The summer sunlight is warming up my days from mornings to nights. Then comes the brief, but pouring summer rain to cool off the earth... and my mind... leaving me soaking wet with a smile on my face and a song on my lips. But, the cherry on top is the rainbow that arcs across the sky, shining with its awesome colors only to remind me that "you need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear". 
Good things are happening here. Mostly good things are happening here...
Cherries are in season and I have been indulging in our locally grown fruits and just can't get enough. Cherry tart, cherry syrup on pancakes and ice cream, cherry smoothies and cherry mini loaves for breakfast... And the cherry on top is the picking-your-own fresh and juicy stone fruits from the cherry tree, climbing up a limb, plucking these jewels off a branch and carelessly eating them with your red-colored fingers. Cherry after cherry after cherry. Perhaps, in the summer, life might really be "just a bowl of cherries". 
These lovely days of blue skies and gentle breezes are perfect for picnics. So, I am calling friends, packing the picnic basket with leisurely meals, market-inspired recipes, and cherries. Together we are going to the countryside, finding the perfect picnic spot and spreading a blanket on the ground. Looking at our children lying on the grass makes me press my face into the ground, smell the black, rich dirt and feel the good Earth. The cherry on top is this delicious feeling of being removed from time – alive and happy. This warm energy, that is flowing into and out of my body that, I guess, is nothing else, but faith in the goodness of life.
Then comes the special day of my son's 16th birthday. Overwhelming love, and care, and gratitude make every moment more than a celebration. Cakes with lots of chocolate, special meals and summer refreshers, fancy clothes and presents... But, the cherry on top of everything is this kind, thoughtful and intelligent young man that never stops to amazes me, challenges me to grow right along with him and inspires me to be better than I am.
When hearts are open, love is flowing, life seems easy and good things happen.
An email arrived in my mailbox. Toronto Mom Now, in an effort to recognize the wonderful writing and work of Toronto mom bloggers, is running an annual nomination for 2014 Top 30 Toronto Mom Bloggers. With this email, they informed me that after reviewing all the nominees, they narrowed the list down to 30 and I (with my blog) am one of them. What a surprise and good news!  They are also choosing one overall top blogger as a Top Mom Blogger for 2014. Though I really do not like such a voting process I would highly appreciate a vote. If you wish once more to show your support, you can click on Sylvia's Simple Life here.  The voting is open until July 14. And the cherry on top of all this is the fact that I was nominated by an unknown kind reader of the blog to whom I am immensely thankful. So, you really never know who is reading your blog, but what I know for certain is that you, dear readers,  are the cherry on top of my blog and I love you all!

the cherry on top (or on the cake)
 * a desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good.
 * the last good thing after many other good things. 
(Oxford Dictionaries)