Spring is such an inspiring season!
Nature during this time has a way of drawing our senses to the 
outside world,
soft colors,
rain showers,
a special buzz of baby insects, 
green grass,
fast flowing water in the creek, 
tiny buds on tree branches,
captivating fragrances,
young sun,
open windows, 
wild violets that choose where to grow and " signal healing and hope "  
organic eggs ( and EASTER eggs ),
pansies that can be eaten, 
birds that say "good morning" and make you cheerful...

The weather was kind of crazy here - warm, the next day cold, rain and sunshine, from -2 to +18C - changeable as a women's mood as my grandpa used to say. While I was walking our dog in the nearby woods, a spontaneous thought came to mind "This sunny day needs to be celebrated... How do I make it special?" It didn't take me a lot of thinking to figure out that an afternoon tea outside would be a treat and a great way to savor this tiny ray of sunshine beaming down...
There is truly something special about eating dinner or drinking your morning coffee or afternoon tea outdoors. 
I didn't put lots of effort in preparing the table since I had already planted pansies in a basket which I made a table centerpiece. I had crystallized a few flowers the day before. It also happened that I have enough vintage china with a hand painted pansy pattern as well as a flour cloth with violet print which became a tablecloth.
To me, the only way to entertain elegantly is to keep the look pared down but pretty. Focus on people, laughter and a good conversation:) 

Simple afternoon tea can become a memorable experience as every other activity when we show our love for our family, friends and the natural world that surrounds and enriches us. Inspiration in our lives lays in all that Mother Nature unfolds in front of us, we just have to see it and sense it... 
Inspiration is often something we use in our regular life and because we have grown used to it, we don’t often see it as such...

... And, so, the afternoon passed and the beautiful clear sky began willingly to accept the gray rain clouds ...

I made a note to myself: make time for the people you love and savor the brightness of each day!

Share with me what inspires you and how you make every day a celebration.

Thank you for your visit and nice words.