July 29, 2011

Golden Summer Days (a letter)


 Dear Friends ,

I am thinking of you and  I hope you are all enjoyng your summer.
Half the summer is gone already so lets spend the rest of it , slow and steady.
Lets make the very most of it , squeezing every last drop out of every moment

amazing friends,
air  filled with a dreamy golden light,
 breezy summer nights,
 perfect water ,
simple food ...

Just a friendly  reminder  of myself ,
 sharing the smell of my 
golden summer days.

                                                                Yours faithfully,


Thanks to my friend Benny for the perfect day spent together by the lake .


  1. Your photos are so lovely - and somehow I knew that you would have the perfect dog.

  2. Such a kind and gentle day you must have spent! Beautiful photos and a wonderful memory. HELLO SYLVIA! Anita

  3. Dear Sylvia,
    What a warm and touching post. The photos are soft and lovely. The letter is such a nice touch to your wonderful day. I'm happy I follow you.

  4. Beautiful, sweet photos! I love the little one with the kerchief! Aaah, the gentle breath of a summer's day...

  5. I just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I've just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  6. Hello,
    I visited your blog today. I thought it was so pretty and charming. Your photos are lovely. While I was reading, I noticed that me and my daughters have alot of the same interests as you. I love music, photography, and family. My daughters love to travel, and Jess likes Interior Design, as you do. In fact, she has her degree in it. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your beautiful ideas. Oh, and I agree...one of the best pleasures in life is chocolate. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  7. Sylvia, what a sweet post. We have only 8 days left in summer before we move our daughter to her new college *sadface*

    Thanks for your letter, and I hope you have a great rest of the summer! Fantastic photos!

    Ricki Jill

  8. Oh it is so nice to see you, Sylvia! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!!!! I hope your summer has been as magical as mine...back to school in about a month. AHHHH!

    Make the magic happen, Anita

  9. Oh my, the photos are lovely and the food looks luscious!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment today.:)


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