March 28, 2012

Spring Afternoon Tea

Spring is such an inspiring season!
Nature during this time has a way of drawing our senses to the 
outside world,
soft colors,
rain showers,
a special buzz of baby insects, 
green grass,
fast flowing water in the creek, 
tiny buds on tree branches,
captivating fragrances,
young sun,
open windows, 
wild violets that choose where to grow and " signal healing and hope "  
organic eggs ( and EASTER eggs ),
pansies that can be eaten, 
birds that say "good morning" and make you cheerful....

The weather was kind of crazy here - warm, the next day cold, rain and sunshine, from -2 to +18C - changeable as a women's mood as my grandpa used to say. While I was walking our dog in the nearby woods, a spontaneous thought came to mind "This sunny day needs to be celebrated... How do I make it special?" It didn't take me a lot of thinking to figure out that an afternoon tea outside would be a treat and a great way to savor this tiny ray of sunshine beaming down...
There is truly something special about eating dinner or drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea outdoors. 
I didn't put lots of effort in preparing the table since I had already planted pansies in a basket which I made a table centrepiece. I had crystallized a few flowers the day before. It also happened that I have enough vintage china with a hand painted pansy pattern as well as a flour cloth with violet print which became a tablecloth.
To me, the only way to entertain elegantly is to keep the look pared down but pretty. Focus on people, laughter and a good conversation:) 


A simple afternoon tea can become a memorable experience as every other activity when we show our love for our family, friends and the natural world that surrounds and enriches us. Inspiration in our lives lays in all that Mother Nature unfolds in front of us, we just have to see it... and sense it... 
Inspiration is often something we use in our regular life and because we have grown used to it, we don’t often see it as such...

... And, so, the afternoon passed and the beautiful clear sky began willingly to accept the gray rain clouds ...

I made a note to myself: make time  for the people you love and savor the brightness of each day!

Share with me what inspires you and how you make everyday a celebration.

Thank you for your visit and nice words.


  1. Deep, deep sigh - this is all too beautiful.

    Happy day!

  2. Sigh.

    Oh Sulvia, all I can do is SIGH!

    How right you are and how amazingly beautiful you have shared it with us.

    I can just here and look at your lovely photos and just sigh, it's all I can so - and get this dreamy "prettiest thing I ever saw" smile on my face.

    What a treat, you have created perfect magic here.

    This is gorgeous. Thank you so much!

  3. this is so gorgeous... because you shared the cover of violets, i am linking you into food for thought tomorrow, its just to pretty not to share with those others that have read the book :)

    so pastoral, restorative, another gorgeous post~

    1. just wanted you to i linked you in, i am sorry, i forgot to save it last night so i reenterend you this morn :)

  4. So lovely. I want to come to your tea party. I need a lovely little rest and refreshment.

  5. Lovely blog and very nice pictures. A beautiful day.

  6. This is a tea party worthy of a fairy Princess, how very beautiful. The fact that you have pointed out that 'You just had these things handy' is so you Sylvia, talented and modest. You are a special lady. xxx

  7. This is just so lovely. My friend, you have a way of fluttering in with your soft and gentle photos that speak 1000 words of pure bliss. Good morning!!! Anita

  8. Pure bliss indeed, sweet Anita! Dearest Sylvia, every image is a wow. Every single one! I am transported into your magical world of peaceful beauty. What a gorgeous tea party...every detail attended to with such love and grace. Inspirational...
    Spring is inching its way over, and the lilacs are ready to bloom (albeit a tad early). To celebrate a lovely day, a slow walk in the park, and then a spot of tea with treats in our sun-drenched apartment. I would love to join your tea party as well..hee :)
    Much love to you,
    - Irina

  9. Oh Wow! everything is just very beautiful!! your newest follower.

  10. Doesn't look like a "simple" afternoon tea. It looks so elegant, lovely, and inviting. Perfection!!
    I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by.
    Mary Alice

  11. This is magazine worthy for sure, what gorgeous photos! Every detail is perfection! thanks so much for linking up with VIF!

  12. Sweet Sylvia,

    Those lavender/violet colored cookies are just delightful to look at, and I suspect that they are so delicious. It is such a joy to visit in the morning such lovely spaces my dearest. Your images are ethereal and genuine and I just embrace them so much.

    Much love, Anita

  13. I'd love to vacation at your house! this is stunning. I've got this pinned for another life. I'd probably have a chicken sitting in the egg basket eating the cupcakes!

  14. Slyvia~ SWOON! Are you sure you aren't secretly employed by Victoria Magazine as a stylist/photographer? Gorgeous in every way...your tea cups, table, linens, crystallized pansies. LOVE this~ I'm adding a link to Violets of March :)

  15. Oh my goodness those photos are absolutely incredible!! You are so talented on so many levels...from the table setting to the treats and photography, this all looks like it should be in a magazine. :-) Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday!

  16. Nice photos! I enjoy them very much! Hope to see more photos soon

  17. Sylvia,your 'outside' table looks so fresh and inviting, and I agree it's so lovely relaxing outside with nature. Your changing Spring season is a wonderful time of the year and I love the basket of violets to set of your review. Violets have so many wonderful memories of my grandmothers...I so love your crystalised suguared violets for your cupcakes,and the table is complete with those beautiful tulips. A perfect afternoon tea!

  18. I honestly don't know when I have seen anything more lovely to me. The delicate nature of the linens and dishes and colors against a picnic table is a stunning contrast. I really, really love this.

  19. Perfect for spring and I wish I was in attendance! Everything looks just lovely.

  20. Positively pansies and as we are about to enter winter I will be sure to plant some. love the setting everything looks yummy.

  21. What an absolutely beautiful Prairie Style table...just lovely.

  22. I came over here to thank you for your lovely words on my guest post at Pink Postcard! What I found when I arrived took my breath away! What a gorgeous post, from beginning to end! Every photo is stunning! I am off to do some pinning now! Thank you for sharing such lovelines!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  23. wow! your photos are really beautiful! they all look like they should be in a magazine!

  24. Wonderful pictures with a feeling of spring! Your cupcakes and cookies look delicious out! I wish you a nice weekend! Zinnia

  25. What a beautiful post as always. You capture such great images with your camera, it's as if I am looking through a magazine. Spring is such a wonderful season.
    Thank you for sharing!

  26. Absolutely fabulous and gorgeous!

    Visiting a little late for Pink Saturday. My entry is a product of creativity. Have a great weekend!

  27. Sylvia,
    You have created a beautiful post. I'd be thrilled to have tea in such a charming spot. I need to remind myself to celebrate every day. Mind you, the blooming forsythia branches in the white pitcher and the daffodils in a small Venetian vase are adding a touch of loveliness to my home.
    Have a wonderful Sunday. (Should you ever wish to join "Sunlit Sunday", you are warmly invited to do so.)

  28. What a peaceful pretty table to have a spot of tea. Those are beautiful cupcakes,
    with the crystalized pansies. Your table is really lovely.

  29. What a beautiful place and sorroundings to have an afternoon tea in such beautiful dishes too. I love it with the purple pansies, sooo lovely. Hugs,

  30. Such a lovely spot to set that gorgeous table. I love pansies! Your basket of pansies is so very cute, and I love the teacups!! Have a wonderful week!

  31. wow, such a beautiful post, the table and decorations all soo lovely :)

  32. Oh Sylvia - this is exquisite - just love every detail - the setting is so inviting and the table is gorgeously set - LOVE the crystallized pansies -Thank you for sharing your lovely blog with Home and Garden Thursday,

  33. Wish I could pull up a
    chair and share a cup
    of tea with you, Sylvia : )
    I know we would be great
    tea partners and chat for
    hours. I read the Violets
    of March recently, too.
    It is my dream to live
    on one of the islands
    near Seattle, so the book
    was a natural draw for
    me. Love all the photos
    and hope you are still
    reveling in spring!

    xx Suzanne

  34. Lovely! It's all so lovely:) Happy spring!

  35. What a treat for the eyes! Sylvia this is fantastic! Thank you for linking up to Home Sweet Home!

  36. Absolutely perfect! I just made a cake with pansies and posted it. Your tablescape is just right for Easter. Would love if you would share this Simple & Sweet Fridays. I know everyone will love it. New Follower.


  37. Beautiful post, Sylvia. Love the pitcher of tulips and the crystallized pansies. The teacups are lovely too.


  38. I don't know how I missed seeing this post! It is so beautiful and definitely magazine worthy. I love the rustic picnic table contrasting with the beautiful linens and china. Gorgeous! Blessings, Pamela

  39. I'm stopping by late, but I'm glad I didn't miss your beautiful post. Lovely in every detail. I hope your Easter bread turns out! Happy Easter!

  40. I'm late arriving, but so glad I didn't miss this lovely tea setting. Exquisite details. I'd be thrilled to be a guest at this event.

  41. Love your blog. I am doing one on Life After 60! It's fabulous and fashionable for me. Checik it out on

  42. Bastou eu ver a primeira foto pra ficar encantada com seu blog. Amo o amor-perfeito (pansies). Parabéns pelas lindas postagens.


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