Happy Mother's Day weekend, dear friends! 
To honor our mothers, I have a simple suggestion: 
bring back precious memories for Mom with a special tea gathering for her and friends. Make it memorable by setting a simple, but thoughtful table. Keep in mind one of the many crucial advices she has given you all these years "Very often a simple statement makes the greatest impact" or " Never forget the importance of a first impression as you would never get a second chance to make it again"... 
Choose a simple menu to "reflect" her personality: genuine, uncomplicated, funny, friendly, and enjoyable. Make something from her recipe journal, something easy, most trusted, something that she likes, that is HER personal trademark ... an angel fruit cake ... Remember how the sweet vanilla smell coming from the kitchen waked you up countless mornings?...
Put the dried chamomile flowers into the kettle and prepare a soothing, relaxing tea. Remember your childhood summers when you both collected these tiny daisy-like plants and dried them on a special table in your grandparent's house... 
"Dress up" the table with her favorite flowers, lilac and peony. I bet, branches of lilac scent her living room right now. Let the thoughtful final touches be the pretty presents gift-wrapped with vintage ribbons. You can even put on the music, her favorite Sir Tom Jones' Delilah and she would be the first to dance ...Oh, she loves to dance...( You, too!)
Nothing fancy; it has always made her a little uncomfortable!
...and then 
share the motherhood,
"mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers"


As a matter of fact, my lovely mom lives thousands of miles away from me; I prepared this table for Mother's Day afternoon tea with friends and family thinking of her. I will call my mom on Sunday and we will talk for hours, laughing and crying...
Funny how the distance has always made our mother - daughter bond stronger and our love deeper! 

What's the most cherished advice your mom ever gave you?
Which song is her favorite song? What was your favorite dessert growing up?

A wonderful, sunny Mother's Day to all of YOU and those you love!