March 23, 2012

a little planting

The weather these past days has been surprisingly beautiful and I thought I am ready to get my hands dirty and help things grow. When you plant, you really feel you are doing something good for the earth and then your efforts are rewarded with waves of loveliness. My very first trip to the local nursery ended up with a tray of pansies all in different colors. I am embarrassed to admit, but I have never payed enough attention to these cheerful smiley faces. My grandma's garden has always given a shelter to early smelly sweet violas and pansies in blue, yellow, pink ... you name it; however, only hyacinths and tulips spell Spring to me ... Not this year!  Was it Sarah Joi's book "The Violets of March" or my growing attentiveness to beauty that attracted me to these plants this Spring, I don't know ... But I cherish these old-fashioned flowers and the happy mood that they project. I suddenly remember how much I loved to sing to my little boy a simple verse that goes something like:
"A sweet tiny violet, you are so little, so you don't know how divine your fragrance is..."
Pansies and violas are one of the very first flowers to go in the soil when the weather is still cold; they will survive the low temperatures and ... Wow, they are edible!
So my next "project" will definitely include delicious pensées (meaning thoughts).
What are you planting, dear friends ?
What is your favorite plant to grow?
HERBS are the next on my list. 

Have a fragrant spring weekend! 

Oh, it's raining ... Just in time...
It will wash the dirt away 
When the rain is over,
And the sun begins to glow,
Little flowers start to bud,
And grow and grow and grow!

Thank you to all of you who stop by and write to me ! It makes me happy.


  1. Love violas, they are so hardy and wow they grow like weeds almost here on the dark side of the house where it is cooler. Their scent is heavenly.

    I am a big time tea party lady and LOVE to sugar or even just use fresh ones to decorate platters, cakes, cupcakes - love this flower!

    Your pictures are stunning. So glad you are out in the beautiful weather. We've had it all week but today and most of the weekend it is scheduled to rain, but necessary too b/c we didn't get enough snow melt this year. Water is good unless not enough or too much, pretty much like anything, yes?

    Have a wonderful weekend doing something that brings you much joy.

  2. Isn't the variety in pansies wonderful? I noticed even white there! The pale yellows and pinks are so sweet too. It looks like you have a bit of green. Alas, we don't get the moisture. But there are wonderful gardeners here who really work at it. (Not me)

  3. I love this group of photos. We had summer here for 5 days and it's back to spring again today. Our snow is mostly all gone but the ground is too wet or frozen for anything to bloom yet. Violets have the sweetest of faces don't they?
    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. such gorgeous pics, the first thing i thought before i read your post was the violets of march... you must join in food for thought, this post is perfect :)

  5. Oh, each photo is perfection! I always get excited to see your posts!

  6. So beautiful, dear Sylvia! The pansy photo with the droplets...oh wow :)
    Isn't the early Spring a treat? We have our lilacs budding in the back yard, and the green is so luscious after the rains...stunning. You are so talented, dear friend. If you feel up to it, I have tagged you with 11 questions chez moi. Please do not feel obligated, it's just for fun :)
    I love this post, it's making me want to head out to the nursery! Enjoy the beauty, wonderful friend!!
    Love to you,
    - Irina

  7. Good morning beautiful! I have every intention to go outside today and clean up my sweet gardens. It has been GORGEOUS here and I best go out to clear away all the debris to let more sunshine into my soil so that everything gets a good dose of vitamin D.

    Dear one, your photos are so lovely. I am beginning to think that I must take my own photographs, but my little coolpix camera just does NOT do the trick. Your photos are so clear and vivid! HAVE A GREAT DAY OUTSIDE! Anita

  8. Such lovely photos Sylvia.Im so happy spring has come and a bit early too.

    Blessings for a Happy Sunday ahead!

  9. Enchanting photographs from your garden Sylvia! Isn't it a joy to be able to work in it once more. I am so happy spring has arrived. Your pansies look lovely. I enjoyed reading the lyrics of the song you used to sing for your son too. So sweet!

    I find it difficult to answer your questions. There are so many beautiful flowers. I love roses very much, but little flowers like forget-me-nots as well! Oh, I almost forget sweet pea's! I planted them this week. They are one of my favourites too......and foxgloves :-)

    Enjoy your time in the garden!


    Madelief x

  10. Beautiful sister, I was so happy to see your loving message! I am blessed to have found you (you actually found me!)...
    Thank you for bringing so much goodness, love, and beauty to us all.
    You are wonderful :))
    Wishes for a glorious week...
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  11. Силвия здравей,
    преди няколко дена се видяхме със сетра ти, Краси и малкия сладур - Нико. От Албена разбрах точното име на блога ти и след като го разгледах останах много впечетлена и вдъхновена, за това как виждаш и представяш нещата около теб. Снимките са прекрасни историите са красиви, свършила си една фантастична работа.:)
    Много поздрави на Авел и Иван и се надяваме това лято да се видим :)))
    Целувки и прегръдки - Мартина и Мики :))))))))

  12. Dear Sylvia, your pansies are so pretty and what a sweet song. It feels so good to see new life come up and color to paint the world around us. I am so glad that you had a lovely weekend.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for my BIL, I can't tell you how much that means to me. You are a sweet and gentle soul, thank you for that.

  13. Beautiful Sylvia! I adore pansies & violas with their sweet faces. All your photos are straight from a garden magazine and make my heart sing!

  14. Nice photos! I enjoy them very much! Hope to see more photos soon


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