" I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends ,
the old and the new ."
                     ~ Ralph W. Emerson

Dear Friends,
the time has come to announce the recipient of my  " Thank You" gift .
Frankly, I didn't want a computer to choose a random number for my giveaway ;I must have felt a little tired of people treated as being faceless or  just a "number" ,
perhaps I want to control everything...
Anyway , I  wanted  my heart to lead me through your comments on my post and my heart to choose where the linen napkins, the spoons and the book will fly off .
So, there is no doubt in my mind and heart that my gift is for 
Susan T from The View from Here 
( and what a day she had yesterday somewhere wet in England :) 

She wrote to me :

Dear Sylvia it is so lovely to see my name included in your post, it brings a little glow of pleasure. You just knew I would be here when I saw the twinkle of those silver spoons, those alone would have made a beautiful gift, that you have chosen to include some napkins made from your grandmothers precious linen, together with a book is generous indeed. I smiled when I read your grandmother's reaction to your phone calls. My grandmother would have said much the same thing, they simply can't imagine that something that was once theirs could feel so precious to a future generation.I have a book of poetry given to my grandmother as a prize for writing an essay at school, it is missing half it's cover, she would have said " but it's only an old book " but when she received it it would have made her feel so special, thats what makes it precious to me.

I would love to THANK YOU  all of you , Dear FRIENDS , who took part in my first giveaway 
and wrote such pleasant comments . I especially want thank those who posted my button on their sidebars.
You  are all so amazing and never stop to impress me .You  bring warmth to my soul .
I am full of gratitude ! 

 And since Canadian THANKSGIVING is just around the corner ,
  and I am hosting the Thanksgiving dinner  ( HOW EXCITING !!! ),
it's time to begin my Thanksgiving dinner planning (if is not even late).
 I am leaving  now to go to 
iron the table linens,
designate the serving platters,
and make sure my glassware and silver sparkles ...

OH, the turkey! - my husband would comfortably focus on it : he is the turkey Master ! 


Enjoy LIFE 

I am thankful for your visit today .