April 9, 2013

Daffodil Tea for A Worthy Cause

For some a daffodil is just a flower that announces the arrival of spring. But for us, who live in Canada, it is a symbol of hope, strength and courage in the fight against cancer, a way of showing support for people living with cancer and remembering those who have lost their battle. The daffodil's relationship with the Canadian Cancer Society started when a group of enthusiastic volunteers organized a fundraising tea back in the 1950s. I wrote about the beginning of Daffodil Month April here. 
It's April and throughout the Daffodil Month, volunteers across Canada are working together to kick off the daffodil campaign Fight Back. Everyone can show his or her support by purchasing a bunch of fresh daffodils and wearing the bright yellow daffodil pin, which was introduced two years ago. While the daffodil flowers can die very fast, the daffodil pins can be worn all month, especially on Daffodil Day- April 27. The Canadian Cancer Society promises that "money raised through flower and pin sales funds the most promising cancer research, supportive care to people living with cancer, comprehensive cancer information, prevention initiatives, and advocacy for healthy public policy." Look here to see what daffodils do.
To spread the word and to show support in my own small way, I would love for you to pull up a chair and join me, my family and my friends for a cup of tea and lemon poppy seed cakes. I don't know how cancer has affected you and your family, but I am sure it's touched your life in some way.
Who would you wear a daffodil pin for this April?  

"Imagine the unthinkable: You're a well-known, prominent physician, you have a loving wife and two beautiful kids, and you've made a meaningful difference in the lives of many thousands of people. Your only major unfulfilled desire is to be a rock star, and you're working on that one, too.
In a heartbeat, your life is turned upside down: your doctor just told you that you have metastatic cancer and you probably have less than a year to live. 
We all know we're going to die one day; the mortality rate is still 100 percent, one per person. But it's not something we think about very often unless we've had a brush with a life-threatening illness or know someone who has. Even then, though, the awareness of our mortality is hard to hold on to..."

from the book "Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living Each Day As If It Were Your Last" by Lee Lipsenthal, who died of esophageal cancer in September 2001; the book was released in November 2011;

Thank you!

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  1. A beautiful post Sylvia. I have a sister who is a breast cancer survivor and a best friend who is as well. I've lost 2 friends - male and female to brain cancer and countless others to other cancers. I wear a daffodil for these people in my life - past and present. Thank you for sharing this beautiful table of sunny yellow daffodils and a delightful tea. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Another beautiful book
    recommendation from
    you, Sylvia. As you know,
    I DO have two very special
    people currently battling
    cancer, my bestie Kathleen
    and my little cousin Campbell.
    I'd wear a daff for both of
    them, as well as for others
    who I have lost to this terrible

    Love your sweet tea and your
    sweet heart.

    xo Suzanne

  3. What a beautiful post, Sylvia. I'd wear a daffodil for my aunt who had ovarian cancer and my cousin who had a brain tumor and wasn't thought to survive, but miraculously did. Your table looks so bright and sunny...so full of hope.

  4. Though I will not be able to share the tea party I'll be there with you, your family and friends. I'll pin a daffodil in my thoughts for the cause and in loving memory of my mother and father and a few good friends. I'll spread the word for your good idea and efforts, your contribution, your big loving and caring heart and mind, my dear friend

  5. Darling friend,

    Both my parents died of cancer and I will go to the link you have provided. I have to run off to work, but I will be back. And as for pulling up that chair? I am always here with you...you are such a kind sister and your world is always presented so gently. Oh those photos! Many hugs dearest Sylvia! Anita

  6. Oh how I am moved by this post. It doesn't hurt that the daffodil is one of my very favorite flowers and I thought the tea setting was just plain beautiful.

    Today I would wear the pin for my father, who fought very hard for five years before laying down the fight against cancer.

    But I would also wear it for my friend Terri, who just recently discovered breast cancer and began chemo on Friday to start the long road to survival.

  7. This is a beautiful post, Sylvia. I lost my very best friend to breast cancer and I would gladly wear the pin for her. I have had a brush with it myself but came out just fine. I appreciate you getting the word out about Daffodil Month here in Canada and yours are lovely, by the way! Your tea setting is beautiful too. Thanks so much for sharing this at my HOME.


  8. Absolutely lovely pictures. My mom's blog is called Daffodil Dreams. They are definitely HER flower. Going to go email your post to her. :-)

  9. This post brought tears to my eyes, dear one....my sweet mother is missed every single day.
    Is that your great-grandmother?

    The photos of your beautiful tea...light and crisp as the Spring air...
    Bless you, dear sister...
    Much love,
    - Irina

  10. I give a huge shout out to my mom who is a breast cancer survivor!!!! I praise the Lord for her.

  11. This is a beautiful post and a wonderful tribute to those who have lived, and died, with cancer. I've had a couple in my family---I'm sure everyone has. The daffodil is such a sweet flower. I wish I had one of those daffodil pins!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Homemaking Party. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  12. Have just discovered your beautiful blog and will be back.
    Here in Ireland, Daffodil Day takes place in March - this year it was unseasonably cold with snow and sleet and unfortunately donations suffered.
    I bought my bunches for a dear friend who died much too young and another who is bravely living with cancer.

  13. Such a beautiful post...lovely words, and gorgeous photos. Daffodils are my favorite spring flower! My husband bought me a bouquet recently to help support the cancer society...just wish they lasted longer :) Remembering many friends and loved ones who are fighting the good fight, especially one of our pastors who is dear to our hearts.

  14. Beautiful photos and definitely such a great cause. I'd probably wear a daffodil pin for my best friend's husband who passed away from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

    Thank you so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.

  15. In our area we too have "Daffodil Days" for cancer research, but also in March. wonderful post Sylvia, poppy seed cake is one of my favorites!

  16. So beautiful and thanks for sharing this information.

  17. Sylvia, what a beautiful post! Your table is lovely with the gorgeous blue and white china and the yellow Daffodils Days for cancer reasearch. The cake looks yummy too! Big hugs,

  18. This is a beautiful post and a loving tribute to a worthy cause. Your blue and white details with the pop of yellow daffodils truly make me smile.

  19. What a lovely post and a beautifully set table. Your attention to detail is amazing.


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