December 7, 2015

Christmas Factory

Cold, but cozy. Festive and delicious. Full of simple living and celebrations. My December...
The jazzy Christmas melodies of Chris Botti's trumpet come to life while the pleasant smell of ginger, oranges and cinnamon travels from the kitchen to the dining room only to settle into my nose and slowly let my mind drift back to good memories...
I am glad, perhaps even happy, at this very moment...
Life seems full – sticky and flavourful as the chocolate cookie dough in my hands. Life seems to be the most involved factory right now, assembling a tiny army of small joys and anticipations. My mind is incubating ideas while my hands are arranging bundles of evergreens on a grapevine wreath frame. I feel wise (O. Henry's The Gift of the Maggi kind of wise) and my heart is overflowing with passion, a happy worker in the factory. Two very special helpers, one – tall, handsome and smart, the other – hungry, also handsome and excited make everything easy, and meaningful, and bright and awesome... The cookies are little burnt and the wreath is a little unrefined. But regardless, they sure make the spirit high and sure smell a lot like Christmas.
And that smells a lot like.... well, LIFE. The one that resides in the beauty of imperfection and shines in the shimmering little moments of blissfulness.

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  1. The epitome of cozy! Such depth and beauty in these moments you have captured. So glad you are savoring the season.

  2. Oh dear.

    I have a lot to learn (about photography, from YOU)

    You must be using special lens, lighting, and other instruments. Either that OR you truly are a photo fairy. Ahhhhh.....

  3. Simply stunning! Your beautiful photographs captured the visions and smells of Christmas and your written words speak to my spirit. Thank you for sharing your gifts with your readers. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  4. I can almost smell it. that dough wouldn't stand a chance. it would be gone before they could go in the oven. Love your two handsome helpers. How lucky are you!

  5. Your holiday season sounds so magical---a time with your loved ones doing what comes from the heart and soul. How special can it get?

    Love and best wishes as Christmas approaches, Sylvia!

    Jane x


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