August 21, 2017

Celebrating August

August has a magic of its own... the last full month of summer – the most awaited, full of hope and plans, and the fastest one of all that slips through time and space like sand through fingers. 
Like a sweet dream you don't want to end, August brings forgotten wishes, alluring destinations, open doors and hearts exposed to ease, sea waves, hot nights, lemonade and love...   
But August's eternity only lasts 31 days and is just one more reason to celebrate the season instead of wondering where the summer went. 
There's  still time for 
lying on a beach and reading poetry,
camping on the lake and having a bonfire,
hosting a backyard barbecue,
climbing mountains, 
travelling to places you always wanted to see,
taking a road trip,
drinking coffee on the porch,
heading to an outdoor concert, 
meeting with a dear friend you haven't seen for years...
There are herbs to be grown and jams to be cooked.
There are sunrises to be seen and shooting star wishes to be made.
There are raspberries to be picked, a lemonade to be made and a teacake to be shared.
I am sitting here at the table in my late grandparents' garden enjoying this memorable summer day and thinking that if August had a colour, it would be the hue of an apricot.
If it had a taste, it would be the sweetness of a ripe peach. 
If August was a feeling, it would be nostalgia.
But above all, August for me right now is everything I ever wanted and everything I ever lost, wrapped together in a perfect bundle by my deep sense of gratitude.

How do you celebrate August?

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Thank you very much to everyone for writing such thoughtful and heartfelt comments. I hope your August was splendid! 


  1. Gorgeous photos! I especially love the line you wrote about August being full of both everything you ever wanted and everything you ever very true! I get that completely.

    August always seems to me to be the month where I cram the most in, as if I all of a sudden realize just how close the summer is to being over, so we tend to have a lot of our camping trips and family reunions and last-minute trips to the splash pad during this month. So much to celebrate!

    And if the book is as lovely as your blog, I would love to win!

  2. Dearest Sylvia,

    Very wonderful post here; you had inspired me the last time we exchanged Direct Messages from Instagram, and thank you again for being there for me. The summer months truly go by too fast for me to embrace all the details I need to get in place for taking more serious steps toward two things: my photography and my poetry.

    It is wonderful however, to see how you have become a part of the BG community, and to see that I once had it "right" - using my blog as a launching pad for potentially involving myself with writing opportunities. But I let my blog go, I thought I'd go "solo" but the latter didn't work. Now, I see that there is room for more growth in the arena of blogging, and you've done it well.

    How do I celebrate August? Slowly. I am taking each moment slowly because this week is my final week of sleeping in late (at least until 5am), my last week of ambling about at my own pace, of going out to take photos when I want. It's my last week of not having any worries other than making sure my garden is watered.

    I have learned however, that summer is not the only time to celebrate and be on holiday. I hope that in my work space, I can continue a spirit of wonder and happiness because truly, the best kind of summer holiday can be found only in the heart. ENJOY!

  3. Your pictures are always something I linger over and you didn't disappoint here, Sylvia. I love raspberries and wonder what sort of drink you created. It looks delicious. I 'get' your adding the photos of your grandparents-we savor August and reminisce about the season, year, and past. I feel the same way about summer "going by so fast". Many say that, and I think we should take that as a sign that we need to savor every moment more so. Your list is perfect. We are of like minds!

    I think it was you who gave me the info about Bella Grace magazine and I was trilled to find my copies. Its like a journal full of inspiration with open arms to let us create our own life journal. I'm happy to say I have again started journaling. I felt stretched too far to actually write. Time alone at the lake this summer has given me the time and incentive. I'd love to win a copy and thank your for your generosity.

    Jane x

  4. Your photos are beautiful - a true inspiration. I plan on celebrating August this weekend by visiting a waterfront farmer's market.

  5. Hi there:)
    I so enjoyed your blog post. It gave me visual and emotional joy. The old photographs reminded me of visits to my grandparents farm. I always find myself pulling out one of the photo albums and slowly flipping the pages, peering into another time. Now, I am blessed my daughter shares the same love and appreciation for memories past.

    August is celebrated in our home with new backpacks, fresh papers, pencils and such... it is the last goodbye to lake days, pool parties, suntan lotion and late summer evenings. A return of schedules. For me personally, August feels bittersweet. A closing of a chapter, and anticipation for the next. Transition. It's celebrating my sister on her birthday, picking the perfect gift and card. It's wishes of being back on the beach, toes dug in the sand. We celebrate the close of summer, August, for what comes next. Glorious fall.

    ~Ahna M.

  6. August for us is not the end of summer, but the height of summer. It usually has the hottest days and nights and is the absolute driest time of year. August to me signals the hump, like Wednesday being "hump day", it's all easy going after this. My favorite things about August are the fresh fruits and vegetables, crickets and dragonflies.

    Your post is incredibly beautiful!

  7. We are planning a lovely barbecue with friends and family! My husband makes the best hamburgers!

  8. August is a bittersweet month for me. It is a time for the last minute pool parties, barbecues,ice cream making and summer activities before my grand-nephews go back to school.

  9. I celebrate August because of school supplies! I know that sounds crazy, but I can't resist new pens, blank notebooks, and folders. I also find myself picking up extra glue sticks and colored pencils. I'm 52 and not in school anymore. My kids are grown and grandchildren are not yet in school. August reminds me always of my love of learning! Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  10. Yvette: at
    I'm the person who wrote the above comment.

  11. Hi! Your post was on my birthday (22nd) and I should have commented then. But I was busy enjoying the sounds of rain drops on the tin cover over my chimney (no fire) and watching the steam rise from the road. I was about to run out and play in the puddles but the thunder cracked and I jumped back in my shoes. This has been my August this year, beautifully wet and noisy showing mother natures power.

    You got the colors of August just right. Thanks!

  12. August is the month I take time completely off work every year and take my two little Ones to England as we currently live in Ghana. We indulge in the ordinary magic of the mundane daily with no grand agenda but always going back to Ghana early September knowing we hunted for joy daily be it feeding ducks by the riverside, going on I spy walks, sampling the summer fruits and veggies at the farmers market, and all the little serendipitous activities which happens when you 'just be'.


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