August has a magic of its own... the last full month of summer – the most-awaited, full of hope and plans, and the fastest one of all that slips through time and space like sand through fingers. 
Like a sweet dream, you don't want to end, August brings forgotten wishes, alluring destinations, open doors and hearts exposed to ease, sea waves, hot nights, lemonade and love...   
But August's eternity only lasts 31 days and is just one more reason to celebrate the season instead of wondering where the summer went. 
There's  still time for 
lying on a beach and reading poetry,
camping on the lake and having a bonfire,
hosting a backyard barbecue,
climbing mountains, 
travelling to places you always wanted to see,
taking a road trip,
drinking coffee on the porch,
heading to an outdoor concert, 
meeting with a dear friend you haven't seen for years...
There are herbs to be grown and jams to be cooked.
There are sunrises to be seen and shooting star wishes to be made.
There are raspberries to be picked, a lemonade to be made and a teacake to be shared.
I am sitting here at the table in my late grandparents' garden enjoying this memorable summer day and thinking that if August had a colour, it would be the hue of an apricot.
If it had a taste, it would be the sweetness of a ripe peach. 
If August was a feeling, it would be nostalgia.
But above all, August for me right now is everything I ever wanted and everything I ever lost, wrapped together in a perfect bundle by my deep sense of gratitude.

How do you celebrate August?

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Thank you very much to everyone for writing such thoughtful and heartfelt comments. I hope your August was splendid!