July 4, 2013

Windows - Bringing the Light of Childhood to Life

You remember these moments of your childhood when laying in your cozy bed, the summer night envelops the world and throughout the open window your eyes are gazing deep into the sky filled with stars and dreams... 
Windows are those connectors of our small safe world to another more broaden, bright and amusing place of our imagination whether we watch the incredible geometry of ephemeral snowflakes, catch the rhythm of magnificent falling raindrops, or simply wander throughout the moving clouds and flying birds... Perhaps that's why the word "window" is a vivid metaphor related to the old word "vindauga", a compound composed of two separate words "vindr" meaning wind and "auga"- eye.
Windows, big and small, modern and old, on the roof or the wall, are the ultimate givers of the essential daylight and fresh air to our indoor living spaces. We need natural light and there is no doubt that it affects our bodies, mood, sleep and well-being in general. Perhaps, that's why I was stunned and saddened when years back I first went to register my son in kindergarten only to find out that the daycare was in the basement of the building with entirely artificial light. I couldn't comprehend how these children will spend day after day of their lives in a space that doesn't provide sunlight, missing the chance to see the sky... I am also always concerned about people who work in buildings and offices where there is no source of natural light available. Light is something that most of us take for granted. When I choose whether a living or working space, yoga studio or esthetics salon, I look ... for windows... I look for light...
In fact, nowadays, more than ever we live in an urgent need to make environmentally protective choices, to use energy efficiently, to create more green and healthy homes and to use more "green" power sources.
Have you ever thought that by bringing more daylight in our homes, we not only create more inviting, livable, brighter space, but we also contribute to making our home more energy efficient?
Did you know that skylight, for example, can bring in twice as much light as a vertical window and as a result, reduces the electrical lighting needs? Neither did I. Until last week, after my friend and I visited a showroom of one of the most experienced companies for skylights and roof windows VELUX® Since my friend is in the middle of transforming her attic into a bedroom, she was looking for a way to incorporate more light and ventilation in the room. She didn't need to look further because as it has appeared, the VELUX group ("ve" for ventilation and "lux", latin for light) offers windows with a wide variety of style and unique features as well as beautiful blinds and sun tunnel skylights. In addition, one has to be sure that by buying their products, he or she spends her money responsibly since the company demonstrates an understanding of the importance of green sustainable buildings and manufacturing with little or no impact on the environment.
Now, I may include a  roof window as a necessary feature for some future home, where I can lie in my bed and immerse in the relaxing view of silky blue sky and playful sun rays... on the ceiling...
I may also meet again Karlsson who lives on the roof... almost like in my childhood...

This article is written especially for VELUX.
The views and opinions expressed on this post are purely my own.
Illustrations  from "How to Catch a Star" by Oliver Jeffers and "Zen Short" by Jon J Muth

       Thank you!


  1. My beloved friend,

    First of all, I am out of state, visiting family, so my computer time is limited. But I am an early riser and I had to come to see what is happening in Blogland. To see your post is another CONNECTION with you, for I dwell in my mind, on LIGHT, a lot. I love how you explained the etimology of the word VINDAUGA. The origin of words and what they mean is yet another window of our history, the history of communicating what souls long ago saw and thought about the world around them.

    Thank you for this lovely word for the day. MUCH LOVE, Anita

  2. A very lovely post on light and windows. How could we live without either one? I love sunlight and big windows to see outside and to allow the light in. Even on a dark day our big windows let even the gloomy light in. Picture windows may be out of style but I love our newer one that has a wind out on each end for the fresh air to enter. Our house is 40 years old but the builder was smart to put in large window openings compared to most bungalows of that era. I thrive on sunlight and daylight. Let the light shine! Blessings, Pamela

  3. I understand very well what you are saying Pamela, light is synonym of life.Unfortunately my home is 50 years old and the land on which the house is built is narrow and long so the windows are small and few.But of course we have plenty of light,of Mediterranean light, all the year.
    Great post!Love...

  4. I love your Blog and your article about light and skylights. 20 yrs ago we build a house in Florida with skylights in the Living room. As much as I love the sunshine and extra light in my home, I can't stand the noise of the pounding rain. It echos so much, that watching TV or a conversation is impossible - During those times(we have almost daily rain/thunder storms here) I'm thankful for our Family-Room, with no skylights! - This maybe something to think about, as I had no idea about the noise factor!

    1. Thank you FL-Rose! I haven't considered the noice factor, but I have to aggre it is something to think carefully about.

  5. Oh my dear...you love Karlsson too? Have you seen the cartoons?
    Astrid Lindgren was such a lovely human being, from what I've read.
    And windows...must have windows and light! I, too, cannot understand how children can be kept in rooms without windows.
    Thank you for enLIGHTENING :) me about the word origin...so fascinating....
    And YOU bring so much light to all of us, dear sister!!!
    I was so happy to see your message today....thank you for the lovely wishes, my dear!! We had a little picnic, and then off to see some fireworks...this year they shapes of hearts! I have never seen those before...so much fun.
    Enjoy your weekend, beautiful!!! :)
    Love and hugs to you,
    - Irina

  6. Hi Sylvia, it is nice to meet you and learn that you are a collector of flavors and caring gestures(: how much I adore that!
    Your discovery about a daycare in basements without windows is something I experienced too but my son doesn't go to daycare ... Just a class with me for two hours where there are no windows a nd I find it terribly depressive as it is an actual daycare too and those kids are stuck there all day! Being from the Czech republic and immigrant to Canada 13 yrs ago... We have not livable basements in Czech and so to me it is a canadian thing((: but at least pls put windows in them!
    Hugs z


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