May 28, 2018


In the heart of Adams Morgan, one of the most diverse, eclectic and full of unique history neighbourhoods of Washington, DC, stands a century-old and concrete-heavy building that had recently been transformed into one of the best hotels in the US capital. Who could have thought that a Neoclassical church, sitting empty for 25 years, could be so perfect for a hotel? And not just a hotel, but rather a space for the creative community to use, free of charge.
These days, the wonderful arches and soaring ceilings, the spiky chandelier made of the church organ's pipes, the beautifully-arrayed windows, the dynamic lobby with long communal tables and the podcast network studio make the space a model of originality and thoughtful design with an artistic sense of detail. Unlike the welcoming common area which stimulates interaction and socializing, the rooms are carefully designed to create a sense of home and calm; each has been furnished with vintage furniture, beautiful light-fittings, books and curated local artwork by Washington-area artists, of which 90 percent are women. In our room, I particularly enjoyed a black and white photograph of the First Ladies chatting and drinking wine at a social event. 

"I am going to give you the best available room right now," promised the friendly young man at the reception. And he didn't disappoint.
And when there was low water pressure on our floor, he compensated us with a free breakfast at one of their special restaurants led by award-winning chefs. I can still hear the manager of the hotel saying to us, " It is not a problem. I will take care of everything!"

To those of you, who worship elegant design, delicious food and coffee and beautiful music, and especially to those who support thoughtful business practices rooted in communities and creativity, I encourage you to plan a stay at The LINE DC when you visit Washington, DC next time. There are too many reasons to fall in love with the place, I promise.

1770 Euclid Street  NW, Washington, DC 20009

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  1. Good morning dearest Sylvia! Your photography adds a new dimension to things, people and places. I know this has to be a magical place, but the way it's captured by your lens immortalizes it. Just gorgeous with its angular, simple lines.

  2. I'll take your recommendation. Your photos had me sold, but hospitality is first on my list.

    Thanks, Sylvia!


  3. Dearest Sylvia, HELLO! I just noticed that you visited my blog, and I thank you for taking the time to do so. Blogging in my opinion is not what it used to be, and that saddens me, since I have such fond memories of a new-found social network. Creativity however, remains, but like everything else, creativity wanes in intensity then comes back again in a different form. I thank you for your kind words of grace, and I hope that you inspiration will return in new and unexpected ways. Carry on, beautiful Sylvia, you have immense talent and you are a master of light and shadows!

  4. I am inspired by your blog and by Bella Grace where I found you. You made me wonder what happened to transform you. I blog at “Diary of a Mindful Nature Lover,” www.ninanaomimindful Simple


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