" It feels so Christmasy here, mom!" would say, my son. "Does someone else feel it? I really love it!"
" I want to live in your house during the holidays...", my friend would be kidding.
" Through your photos, I can catch the magic ", another friend of mine would try to convince me.
And it feels so good! 
what I want for Christmas is the magic of a simple Christmas:
- time spent with my son decorating together our evergreen tree with cookie cutters, linen bows and ball ornaments that our hands had covered with vintage paper;
- gathering nature's treasures while walking with our dog and decorating the house with them;
- my son writing with his hands a Christmas message to the family and hanging it on the Christmas tree. No peeking until Christmas Day;
- winding evergreen branches into a Christmas wreath and adorning it with fresh limes, pines, walnuts and cinnamon stick to fill the room with fragrance; 
- cozy socks knitted by my mom and a blanket on my shoulders while reading out loud "The Gift of The Magi", "Great Joy", "The Legend Of The Christmas Tree", "The Little Match Girl" and other heartwarming Christmas stories;
- baking shortbread cookies, maple tea cake, cranberry bars and other favorite recipes from my mom and grandma's recipe journals;
- eating a delicious meal cooked by my personal chef (my husband :)
- a cup of coffee in the morning with a Christmas tree or a snowman drown in the foam for me by his hands;
- wrapping presents for the extended family, especially, for my one-year-old nephew and sending them to Europe, hoping that the post service will deliver them before Christmas Day;    
- my son making presents for mom and dad (our small family has a tradition which we established since our son was a little boy and wanted to give us presents. We came up with the idea that he would create two handmade gifts. As a result of that, over the years I have collected an adorable tissue paper angel, a handsome Nutcracker, a family of skiers from pine cones, a wonderful winter landscape piece of art... I can't wait to find the next lovely surprise under the tree made by my son's skillful hands);
- setting the holiday table with candles, vintage plates, greens and food with history;
- handwriting the Christmas cards and sending wishes to friends and family all over the globe;
- enjoying the lights that make the world sparkle.......

"Christmas magic is silent. You don't heart it - you feel it, you know it, you believe it."

 In other words, to me, the magic of Christmas lies in the present of a happy family
              in the creating of unforgettable childhood memories for our children,
in the uplifting laughter of good friends,
in the giving with an open heart and receiving with gratitude,
in the gift of faith
the peace of our minds, 
the goodness of our human being,
and love in our hearts.

 I am blessed and I am thankful! 

            Wishing you and yours a magical Christmas!