December 19, 2011


Despite the busy week - various professional tasks, 
presentations, meetings, my son's school affairs, the hectic traffic - 
I have stole some time to bring Christmas home.
My "newborn" Christmas spirit, sparkling at the beginning, has been in fact a fire to be rekindled.
We trimmed our tree, my son and I made ornaments, I even sewed some of them, as well as a cone-shaped stocking, a table runner and napkins, we hosted a fondue dinner, we attended concerts, I baked ...
I am content that I have done so much, but I don't feel stressed at all.
I have a sense of conquering the time challenge and time somehow is passing more slowly; yet, I am actually aware that it's not time that slows down, but I that slow down. I experience every moment being guided by my spirit. Christmas works its magic spell on me.
It allows me to pause and reflect on the passage of time, to appreciate my blessings and to discover joy in every thing I touch.

 To me, 
filling the house with evergreens and putting up a tree is more than just decoration for the holiday; it is a way by which we express the importance of home and family in our lives. 
This year we dressed our home in white and green: 
white - purity and peace, green - everlasting life.
Evergreen wreaths, a rosemary tree, a poinsettia, amaryllis bulbs and pine cones are all that make the atmosphere festive and each one of them carries the symbol 
of something precious.

  Our tree is adorned with 
vintage paper covered ornaments, 
 vintage fabric bows, 
cinnamon sticks,
love notes to the family, rolled into scrolls. No peeking till Christmas Day ! 


How blessed we feel by the quietness of our home.

 How blessed we are 
to have each other and our love that makes this house home.

How blessed we are 
with our family and our friends whose laughter fills our home and our hearts. 

 How blessed we feel 
for that humble Christmas night when God gives us the very special gift of his only son to fill our lives with light.
( only six days left )

Dear Friends,
I wish you Christmas blessings not just for the holiday season 
but a year through.

P.S. Accidentally I broke one of my lenses and the pictures did not turn out as I meant them to be. Hopefully, Santa Clause will surprise me with a new one. :) 

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  1. What a lovely post ~ very touching and how true. Your pictures are beautiful and tranquil, the way the season is meant to be ;-)

  2. How perfect this captured the true meaning of the season beautifully with your words and these gorgeous photos.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes ~

  3. Beautiful post! Your tree and decorations look lovely. Merry Christmas! Pamela

  4. We share the same blessings, Sylvia... ♥ Sending you Christmas joy! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Dear Sylvia,

    Your house looks magical! You managed to bring Christmas into your home indeed. Your home made decorations look beautiful. Compliments to you and your son.

    Wish you a wonderful Christmas!

    Lieve groetjes van Madelief x

  6. everything is calm and beaautiful... love all your shots~ wishing a very merry christmas!

  7. Oh Sylvia, YOUR PICTURES ARE PERFECT! I would have NEVER known that a lens was missing! Your photos are some of the best out there. I so wish I had the right camera to take pictures of my beautiful home, but the results of my clicking about are not impressive!

    WISHING YOU MORE JOY as the days tumble into a celebration of PURE LOVE!!! Anita

  8. I have never been so
    busy, but at the same
    time, you are right on
    about it bringing a
    contentment : ) Now,
    if I could just drive up
    to Toronto and take
    some photography
    lessons from you, I'd
    be all set! Merry,
    Merry Christmas and
    many blessings for
    2011. I count you
    among my own!

    xx Suzanne

  9. What glorious photographs of your stunning decorations. I wish I was there to see them in person. The idea of little rolled up notes on the tree is perfection. Have the happiest Christmas ever. With love and hugs from here.

  10. What a beautiful post! It seems you've really captured the true meaning and spirit of Christmas. I love the little scrolls of love notes...what a good idea :)

  11. Another soulful, magical post, my dear Sylvia!
    I agree with sweet Anita, your photography is superb.
    The idea for the scrolls on the tree, I think I may have to borrow that..hee. Everything I see here is magical, not only because of your exquisite taste, but it is your beautiful soul which so beautifully expresses itself. How peaceful and special. I thank you, dearest Sylvia, for your kindness, friendship, and loving beauty you bring to our world.
    Much love to you and many many joyful blessings!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love and hugs from my heart to yours,
    - Irina :)

  12. Oh, I think this post and the photos are perfect! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy New Year.

  13. What a beautiful & serene White Christmas you'll be having! I adore the little cone stockings you have created and filled at each chair! The beauty you capture & share is always a gift to me~ I certainly can't tell you don't have your favorite lense for these photos. I hope Santa brings one for your stocking!

    Wishing you & your family a Very Merry Christmas Slyvia!

  14. Your post is beautiful, Sylvia. I love the serene feel to your home. Merry Christmas.
    -Karen ❆

  15. Beautiful post, Syliva. Your brightened my day with your gorgeous sentiment and stunning photos! Happy New Year to you and yours...

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  16. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  17. Really loved your simple yet elegant Christmas decor. Quite beautiful. Did you make the ornaments yourself?

  18. found your blog today through Pinterest. LOVE every single photo here - is this all your work? So gorgeous.


  19. What beautiful ideas and gorgeous photos. I shared them on my BEST OF CHRISTMAS IDEAS blog post today. The contest ends tomorrow. I already voted for you, and I hope that many more do too ! LOVE the twine/candle idea and the paper covered ornament. What a beautiful blog post. Cheers !! I hope you have the best Christmas ever !
    Here is the link to the contest (it is to win a feature on my blog for a year)...


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