November 25, 2017

Autumn Impressions

November has presented itself this year as the most talented and impressive painter among the months, slowly drawing canvases of cloudy skies, wet leaves and smoky fogs. While perfectly capturing Earth's treasures, November has displayed the most sophisticated colour palette of deep brown and rich yellow, blended into old glory burgundy, with a mix of orange and green in between... I am in love with its artistic work and I spend every day diving into its exquisite exhibit of beauty, nature's brilliance and sublime ordinariness. I learn from it, I drink with it, I breath and grow in it...
I spread my eyes among the undressed trees, put my face into the gentle, fresh wind and feel...  
I chase the light – soft, plush and golden, play hide-and-seek with the tired from the summer sun and let it penetrate all the chambers of my heart...   
I rejoice in the solitude with autumn. I pulse with Earth's unhurried rhythm of grace and gain patience. This season offers me a refuge from the eventful summer and the bubbly mind. Humility emerges from its raw beauty. The world isn't such a broken place, blurring meaning, values and human dignity after all. Life is full of goodness and the good sinks into me as I sink into it. My small, separate self loosens and dissolves into what surrounds me. 
Autumn makes me settle into my home, my simple needs and disorderly dailiness. It teaches me how to observe with passion, savour my thoughts and live life in the slow lane... 

I am whole and full of gratitude. 

I taste like a pear tart.

I smell like happiness.

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Thank you to all of you for your kindness and endless support! 

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  1. Autumn is a Rembrandt, isn't it dearest Sylvia? And you are the curator of many a fine image. I have files of my photos for every month, but this year, November is quite empty. School duties and a not-so-beautiful autumn here in our area kept me from engaging in photography. Climate change seems to be taking a toll on our autumns, with crackled leaves still hanging on trees, instead of colorful life falling from the sky. Perhaps I should photograph what's left of it...peace and happiness to you dear Sylvia! OH! That tart is sensational looking!

  2. So beautifully written, Sylvia. Autumn is a season we can be at one with.

    As always, your photos are so gentle and simple, the colors so calming.


  3. What a wonderful post. And after looking at so many Fall blog posts I must say this one is my all time favorite. The pictures are amazingly beautiful, and your words.. wow.. just love your writing style. Many blessings.

  4. Oh, how beautiful! Yes what a perfect time to settle into home! Love it Sylvia! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home I will feature!


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