December 12, 2011

O Christmas tree, O Tannenbaum

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. 
                                                       ~Burton Hillis

I don't remember going out to cut the family Christmas tree  in the nearby forest when I was a child, but I vividly recollect our tree some how mysteriously  had appeared in our living room every Christmas, 
freshly cut,
ready to be decorated.
I had never asked where it came from,
somehow I knew it came from my parents' LOVE.

A cherished tradition in our family is to go to the local farm and cut our own Christmas tree. For me, Christmas wouldn't feel right without a real tree. The fragrance and the atmosphere  the real tree brings at home can't be replaced. When we first  apprehensively introduced  our son to this act, we needed to explain how we are not harming the tree; on the contrary, we help it to fulfill its purpose and we support the local farm.

This Sunday  we took the annual trip to the Clembrook  Christmas Farm (here ) . 
I love this farm 
not only because of the charming display of Antique Christmas decoration and Antique Horse Carriages, but because of the easiness  which everything is prepared with. 
No fuss, no overdoing.
We spent less then an hour exploring the tree field  in search for our one.
And  yes, 
our "Tannenbaum" was right  there waiting for us.

I love this moment -
when you spot the tree and you immediately imagine it  in your living room,
proudly wearing your ornaments,  
being a part of your celebration, 
sparkling  your Christmas -

... a sense of increasing excitement,



 No mater what tree you pick, it's perfect to you, isn't it ?
More than a tree to grace our home , we are keeping the tradition alive.

 Dear Friends, 
what a pleasure it was to read your kind, encouraging words on my previous post.
Please  know how much I appreciated every one of you. You make my Christmas very special.
Let's all maintain that true spirit of giving, caring and sharing  each day so the true spirit of Christmas never leaves us.
Thank you !


  1. Wonderful photos, beautiful post.Christmas moments to cherish, how lovely.

  2. I just read this week
    about what the Christmas
    tree symbolizes and that
    is everlasting LOVE for
    each of us. So wonderful
    to be included in your
    special moments picking
    out "the one!" Was that
    you sporting the adorable
    red boots, hat and gloves?
    This farm looks like a JOY ~
    like you, Sylvia : )

    Merry Monday and thanks
    for linking up this fabulous
    post my friend!

    xx Suzanne

  3. Wonderful photos of your tree farm visit. I did a post about our visit to one as well but it was too cold and damp to get photos of the other processes like tree wrapping and the other greens they sell. I was chilled to the bone. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Beautiful images that makw me long to do this. Looks like a wonderful family time. Merry Christmas ~

  5. Beautiful photos Sylvia and what a wonderful tradition. The farm is beautiful! I am so glad that you had such a perfect day. :)

  6. A huge and special part of the holidays are always the traditions we carry out with friends and family, Sylvia. They make such sweet memories. :) Looks like you all had a wonderful day together!

    xoxo laurie

  7. The memories you are creating will last you a lifetime and a tradition that your son will probably carry on with his children. There is something so wonderful about picking out a Christmas tree. It was always a family affair in our home too. Creating memories and traditions is all a very important part of Christmas and the Christmas spirit.
    Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful seasonal moment with us.

  8. Gorgeous photos! What a fun traditon to have.

  9. A lovely tradition.


    (hopping over from Privet and Holly)

  10. Dearest Sylvia,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! There is nothing like a fresh, fragrant tree for the holidays, and what a nostalgic tradition. I am wishing you, dear Black Sea sister, a joyful, healthy, magical Christmas and a fantastic New Year...and to your dear family, of course!!
    Love and light to you:))
    - Irina

  11. Oh Sylvia, what beautiful pictures these are. I love this post...what wonderful memories you're making for your son. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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