I wasn't aware of such project until my husband 
knowing my passion about empowering women in the world 
gifted me for Christmas with a wonderful basket, skillfully woven by a women in Ghana. A tag with the name of the artisan who created my basket was attached to it. I was so impressed and so intrigued that I immediately searched for the project name on Google...
and there it is !

Theresa Wilson, the founder of this non-profit organization states :
"There is no hidden agenda. We simply work to end poverty in the lives of those we serve..."
You and I have heard of that a lot, yet the idea of helping families around the world 
by simply buying a Blessing Basket hand woven by them 
warmed my heart.

Moreover, the story of Theresa Wilson from Kansas is a fascinating story of a woman in despair, but being touched by people's kindness and knowing what it is like to live in poverty, she decided to use her concept of a "blessing basket" and BLESS those less fortunate.
It proves to me once again that often ordinary people do extraordinary things out of sadness and despair. It is the time of darkness that can bring people up to realize abundant blessings and to be a blessing to others.
(Recently heard a comment that Adele should be very grateful to the man who left her, because as a result she wrote and recorded her best album ever and it become the longest running number one album by a female solo artist on the UK albums chart.)

Please read Theresa's inspiring story  here.

Tags are assembled by adults with disabilities at New Opportunities 

Have I told you yet how much I love this basket!
I like it as much as my French one and I can't see a big difference in the appearance.
It is a big, roomy basket, woven from elephant grass with handles wrapped in goat leather, simple designed, a straw color and 100% natural. 

I can't wait for it to accompany me on a trip to the Farmer's Market,
by the time the market opens again, I can shop at our local store.
What would you find in my basket ?
I think you already know:
of course,

Aren't those the perfect goodies for such a charming bag...

This gift of mine makes also the perfect beach accessory in the summer or it might carry wood inside the house in the winter. 
For now, the basket stores my books and a reading blanket .  

What I really really like and value about this basket, 
it's the love it carries with it :
the love of my thoughtful man,
the love of this beautiful woman Ayine Dominis who I tried to connect with through the official site of the project ,
the love of all the women and men who work honestly to support such a great cause,
the love inside of me that makes me believe 
that by such a simple act we might create an impact on the life of someone far across the world
one basket at a time ...  
( the butterfly effect, right )

Dear Friends , 
have you ever heard of "The Blessing Basket Project "?
You may even have a basket like mine?
I would love to hear from you !

A means of happiness; a beneficent gift ;
that which promotes prosperity and welfare 

I am not connected to the organization and the project by any other means,
I am simply spreading the word.

Thank you ! 

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