November 12, 2015

Autumn Fairy

Fall has fallen. The leaves are yellow against the dark blue-gray sky and the winds have picked up. The winds that are still warm and force your eyes to close in the silent reverence to the sensations on your face when they brush past. You can almost hear music in it, carried from somewhere far too far away just to meet you on this day. Where does the wind go, where does it sleep at night and what secrets shouted into it does it carry past our ears? I am listening, I will always be listening. Whisper to me.

                                                                                                                                     ~ Tyler Knott Gregson

This Autumn Fairy is called Lea. I had the pleasure of photographing her genuine young beauty glowing naturally through the perfect autumn colours. 
If you have an idea for a photo shoot or want me to capture the lovely moments of your life, I will love to hear from you. I believe we can create beautiful stories together.    


  1. lovely young lady and beautiful photos. You have captured the essence of Fall; my favorite time of year!

  2. Beauty defined through great photographs and an amazing bouquet of fall colors! I love your work Sylvia!

    1. Galya,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to write kind words on my blog. I value the support and sincerity of my readers and appreciate every comment. My hope is to inspire others to keep their eyes open to the beauty available to us in every moment and to find joy in the simple everyday pleasures.
      Thank you once again,


  3. I don't know what to say. My breath has left me, your work is beyond my abilities, beyond my reach at this moment to even attempt. You have found your niche, Sylvia. You are brilliant!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I so want to photograph people, but I am unable to find any models. And the forest you have at your What lovely colors but most of all, EMOTION. Brilliant. MUCH LOVE!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous photos! You've truly captured the essence and magic of autumn here.

  5. Stunning photos of a beautiful young lady. Please, please continue portraiture photography, you are a natural!

    Jane x

  6. Gorgeous photographs! The colours are incredible, every photo is breath taking!
    I feel like I'm interrupting the life of a magic forest nymph.

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