wisdom from time to time...

    Many blessings,



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