December 16, 2013

The Christmas Tree Hunt

The most beautiful snow came this weekend. It covered the trees and the land and made for a perfect Christmas tree hunt. We are harvesting the tree a little late – this is what I thought – but when we arrived at the favorite Clembrook Christmas tree farm, the place was packed with people.
Hunting for our own real tree is a family tradition that has been deeply rooted.
This year, a small, perfectly green, imperfectly shaped and divinely fragrant Canaan Fir will adorn our living room and will bring a sense of celebration, warmth, family and home.
Why do we always choose a real tree instead of an artificial one? More than enough reasons which I tried to explain here.


  1. Your pics are award winning - perfect. Love this post.

    Always had a real tree till I married a man allergic to pine....poor guy. I am used to it now but it took some getting used to back when.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. OK. Me again. Been thinking about this. Have you ever written a book? Or considering it?

    I would buy your amazing pictures and poignant verbage in a hot second, seriously. My coffee table is begging for it
    to happen. You just wow me beyond explanation.

  3. We too had a silent night as snow fell and the moon shone so HUGELY over our cottage; I opened the door late last night to get our mail, and there she was, the moon, shining on my front door step.

    Real vs. artificial is the only way to go for me these days. Not only is the visual pleasure a large part of the memory, but the scent, the actual HUNTING of the tree...we are really all so primal down deep inside.

    My dear friend, I wish you the most lovely Christmas this year. You have been a great blogging friend, and may the new year offer more inspiration for you! Anita

  4. I like to hunt for my tree close to Christmas... it stays fresh through the season that way. I do cut them from our land, and search among the Charlie Brown stands... the trees that are coming up crowded together. Cutting these opens up the area for more light and nutrients for the other Charlies.
    It looks like you had the perfect day to find yours ~ enjoy decorating it!

  5. What a delight ! You sure have some great photos of a special day. I've never been fortunate enough to do this.
    Limited here to cutting spots and when I lived close to the city, my sons were to young and I had no way to haul a tree.
    I'd love a Charlie Brown Live kinda tree just once!! Thanks for the fun and wishing you all much enjoyment from your choice. Anxious to see it decorated too

  6. Wonderful photos of your Christmas tree hunt. We have an artificial tree, have since our son was 2, so 30 years now, as he was allergic and had asthma. Guess what? He has a real tree now. And ours is still artificial. :) For a couple of years I went with a young couple to the tree farm when they got their tree and I took photos of them. It was rather fun and almost magical. Enjoy your real tree and have a wonderful Christmas! Blessings, Pamela

  7. Such fun to pick your own Christmas tree Sylvia! You and your husband picked a beautiful one! I am envious of your snow....It's raining in Holland :-(

    Madelief x


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