April 12, 2012

Life is Kind


I'm a little late with this post since an unforeseen turn of events occurred. In a nutshell, while we were canoeing on Easter Sunday on The Lake of Two Rivers my backpack found itself in the water only to figure out later that all our devices were there. Of course, they were soaked and full of water ( and don't be confused as my sister was, we weren't rafting, we were just canoeing :) As a result of that my husband and I have new phones, but no contacts. The scary part, though, was that my camera was dead. It took my man two days to find out how to fix it: hours of blow-drying, a lot of rice and silica gel packs... But you know what? The camera is working right now and honestly, I feel quite relieved.

Life is kind...

Lessons learned:

1. Balance is important in life; sometimes it is the only thing that matters in canoeing. And don't count on these power balance bands.

2. There is more to life than things. Material things are only things, they come and go and they are replaceable. Memories and moments are forever. The truly valuable things in life cannot be purchased with money, placed on a shelf or in a closet...

4. Do not bring electronics on a canoe unless you keep them in a plastic bag.

3. Sometimes one minute of carelessness can cost you days of worries.

4. When you look at the bright side of life, life is kind.

My Easter bread, on the other hand,  was a hit according to my family and I felt quite proud. My son said " You can count this one as a success, Mom, among all your fails." I do admit, some have been epic!
The most delightful moment for me was the kitchen filled with aroma from lemon peels, rum, butter and spices. All this brought back cherished childhood memories when my sister, mom and I sat on a little table in my grandparents house painting Easter eggs with onion skin and flowers from the garden meanwhile grandma kneaded the Easter bread dough ...
Life was kind...

The recipe of my Easter bread comes from my mother's old journals but it's my interpretation of it. I do believe that whatever its recipe, when YOU cook ( or bake) a dish, it becomes YOURS and it tells YOUR story... because food is personal ... and food is for sharing ...

Easter Bread with Raisins and Rose Hip Jam

2 pounds all purpose flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup vegetable oil
fresh yeast (1/2 the size of a match box)
1/2 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon vanilla
5/6 eggs
lemon zest from 1 lemon
rose hip jam 

Here is Bob The Chef's excellent explanation of the steps I followed : 
Blend the flour with the salt and the vanilla. Make a well and add the eggs. Warm up the milk. Melt down the yeast in part of the lukewarm milk. Add the sugar in the rest of the milk and stir to dissolve it.
Start making the sweet bread dough, as you gradually add the yeast, milk and sugar. Mix well until you get thick and sticky dough. Twist and knead the dough, as you slowly add the vegetable oil. Add the lemon zest and knead again until it is well blended. Place the dough in a large, coated with oil pot to rest and rise. Cover it with clean cloth.
Once the dough has doubled its volume, turn it onto an oiled working surface and knead again. The purpose of it is to remove all the air bubbles from the dough, to assure nice and smooth bread texture.
Once the dough is ready, split it into halves. Divide each half into 3 equally large dough balls. Spread rose hip jam and raisins, than twist and form long dough ribbons. Braid the dough ribbons and place them in coated with oil baking pan. Glaze the bread with egg yolk mixed with milk. Sprinkle it with sugar and let it rest and rise again. When it doubles it's size, bake it at 350 ℉. To make sure the bread is baked, gently poke it with a wooden stick. If it comes out dry, the sweet bread is done.
You can add not only raisins, but also nuts, jams and anything else you like.

Join the fun, dear friends ! It can be your bread on your table for your story.

How has life been treating you?
I wish it treats you kindly.

Thank you to all you who loyally read my blog !

(some picture are taken with the old Sony Cyber-shot and are not as good as I would like them to be; just for the record)

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  1. I practically live for your posts...they make me feel so good when I read them and I find myself staring at your photos over and over. You always express my same thoughts in the loveliest way.

    I'm sorry about the mishap with the canoe but I'm glad everyone is safe. I'm sure it was a bit of an inconvenience though!

    Your bread looks delicious...I was just thinking the other day about learning how to make it.

    Take care ~ Sarah

  2. Sylvia, I was mesmerized by your wonderful photos!...and the Easter bread, looks so delicious. How precious your memories must be! Glad things turned out as well as they did with the canoe mishap. Great life lesson!

  3. Sylvia,
    Your blog and photos are beautiful... I am a new follower and look forward to seeing more...

  4. What a fine post!

    I am so sorry about your "spill" and the consequent ruination of almost all your electronics - wow!

    You have a really great attitude.

    Your bread looks amazing, how I wish I had some right now!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring images....will look forward to more! N.xo

  6. Oh Sylvia,

    I am SO glad that you are all SAFE! But lesson learned, right? Oh how life is just ONE BIG CLASSROOM!!!

    Now, your photos are absolutely stunning. You really know how to take photos and I suspect that you also have a great camera! I AM SO GLAD you did not have to go out to get a new camera! These memories that you capture here are so intensely lovely, that like a good POEM, I can SENSE the texture and aroma of these fantastic bread.

    WIshing you a lovely weekend my beautiful friend! Anita

  7. Sylvia~ Your photos are stunning, regardless of the camera you used! So glad yours was salvaged! I'll have to remember rice & silica gel packs~ I'm scared I'm going to lose mine in the lake one of these days, and the water can be so murky it would be gone!

    Your Easter Bread looks like you are a master baker! So delicious~ I'm scared of yeast so it's quick breads for me :) Glad all is well and you had a Happy Easter!

  8. WOw, your Easter bread looks so special...and rose hip jam? *le sigh* Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! Sorry about your electronics, but wow, are you ever lucky that your camera works!

    Your Easter photos are stunning. You are so talented!


  9. Dearest, I am so glad you are all well, and the camera is ok! Hooray :)
    Precious Anita is so right, it is all a classroom, is it not?
    All of your photos are stunning, for they are an expression of you. That bread...wow.
    Can I tell you what an amazing memory flashback you just gave me at the mention of "rose hip jam"? One of my strongest sensory memories from "back home" is that of rose hip jam! What a treat that was...thank you, thank you.
    Sending you much love, dear sister..
    - Irina

  10. your pictures are exquisite, thank goodness your camera is still available for future dazzling moments. the bread, the water, the flowers, all gorgeous shots... so comforting here, yes, life is kind~

  11. Sylvia,
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. This bread and the photos are gorgeous... i'm sure it tastes as good as it looks!

  12. Sylvia - what a treat to visit here with you! Your photos, your recipes, your stories....love them all!! What a beautiful area you live in!!!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Oh this bread looks wonderful! I love rose hip jam and have a jar in the pantry waiting to be opened! Thanks for sharing your recipe, and all your beautiful photos (how great that your camera is working after it got soaked!)

  14. Dearest Sylvia!

    Good morning my wonderful friend! Thank you for visiting last night! I am so behind on posting my new post, but it is always a pleasure to sit in front of my computer to create with words. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VIEWING MY ETSY SHOP! It is very kind of you to do so. I will be making another shoe today and some other paper items; I am SO LOVING paper!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend my dearest! Anita

  15. Beautiful pictures and
    thoughts reflecting a
    beautiful soul, Sylvia!
    I can almost smell that
    bread baking....mmmm.
    Thank you for the lovely
    birthday wishes. It has
    truly been a wonderful
    day, so far!

    Happy Weekend,
    xx Suzanne

  16. Sylvia, if these photos were taken post canoe ride I'd say your camera is more than alright! Beautiful! I agree with all your rules but especially #2. I have been emptying my Mom's house after her passing and I'm realizing that *things* are unimportant --it is more memories that I cherish.

    Your Easter bread looks so pretty! I will have to look for rose hip jelly--I've never tried it.

  17. I can't produce photos half and good as yours and my camera didn't fall in the water!! I love your son's candor. Kids are so good at helping parents keep it real. This is the first time for me to visit your blog and I enjoyed it very much.

  18. Oh dear....I am sorry you lost your phones in your mishaps but your camera is working. Your bread looks amazing.
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos and such a great positive outlook. xoxo

  19. Well if you took these gorgeous pictures after the canoeing trip, then I would say that your camera is fixed! Great lessons learned. :) What a beautiful and tasty bread! Love the use of the rosehip jam!

  20. I'm glad that you were able to get your bg back. Algonquin Park is so beautiful, and I'll be heading there next Saturday. Your bread looks so good. I'll have to try it soon.
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Your kind comments really do mean A LOT TO ME DEAREST SYLVIA!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, really!!!

    I am going through a time of adapting to new kinds of thinking for the future. It is DIFFICULT!

    PEace and much love to you, Anita

  22. Oh, what gorgeous bread! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  23. Precious one,

    Your comment today on my post is a most cherished piece. THANK YOU for confirming to me WHY I WRITE. I just want to let everyone know WE ARE NOT ALONE.

    How wonderful of you to come by. I hope you enjoy your Saturday! It is cloudy here, which I hope means something to show for it, like RAIN! We need it!

    BIG HUGS! Anita


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