September 13, 2012



It has been an amazing Summer! 
I know, I have been missing almost the whole summer from the blogosphere, and I am sorry and thankful to all the lovely readers who have visited my little space, but it has been a glorious Summer (a kind of Summer that has deserved a step away from the computer).
Like a running water, it has just slipped through my fingers, yet left my hands clean and soft.
Like a sun ray, it has gently shone on my hair and made it smooth and lustrous as satin. 
Like sea sand under my bare feet, it left tiny little grains of sand in between my toes which won't let me forget the feeling of random happiness. 
I can taste the salty memories of the sea waves. 
My heart still resides there – at the emotional family visits, the endless conversations with old friends about life, love, anything and nothing, the joyful travels to old and new places, all the precious moments with the most adorable one-year young little man, those sweet sappy melons, tomatoes and fresh veggies that never fail to amaze and create a sense of abundance and gratitude, those odd coincidences that can be explained only through the faith that there is something much much bigger and better than ourselves...
I am new. 
I am my warm and compassionate self. 

Now, I sense Autumn is around here and I am ready to embrace the new season. There are a substantial number of projects boiling in my head and I pray for time, courage and luck to finalize at least half of them. 
As Summer winds down, I am also looking forward to harvesting fall fruits, cooking comfort food and baking  delicious pies.

I am saying Good Buy to the gorgeous summer with a bunch of photos from Amsterdam. It's also my way of saying "Mijn Liefde, A'dam!"  

My visit to Amsterdam was brief, yet enough to fall in love with the extraordinary city 
there are more bikes than people,
there are more museums per square meter than in any other city in the world.
Where the mesmerizing network of cheerful canals creates not only a picturesque atmosphere, but also a luxury of living on a houseboat.
Where people (as well as my son) think that Amsterdam pancakes are better than the french crepes.
Where locals are friendly, tolerant and speak excellent English.
Where, as my friend added, there is more Amstel than water...

Amsterdam is a charming patchwork of history, culture, entertainment and food. It is also a surprisingly quiet and serene city despite the large wave of tourists. What immediately struck me was the silence. However, a sophisticated Amsterdammer convinced us that it's normality and this sort of peacefulness was the reason his Parisian wife chose to move there. 
"Cool city!", my son couldn't help exclaiming.

Unfortunately, I didn't meet my good friend Lili this time, but I believe I will  go back soon.

I hope you enjoyed the picture walk of A'dam, dear friends. 
For more pictures taken by me, find me on Instagram under sylviasimplelife.

Thank you!



  1. Welcome back! I enjoyed your photos of Amsterdam. What a beautiful city. I hope you have a good fall and can get some of the things on your list crossed off. Blessings, Pamela

  2. These photos are wonderful. What a beautiful place. And a 'cat in a window'.. lovely!

  3. Hartelijk bedankt, Sylvia, voor deze mooie woorden. Ik hou ook van Ams! Dikke knuffels!

  4. Beautiful Sylvia,

    Your photos are exquisite. On recommendation of a good friend, I am finally going to get a BETTER camera, hoping to get great pictures like this.

    Holland is dear to my heart. I have had NOTHING BUT GREAT friends from this magical place, and I hope to go there one day. Your images here speak to my heart, reminding me of MIJN LIEVE VRIENDIN.....

    Have a simply beautiful day! Anita

  5. Amsterdam is on my "Must Do"
    list, as I have only passed through
    the airport a couple of times. It
    looks magical!!

    I think it is great that you didn't
    feel chained to the computer over
    the summer.....blogging is a hobby,
    not a life : ) And I am having so much
    fun with Instagram, aren't you?

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll see
    you on IG!

    xo Suzanne

  6. Hi Sylvia,

    Welcome back! You have been close by!!! I am glad you liked Amsterdam. It is such a beautiful city.

    Your photo's look just beautiful and capture Amsterdam's atmosphere perfectly!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  7. simply beautiful,
    thank you~

  8. Darling Sylvia,

    Your visit today is so appreciated. I think it is so fun to support each other in our efforts to compose our visions and inspirations, and to enjoy each others' world. Bless you dear and kind friend, and I HOPE TO BE GETTING A CAMERA SOON! We were looking at Canon....Oh, to just get a descent picture of my art!!!

    Enjoy this weekend. Ours has been splendid! BISOUS, Anita

  9. Hi Sylvia,

    So glad you have been enjoying summer and loved seeing all your wonderful photos of Amsterdam.
    Thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  10. Very nice to hear from you again Sylvia! Glad to know you had a lovely summer. Your Amsterdam photos are wonderful. We had a similar experience, and enjoyed the city so much. Your pretty pictures are a welcome reminder.

  11. Dear sister, forgive me, for I have been away from the computer too! But I have thought of you often, and knew that you must be traveling...back home, no less.
    Mmmm...send me a breeze from the sea, please! And you had a beautiful visit? Bittersweet, I can imagine...
    These photos are stunning...STUNNING!
    I, too, fell in LOVE with Amsterdam...many years ago... could have a book here! Brilliant, dear friend...
    So glad you are back!!!
    Much love you,
    - Irina


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