Easter is early this year,
 but somehow delicately coordinates with the renewal of Nature,  
 with the changing light,
  the blooming joy of the white apples and pink cherries, 
 the heavenly smell of the Lilly of the Valley...
 The excitement fills the air...
While anticipating the arrival of Easter and preparing our hearts for it, we are trying to center on the story of the real meaning of the celebration.

" And this is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life."
John 2:25

With a few of my photos I would love to wish all of you a bright and peaceful Easter filled with love, laughter and goodness!


This is how my creative son decorated the Easter eggs this year :)
To see our naturally dyed eggs from last year Click on label " Easter" or here

 For first time in my life, 
I feel the sweet urge to make my own Easter bread.
I called my mom and granny for the recipe and I better hurry to prepare the dough since everybody warns me that the secret to a really good Easter bread is to allow the dough to rise properly.
I know, I know, kneading this dough is quite tricky..
Wish me luck.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for the lovely response to my Spring Afternoon Tea
I appreciate your kindness!

I am joining Seasonal Sundays