August 31, 2016

Lavender Fields Forever

In a never ending summer day, put me in a lavender field, especially one that has a yellow door in the middle and I will become Alice – curious, carefree, venturing to drink the bottle, eat the cake, shrink like a telescope and walk through the door in the hope of a fantastic adventure... Put me in a lavender field and the world becomes a sweet tale.
Lavender, brimming with its simple fragrance and pretty purple hue that so many of us love, is in my opinion one of the most enchanting herbs. Thanks to the people of Pine-Sol and Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, who hosted a lovely event about the fragrant industry, this August I've been given a chance of walking through the last flowers of the large fields of lavender. If you wandered onto this resplendent property, you might never know you were just outside of a big hectic city; instead you would rather feel the charming countryside atmosphere of Provence or Tuscany. However, Terre Bleu is the most beautiful organic working family farm in Ontario that grows eight varieties of lavender under the northern climate and produces a range of handmade products – essential oil, soaps, macarons... Certainly, the best place to learn about flavours and fragrances. The best place to enjoy al fresco lunch full of savor and style from the salmon with sorrel sauce, to the lemon tart, lavender ice cream and of course, lavender lemonade. I also explored the distillery where 200 pounds of fresh lavender are broken down to make 500ml of pure essential oil. I met the honeybees that pollinate the lavender plants from which the pure premium lavender honey is extracted. I crossed an enchanting forest only to discover a yellow bench awaiting to hug me... I uncovered myself in the near-finished oil painting of an artist who was working surrounded by sunflowers somewhere in a distance almost unnoticed. 
I was slowly going back to my happy place, one that I have been struggling to find this entire summer. I was gently invited to stop, breath and smell... the roses the lavender... the world...the life... 
I was Alice, "in a Wonderland I lie, Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summer die." 
And most importantly, I went through the yellow door in the middle of the purple sea assured by the words of the owners' 10-year-old daughter that "when I walk through the door, my worries are behind me, my joys are ahead." 
I believed that little girl.  

August just melted as a purple lavender ice cream. A new season is coming and I am excited. I hope for peacefulness, simple pleasures, sweet tales and happy places for all of us. Our worries behind us, our joys are ahead.


  1. Sigh................absolutely dreamy..................

  2. I can feel the joy. What a fantastic setting! Your exciting photos bring it all to life. Love that shot of the yellow bench amid the trees. Dreamy indeed!

  3. My darling friend and talented Sylvia, I am late because I've had no internet service. I'm operating here from a WIFI hot spot on my husband's phone!

    I wouldn't miss any of your stories in pictures, and I am glad I can access this one.

    I LOVE DOORWAYS. They take us through more than just one room to the next, but to possibilities. As you have outrageously and beautifully illustrated here, we can imagine taking the next step into our lives by simply taking in the beauty of the unimagined. Many fear change, many fear something new. But we have to take that step in order to see what we are ABLE to do under new circumstances. This post comes in a timely manner as school just started this past Monday.

    What beautiful photos. The word "beautiful" does not communicate what I want to say, but you have managed to get the right moments, no photo bombs, but just perfectly styled moments. Lavender to me, is my favorite flower and scent, and nothing depicts PEACE more than this flower. May our year be filled with the perfume of lavender as it sends us off into more peaceful times.


  4. You are the perfect person to share this story, your writing has always amazed me. I'm transported to the fields of lavender and enjoying the lovely meal. Wonderful post!


  5. thanks fore share the story . it's really help me to live me a simple life .


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