May 7, 2011

A Miracle


A Special Mother's Day to all of you , wonderful women  out there, who have brought unconditional Love, Joy, Happiness and Care into the world ! 

I want to share a ''photo'' of my  only one unborn nephew who will  come to our world sometime in the summer...
He/she (my sister doesn't want to know the gender) is in the most safest place right now, being one with his/her mother, kicking her often, listening to the sound of her voice, dancing around...

Isn't this the most  beautiful, wonderful and precious miracle ever!
Yes, soon my sister will  join the motherhood club;  a tough 24 hour job, no pay, no day off , but sweet, meaningful, and  worth every second ... She is going to be a MOTHER! We are all excited, my funny mom, my brave grandma...  

Dear Mothers, thank you for the WISDOM you gave to us simply to be who we are!

Dear Mothers, thank you for the PEACE, COURAGE and FAITH you give to all smart children of today who will make tomorrow better! No doubt in my mind!

 This  sweet boy who is 12 now (my precious miracle), last year wrote on my Mother's Day card  "You teach me how to fly" ...
What else in the world do I need ?!



  1. Beautiful post, Sylvia! Sending best wishes to both you and the mom to be. Happy Mother's Day! ~ Sarah

  2. thanks for those very nice words

  3. Enjoy your Mothers Day and yes, life is a Miracle and thanks be to God...Cant wait to see you post pictures of the newest arrival to your family..

  4. Oh my goodness, now I have tears in my eyes.....when a little boy tells you that YOU TEACH HIM HOW TO FLY, well that just gets me every time. I am not a mother, but rather a fourth grade French teacher. Over my career, I have received such comments from my charges and well, it just about makes you weep, dance, and realize that we women have the power to literally shape the world. Dearest, thank you for your visit and have a special day today!!!! Anita

  5. Such a beautiful post! :) Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!
    ~ Zuzu

  6. This is the *sweetest* post. Thank-you.

  7. Happy Mother's Day! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my "Pretty in Pink" post!


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