May 2, 2011

Easter Tea Cup Swap

A month ago I decided to take part in the Easter Tea Cup Swap that Terri and Martha hosted. I read on Terri's blog about this wonderful idea and thought it's going to be FUN to send a tea cup to somebody around the world  not knowing him or  her at allI also loved the thought that tea cups would travel around  as the most precious things  thoroughly wrapped  ...
and they did , indeed.

Last week my Easter basket came from USA, from Terri.
Yes, the sweet, kind Terri from Artful Affirmation was my tea cup swap partner. There had been a number of e-mails between us with questions and answers until it become clear to me that I needed to create Terri's basket as I created it for myself . We both simply share the same taste, love and adoration for delicate tea cups, vintage items and Paris.

Last week, I received and opened the most CHARMING VINTAGE BASKET I've ever had .

May I know what comes to your mind when you hear VINTAGE Easter tea cup basket.?

If you think of a delicate very spring-ish  English tea cup with the most  lovely pink roses pattern,
you are  right.  

This gorgeous Royal Grafton bone china was in the basket that Terri created for me .

I totally understand what she means by " I love this tea cup so much I wanted to keep it ! But of course, I knew it was for you "  Thank you Terri, I will treasure it as you would  !

It you, dear reader, think that there is no vintage basket without a vintage bottle,
you are right. 

 What about old  laces, buttons, an old key?
 That's correct, they were in the basket as well.


I am wondering what one can open with this key !?

Since I mentioned to Terri about my current intrigue: everything in theme vintage PARIS, she was so thoughtful and generous to send me this napkin and these handmade cards. 

  I simply can't find the proper words to express my genuine excitement when I unwrapped  
 these Vintage French Postcards.  


Honestly, my heart is still pounding with thrill ... As you probably guess, I immediately asked her a bunch of questions and it turned out that these cards came from Paris. She picked up a number of them on her trip last year, so she of course doesn't  know the women in the photos, but she thought I might like them .
You were wrong Terri,  I LOVE them!  

Don't you wish to know who was this beautiful young women, who she loved, what she was dreaming of ....O , silly me

Thank you, Terri! It was a real pleasure creating your  Easter Tea Cup basket ! 

People don't necessarily need  to physically meet each other to create connections; as long as they share thoughts, soul, spirit  and hearts, they  feel close,  don't they ?

I wish you all HAPPINESS !
Thank you for the visit !


  1. What absolutely gorgeous vintage treats - as for that cup and saucer - what a beauty, crafted for only the best tea.

  2. Precious Sylvia, what a fabulous swap. I so love the idea of your simple, so gentle, yet so magnificent. Simple things make for big and profound treasures...Anita

  3. What a beautiful basket full of treasures! Such a sweet tea cup, and the vintage post cards...don't you wish you could know more about this beautiful lady!

  4. What a neat swap! I wish I could have participated! Your basket was filled with so much thought and care. The teacup and saucer is so lovely, too. I think vintage postcards are wonderful because they are like small little slices of history. I would love to know what the cards say. Thanks for sharing your Easter basket with us!

  5. Sylvia, your post is so beautiful! You photographed everything so beautifully! I am thrilled, of course, that you love what I sent! The cup looks fabulous and I am so glad you love the key and little trinkets. I too love the postcards and photos. The one young lady is so pretty and seems to have something important to consider.
    Thank you so much for swapping with me!

  6. What a gorgeous teacup! loved it!
    Your pictures are very beautiful. You're a gifted photographer.
    best wishes,

  7. beautiful love the lace and beautiful roses in the cup come see what I shared on my blog

  8. What beautiful gifts! The tea cup is so pretty and the vintage treasures were just perfect. I love the old photos. :)

  9. A perfect gift! So lovely! Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Lovely!
    Meeting you has been a pleasure

  11. Hi Sylvia,
    What gorgeous photos! Terri sure knows how to pick them! Your tea cup is just lovely and all the cards and laces are as well!
    I often wonder about the people I see in an old photograph or when I'm driving by an old dilapidated house, I wonder who lived there and how many children played in the yard. Did the smell of bread and pies fill the house every day and how many sat around the table for Christmas dinner. I've always been a soppy romantic.
    You should stop by and link up for Tea Time so my participants will know you joined in. Hope you're having a marvelous day.


  12. Super photos here!!
    Glad I found you to follow...

  13. Sylvia,
    How lovely is this cup!!! And what a wonderful idea to have a tea cup swap. Why didn't i think of that. Well maybe I will do that with someone. Great photos of your treasure!

  14. Oh my, what a wonderful collection of items. I love that old key with the buttons on it! Thanks for sharing your pretty post at Photo Feature Friday :)



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