The long-anticipated weekend had arrived. There was a crisp edge to the air and a forecast promising pleasant autumn weather. We grabbed a jacket and a scarf, mugs with coffee and hot chocolate, food, and blankets, and headed North. The canoe on top of the car, confronted by the air resistance created an annoying sound...but the more we drove up North, the less we were irritated by the noise. The road was changing into a new costume in front of our eyes as it was getting ready for a play; a magnificent display of blazing red, pink, yellow and orange adorning the trees gave rise to an unparalleled experience. The Sugar Maple tree was gracing the landscape, playing a major role in the spectacle. But, in fact, there were other players on stage, yellow birch, hemlock, beech, pine... 
A different aspect of light or a slight change in the weather could transform ordinary objects into magical sights. I felt as I was walking in a Tom Thomson painting, a brilliant pioneering Canadian artist who would stay in a lodge in the late fall just to capture the splendor of nature's forms in a marvelous palette of colors. 
Then, I thought, there is no greater artist than Mother Nature herself.

What I have learned from a young age is if there is something you love about seasons and try to do the same wonderful things year after year, they will become cherished traditions. Families, indeed, draw closer when they celebrate traditions together. Even the small touches can be just as special as the big events. For many years, together with apple and raspberry picking, our fall family tradition has been paying a visit to one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Ontario, Algonquin, around Thanksgiving Day. We are camping, canoeing, hiking; there are hundreds of amazing opportunities to connect with nature, family, and friends. To go back to yourself and rekindle your sense of wonder and solitude. This year wasn't an exception. 
After hours of paddling, we found the perfect spot, spread our blanket, lightened up a portable barbecue and set a perfect fall picnic by the lake. Shish kebabs - seasoned meat on a stick with vegetables, my husband's specialty, (yes, I am not ready to give up meat entirely), salad in a jar and pumpkin tarts were on the menu. Apple cider from the local farm put real fall flavor into the celebration of the season...

You can read about our last year fall trip here.

Has Fall been good to you, Dear Friends?

What is your Fall family tradition?

Happy Octobre!