July 30, 2012

In an Old-fashion Way

It's  tomato season!
And for those of us who don't grow their own tomatoes, there are always our mothers' gardens in which comes a point when in the middle of summer they are bursting with tomatoes of various types. Summer to me begins to unfold in anticipation of paying a visit to my parents small ranch where I can eat organic juicy tomatoes as much as I want. Where my son would ask in delight ''Granny, where do you get these tomatoes from?'' and she would simply reply "From the garden."
Without these fresh garden-grown tomatoes, summer wouldn't be a real summer.
Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants and nutrients – potassium, folate, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A. These fruits, still vegetables for some, are truly versatile and can be prepared and consumed in thousands of different ways. My mom loves to make tomato juice out of her garden tomatoes and this year my sister and I took part in helping her. Well, I mostly documented the process.
It was fun, especially since mom used an old-fashion way for homemade tomato juice, familiar to her from years. Using only tomatoes, salt and parsley, she has always obtained a great delicious extract. Even though she owns numbers of kitchen gadgets, she has never left behind her favorite old red manual meat grinder, "The real old hand tools are often the best''.

my granny's hands
my sis's hands
my mom's hands

Homemade Tomato Juice Recipe:  

(makes about  26 small bottles)

6 kg/13.2 lbs garden tomatoes; use preferably ripest tomatoes;
1 cup chopped parsley;
3 tablespoon salt;

Wash tomatoes and remove their skin. Slice and put tomatoes through a grinder to puree. Add salt and parsley. Put juice in bottles and cook for approximately 1 hour.

You can use tomato juice in pretty much anything you can imagine that tomatoes would taste good in! Soups, stews, pizzas, or spaghetti. It can add a great flavor to whatever sauce you are making as well as cocktails. 


While watching these bright red tomatoes, a wave of happiness has splashed my body. 
An urge to celebrate what is right in front of me was burning my soul. I am thankful and filled with gratitude for all the small blessings in my life.
Candy Paull in her book defines abundance perfectly:
"Abundance is not how much I own, but how much I appreciate"

Today, my definition sounds like this:
Abundance is an antique wooden bowl full of bright red garden tomatoes.
Abundance is three generation hands together in making a tomato juice.
Abundance is treasuring those simple old-fashion ways of doing things.

Where do you find abundance right now, dear friends?

Thank you for your visit!  


  1. What a beautiful post! Love the photos and the old juicer. Yum!

  2. abundance for me is family stories retold every night ~

    this is a beautiful post!

  3. What beautiful photos, Sylvia! My husband and I just put up 48 pints of dill and bread & butter pickles, and when our tomatoes ripen up, we'll be canning about 300 pints of our homemade organic salsa. :) Nothing better than veggies from your own garden!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Oh this is just so lovely and refreshing and gorgeous. Wonderful.

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!! EYE CATCHING PHOTOGRAPHY, MY DEAR! And tomato is my all-time favorite, any season! I can eat tomato sauce on anything and now that I have basil in my garden, I have been making sensational pesto dishes. Are you enjoying your summer my friend? I AM TOO! August is just starting tomorrow and I cannot believe it. At least I will only be returning to school as a substitute.

    Have a creative day my dear! Anita

  6. What a wonderful thing to share with your family. We are just starting to enjoy our home grown tomatoes. The deep flavor is always so surprising. Nothing more delicious. Your photos are wonderful.

  7. Sweet Sylvia!

    Thank YOU my friend for coming to visit last night! I would say that the ultimate goal for any pleasure and even discomfort IS spiritual growth. There is nothing sweeter than to enjoy nature and all its bounty with the grace of a spiritual measure of growth.


  8. Indeed!! How gorgeous is this, dear sister!! Oh my soul sisters, one near and dear to me right above (hello Anita!)...and you, dearest Sylvia...that is abundance and my soul overflows with joy to know such blessed human beings!
    Love you both...your talents and beautiful hearts spread light to our world, thank you...

    Those grinders are such a familiar sight, and remind me of my grandmothers! Love seeing your dear family's hands too...
    So much beauty here, don't want to say too much...the images and your words all speak for themselves...stunning.
    Love to you, and happy Blue Moon August!
    Blessings, dear friend..
    - Irina

  9. YUM
    I love tomatoes and I love yours and your photos :)

  10. What a beautiful post and your photos are gorgeous.

    That juicer looks amazing! I have been canning tomatoes galore this summer and you're right, fresh vegetables from the garden are truly a blessing.

    Look forward to looking around your lovely blog!

  11. Sylvia, it's a pleasure to meet you. Those are some amazing tomatoes. I love the idea of tomato juice and the bottles are so cute.
    I am your newest follower. I hope you come by for a visit and follow along. Linda

  12. Sylvia, this is just lovely.
    I especially enjoyed the
    photo with your granny's

    I so agree with you; we
    can all have abundant lives
    if we appreciate all the small
    and wonderful moments that
    grace our every day.

    Continue to enjoy and embrace
    your summer, my friend!

    xo Suzanne

  13. Just sending a hug your way, dear friend!
    Hope you are having a lovely week...
    Hugs and blessings,
    - Irina

  14. hello sylvia,
    i have found great beauty and much inspiration after perusing your lovely blog just now. i am just tickled to have "found" you....

  15. What a wonderful post filled with fresh tomato goodness. Beautiful photos! Have a lovely week.


  16. Tomatoes are the hallmark of summer! What a gorgeous post~ love your granny's hands :) I miss my dear grandmother~


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