September 20, 2011

Looking for a way to thank you ! (a giveaway)

Dear Friends,
I am more than happy that my last blog post " Heritage " received an overwhelming response ! My beloved grandma's vintage fabrics were featured on three of the loveliest parties I had linked to  Vintage Inspiration Friday , Home Sweet Home and Potpourri Friday .
All this attention makes my timeless grandma's gift even more special !
I called her and let her know the appreciation of her work and generosity ...and her response was : "What are you talking about...What ..." And it's the way our phone conversations have been going on for quite some time ; I am saying something , she's talking about whatever she has to say , I am only listening , laughing ,wowing and oohing most of the time ,  ...but at the end she (wisely) says "O , dear ! It is simply great , but don't make a big fuss over (it)..."
There you go .
In fact , I have always liked such an attitude : always give your best, but don't take yourself seriously, keep it simple and be appreciative .

So I have been thinking the last couple of days how to really say thank you to all of you out there , my dear readers , for your support, your encouraging words , your hugs , your greetings ...
From my loyal readers and top commenters, Susan T , Anita, Irina, ShirleyElizabeth , Zuzu ( my very first follower) ,Michelle, Dayle,Ricki Jill Treleaven and recently Suzanne, to single-time visitors , everyone that visits the blog makes me content ,blessed and humble .You inspire me !  You nurture the growth of my blog ! (You make me glance at my BlackBerry every ten minutes :) You ROCK !
and I am filled with gratitude !

When the lovely blog community offers a valuable response , isn't it the best way to thank it  having a GIVEAWAY ( I prefer saying " it's a gift ")
Yes! It's the very first time I have ever done one , but I know it's the best time  .

The winner of my giveaway will receive:

             four linen napkins, that I've just made from my grandma hand-weaved fabrics,

            four vintage teaspoons from my collection ,

a copy of one of my favorite books (I  quoted this book in my last post),
 Kathryn M. Ireland 's CLASSIC COUNTRY .

She is an interior and FABRIC designer and the book is filled with  lots of ideas and wonderful images.( I am keeping my copy ; I've just bought a new one from my favorite book shop :)

I am trying to keep it simple , that's why if you like my gift and want to take a part in the giveaway simply leave a comment ! (actually , the best and most interesting comment wins :)
That's it .
The giveaway ends Saturday , October 1st, 2011 at 12:00 (noon) central time .

                             THANK YOU  to each and every one of you !!!                         

I would be extremely thankful if you put my giveaway button on your sidebar . 

I am sharing my photos with Sherry ~ Home Sweet Home


  1. I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it. I am your newest follower and will look forward to receiving your posts. Thank you for having such a lovely giveaway. Your grandmother's hand weaved fabrics are exquisite and it must be so amazing to be given her beautiful handiwork. I was extremely close to my paternal grandmother (who has since passed away) but there is not a day that I don't think about her and her influence on my life. I still treasure her wedding ring which she gave me many years ago and the look of love in her eyes as she entrusted it to me.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Dear Sweet Sylvia,
    We should be thanking you! You have delighted so many of us sharing your life, your values, and your family. And I for one have enjoyed visiting you as often as I can and I will continue as long as your door is opened.
    Enjoy time..

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful give away to share--I would just love to be the next care taker of all these wonderful treasures. Thank you for your generosity.....

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful giveaway! I noticed all the attention your post got too! Well deserved. Thanks so much for your visit over my way. Great to have your feedback!

  5. What could be a more wonderful way to express your own gratitude than giving something of yourself and your cherished Grandmother. I was extremely closed to my paternal Grandmother and know what a sweet treasure I had in her. I miss her daily.

  6. Dear Sylvia it is so lovely to see my name included in your post, it brings a little glow of pleasure. You just knew I would be here when I saw the twinkle of those silver spoons, those alone would have made a beautiful gift, that you have chosen to include some napkins made from your grandmothers precious linen, together with a book is generous indeed. I smiled when I read your grandmother's reaction to your phone calls. My grandmother would have said much the same thing, they simply can't imagine that something that was once theirs could feel so precious to a future generation.I have a book of poetry given to my grandmother as a prize for writing an essay at school, it is missing half it's cover, she would have said " but it's only an old book " but when she received it it would have made her feel so special, thats what makes it precious to me.

  7. Precious Sylvia,

    You are such a sweet soul.....and your photos are like a painting that express the love that you have inside...I so love this blue color that you showcase! AND YOUR QUOTE to me is so perfect my dear....I often think that I am a better teacher of writing than I am a writer, and a better "INSPIRER" than an artist...but it all goes together, doesn't it? And with hard work, things do progress...I have another wonderful journey ahead of me, God-willing.

    May you have PEACE and love in your life....I must run off to work at this moment, or else I would do what is necessary to promote your giveaway, but I have limited time in the morning; maybe this evening I can NOT fall asleep after dinner!!!!

    MUCH LOVE, ANita

  8. What an incredibly gracious and generous gift you are providing to one of your readers. Any of us will count ourselves abundantly blessed to receive such beautiful and lovely things. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

    You are so blessed to still have one (or both) of your grandmothers. I lost both of mine in 1996 (one in April, one in December), so I no longer have those precious ones in my life. However, I do have photos and memories...and since I am researching my genealogy right now, I am hopeful of honoring both of them with a history of their lives.

    Anyhow, blessings to you,

  9. Dear Sylvia,

    I must agree with the sweet friends above that your blog is such a gift to all of US!
    The beauty, kindness, and peace you bring to the world is priceless!!!
    I knew dear Anita would love the napkins with that gorgeous aqua:))

    You are so kind and generous for mentioning our names, and for gifting these beauties!
    It is always a joy and privilege to visit your lovely world.

    Grandmothers are such a treasure! My maternal Grandmother's birthday would have been this coming Saturday. She helped raise me (on the Black Sea ;), and was a beacon of energy and good will. I miss her!

    Please give your Grandma an extra sweet hug from all of us who wish we still could...

    Love and peace,
    - Irina

  10. Sylvia, you are so sweet to thank us like this. I am truly touched that you are willing to share napkins you made from your grandma's hand-weaved fabric. Plus it has turquoise on them. Who doesn't just *love* turquoise? I know I love it! Plus, you are sharing with us dainty little teaspoons from your very own collection. I approve!!! ;P *PLUS* you are also including a copy of Kathryn Ireland's Classic Country! That makes the trifecta of lovely, thoughtful prizes...*squee* I checked out Ireland's Summers in France a few weeks ago from our library, and it was a wonderful read with lots of gorgeous photographs. I know that Classic Country is probably pretty awesome, too.

    Thank-you, Sylvia, for writing a wonderful, inspiring blog. I appreciate you because your voice is so real, and your heart is generous.

    Ricki Jill

  11. Good Morning Sylvia!

    I just wanted to drop by and tell you how touched I was by your message. Got me a teary eyed!
    I'll leave it at that, Black Sea are a very special person.

    - Irina

  12. So very sweet, Sylvia! I doubt that I could ever leave "the best or most interesting comment" - I just want to say that you have a way of sharing what matters most, and YOU are the giveaway gift! :)

  13. Not only does your Grandma have talent, but she is a very wise woman!

    Please sign me up for the chance to win your "Thank You" gift!

    It is absolutely perfect for me....I LOVE the old linens!

    And silverware!

    Oh, my!

    Plus a book???

    I think you must have been to my home and seen all my favorite things!

    Thank you!

  14. Oh my gosh, Sylvia, what an AMAZING giveaway!!! You'll have to keep those napkins in a vault for safety! lol and gorgeous book--WOW!!!

  15. Hello Sylvia,
    I think you take simple and make it the most deep and profound impression. There is something intrinsically special about vintage items - they hold stories of lives past. I am fascinated by them. To have received such textural treasures from your grandmother is beyond special. To share that gift in such a generous way is beautiful. Visiting your blog is always Delightsome -
    God Bless,

  16. Thanks for visiting and telling me about your wonderful Giveaway, WOW!!! Ironically I JUST bought a great book by the same Author called SUMMERS IN FRANCE... so even if I don't win, I shall have to look for this CLASSIC COUNTRY Book by her since I absolutely Love the Book I have. I think its wonderful that your Grandmother's wonderful fabrics are being enjoyed by so many here in the Land Of Blog... great fabrics truly are timeless Treasures!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  17. Hello Sylvia,
    I love visiting your blog. I know I'm going to find beauty and sincerity here. Your grandmother's fabrics are just lovely and oh, you are so blessed to still have her in your life! I still miss mine.
    Your generous and sweet gift is sure to make someone out in Blogland very happy.
    Wishing you a delightful weekend, my Canadian friend.


  18. YOU are the
    sweetest of the
    sweet, Sylvia!
    And I know all
    about those grandma
    conversations : )
    My sweet GiGi turned
    94 last week. No
    longer knows me,
    so I really miss
    those conversations.
    Gorgeous giveaway.
    I'm bad at buttons,
    but will see what
    I can muster!!
    xx Suzanne

  19. Good morning sweet friend,

    OH how I love the colors you have captured here; I am fully awake now thanks to the vibrant and colorful images you have captured here...thank you SO MUCH for your visit so quickly to my post. AND YES, KORALEE IS CANADIAN! YOU Canadian friends are just fabulous human beings...she is so gentle and you.

    BIG HUGS and have a wonderful WEEKEND!! Anita

  20. Hi Sylvia, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Now I have found you and your blog is beautiful. And what a sweet post. I envy you still having your grandmother and being able to enjoy her. Cherish the times you have together. Such a lovely giveaway, your grandmothers fabrics are beautiful and I have a copy of Classic Country and it's one of my favorites.
    Marianne :)

  21. Oh my goodness, Sylvia, what an amazing giveway! Grandmas are such a special treasure aren't they? I had to laugh at how yours said "What blog?" That would've been mine too. She was such a simple and sweet soul. I wish I could come up with a witty, wonderful and interesting comment for you, but really I'm better with photos than words :)

  22. Hello Sylvia,

    your blog looks great.

    Have a nice day,

  23. You have just been awarded The Versatile Bloggers Award. YOU deserve it and I really enjoy your blog. You can find out more by going to my blog.xx

  24. Dear Sylvia, Hello!

    Thank you so much for your lovely message about my grandmother. I really appreciate it. What a treasure, a grandmother's love, as you know.

    Sending sweet wishes,
    - Irina

  25. Sylvia, what a beautiful photographer you are! And what a gift to have your grandmother in your life!! Makes me miss my grandmothers so very much (Lala and Gram) They have both been gone for a long time but I think about them all the time. My Gram called all of her grandchildren "gra" (she pronounced it "agraw") which means LOVE in Gaelic. I hold the memory of her calling me that in the palm of my hand like you hold and cherish your grandmother's beautiful hand-weaved fabrics!
    So nice to meet you and your blog and see your lovely photos - you are talented! Have a wonderful week, Lisa

  26. What a beautiful post, I came here after seeing your blog on Anitas. I will now be coming to visit daily. I love your little teaspoons, such a beautiful give away.

  27. Sylvia,
    I have to laugh at your Grandmother's response. Now, I could be you and she could be my Grandmother, for that is just about what she would also say! LOL They were indeed gorgeous linens and you have every reason to treasure them, They also made a lovely post! Your photography is just stunning and made me admire the linens even more. What a generous giveaway to make napkins out of these linens. I also love the silver and the book looks marvelous! Thanks for the chance to win. I will post it on my sidebar. Thank you for linking it up with Home Sweet Home!

  28. Oh my goodness, those towels...that book..that book cover photography makes me wnat to jump in it and LIVE THERE. I am an inspirng minimalist, married to a man who wants to keep everything...I am going to borrow that leonardo de vinci simplicity quote and tattoo it on his head (not really, but it could perhaps sink in through osmosis?) With love, love, love, what a beautiful giveaway, what a stunning blog. I am a fan of anything that inspires me to live my best had me at the quote :-) blessings to you, katie at brighton park

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