August 7, 2011

I scream , You Scream...

You can 't go wrong with ice cream on a sizzling day. All by its lonesome, scooped into a cone or dish , it's probably summer's most popular treat.
What do you need in a Sunday afternoon to turn the store-bought ice cream into something really special and FUN?

                                                First, and most importantly   
                                                ~  a 13-year-old  very enthusiastic boy;
                                                ~ different kinds of store-bought ice cream;
                                                ~  crispy homemade cookies;
                                                ~  your mom's strawberry jam;
                                                ~ a touch of fresh mint 


                                                    lots of ,  lots of   LOVE .

Lets start with my favorite frozen dessert: chocolate ice cream with chocolate drizzling and hazulnut shavings.

Our 'specialties' are  ice cream sandwiches,

 Strawberry - vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate cookies and strawberry sauce.

 I love this combinatin of easy -to- make melon ice cream sandwiches between simple oatmeal cookies garnished with pieces of melon and hazelnut.

No surprise, my son's favorite sandwich blends together ice cream with caramel pecans between homemade chocolate chip cookies topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles.

         Yes, we didn't quite eat them all fast enough before they started to melt
 how little did we need for an incredible indulgent  experience !!!

Nothing says summer like ice cream, so treat yourself and your family with these cold comforts and sure, they will bring out the kid in anyone.
We did it
and it was a day of  JOY 
Simple Pleasures !
Keep it cool,  dear FRIENDS!
Enjoy your SUMMER

“Every man makes his own summer "
                  -- Robertson Davies, “Three Worlds, Three Summers,” The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies




  1. Hello Dear Sylvia!

    What a splendid, delicious Sunday afternoon! Stunning photos. How luscious are those sandwiches, I love the idea.
    The icing on the ice cream, of course, are your lovely son and bunny! :)
    So glad you had such a beautiful Sunday..
    Take Care,
    - Palomasea

  2. Oh dearest, now this is sweet as pie! OR RATHER, Ice cream cookies!! AND THAT BUNNY!!!

    Happy Monday, Anita

  3. What a 'cool' young man your son is. As for the gorgeous cuddly bunny he is a beauty. I can see my children feasting on the caramel, pecan and chocolate chip confection. I never thought to put home made cookies together with ice cream, what a wonderful idea.

  4. What a wonderful treat Sylvia! I love your ice cream sandwiches, they look so good! I hope you got to eat them before they melted. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Dear Sylvia,
    Thank you so much for coming by for a visit! I have requested the book you recommended from the library, thank you!

    A lovely day to you...

  6. Oh my, I think I could eat one of each kind. They look so delicious!

  7. Thank you so much for linking up! Thankfully this could easily be vegan! I'll just pretend it is. haha. I absolutely adore the pictures! What editing program do you use? I LOVE the look! Stunning!

  8. What an amazing way to have ice cream. I have some grandchildren who would enjoy ice cream that way. Mave

  9. these all look so good...and ice any way is the best....

  10. Oh my! My almost 13 year old would have loved being at your place for ice cream. Mmmmmm! I'll have the oatmeal cookie sandwiches. Delish! have a great day. Tammy

  11. Wonderful simple pleasure...oh my! all of that looks great, great pictures...and yes watching a 13 year old boy, too much fun

  12. Your post is a double simple pleasure, Sylvia. One is the ice-cream, of course. The other is your photographs. Amazing!

  13. Hello Dear Sylvia!

    Just wanted you to know, I mentioned your blog today, and am paying forward the "Liebster Award". Please don't feel obligated to do anything with it, but let me know if you would like to pass it on. I enjoy your blog so much, I had to include it!

    Lovely day to you...

  14. I'm visiting from Simple Pleasures. What a lovely and delicious post.

    However, I must tell you, my husband would definitely tell you that your fabulous-looking creations would be great year-round. He can eat ice cream 365 days a year...even if it's below freezing!!

    Your blog is beautiful, and I know I'll want to visit again, so I'm now your newest follower.


  15. Actually, I became your 100th follower!!

  16. Oh my - how tempting lol!!
    What young man wouldn't enjoy that treat coming from his mum's kitchen?!!
    bless you..Trish

  17. I don't eat sugar, but I'm almost willing to after seeing these photos! Cute bunny too!

  18. Dear Sylvia,

    No worries about passing it on! It is my honor and pleasure to share your blog.

    - Irina (Palomasea) ;)

  19. I've eaten more
    ice cream in the
    last two weeks than
    the last year!!! I
    can't pass up the
    local faves at my
    parents, like raspberry
    shakes : ) Just hoping
    my jeans will zip when
    we get home!!
    Happy Sunday,
    xx Suzanne

  20. Yummy photos, Sylvia! My hubby loves ice cream in a cone but me, I love it in a bowl. Your cookies and cream are very appealing. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  21. OK, ice cream and bunny rabbits. It doesn't get better than that.

    I once had a gelato in Italy made from locally grown melons. It was a revelation. Nothing has ever rivaled it.

    But if I had to pick only one ice cream flavor I would ever get to eat again, it would be chocolate peanut butter. Together they make one of the essential food groups.


  22. Hello Sylvia,
    Was thinking I hadn't visited in a while - ice cream sounds marvelous right now - I've been painting an arbor in this hot sunny day! I hope all is well for you!
    God Bless,


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