A brand new year is here and I can't help but think of this quote by an American author and journalist Hal Borland:
"Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us "

How true is that !
Life is "a going on" and we keep on going supposedly with more wisdom and experience. Every year teaches us some of life's greatest lessons and with that learning we put ourselves toward into the new one.
However, things on our "to-do" lists and our responsibilities do not instantly disappear at midnight on December 31;
some important tasks and some not so take a long lime, or even life time to be accomplished.
So I will not go back in retrospect of the passing year. I will simply turn the page of the calendar and continue to try my best in every new day.  
To me, New Year's Day
has never been for revising rather than 
setting the tone for the new year. 

All of us have expectations and dreams for ourselves in the upcoming year, but to actually live those hopes and dreams requires us to take the time to listen to what our hearts are telling us, 
to slow down and focus attention to the simplest things available to all of us all the time, 
our bodies
our souls
all the wonders of life
and all the wonders of the world.

I have never made new years resolutions in my life, 
but today 
I will promise to myself 

to not rush the moments, but really let myself dive into them .

This year I will read, swim, cook, ice skate, play chess with my son, travel, eat, drive a car, meet a friend , study, teach ...
not for one second will wish to be doing anything else in the world. 
This year I will slow down and enjoy each step and each breath. 
I will pay attention to my thoughts and will try to think less. Whenever I catch a negative thought, I will pull myself back into the PRESENT. 
I will listen when others speak without thinking about my own feelings and response.
This year I will smile more, I will simply form a smile on my face to express joy .
I will constantly remind myself that PEACE is available in each moment...
until I don't need a reminder :) 
When difficulties arrive I will slow down and come back to my true self and my senses.
I will indulge in chocolate ( organic dark with 70% cocoa) and wine.
I will not just be focused on pleasures, but on true meaningfulness .
In the words of George Clooney's character in Up in the Air my mission this year will be to empty my backpack or at least lighten the load and CARRY LESS.

I should stop here because I don't want to be overwhelmed.
I simply want to be good to myself and others .
I want to enjoy being alive as I don't know for how long.
I want to get an insight into what I see around myself . 
I want to be inspired and create my own life.
What about you, dear friend ?

I hope your new year
will be filled with profound satisfaction and deepest feelings of joy, happiness
and peace .

From my little corner of the world I thank you all who stopped here and to those who have become my followers.

Enjoy a bright and peaceful 2012 !