Dear Friends,
I am more than happy that my last blog post " Heritage " received an overwhelming response! My beloved grandma's vintage fabrics were featured on three of the loveliest parties I had linked to  Vintage Inspiration Friday , Home Sweet Home and Potpourri Friday .
All this attention makes my timeless grandma's gift even more special!
I called her and let her know the appreciation of her work and generosity ...and her response was: "What are you talking about...What ..." And it's the way our phone conversations have been going on for quite some time ; I am saying something, she's talking about whatever she has to say, I am only listening, laughing, wowing and oohing most of the time, but at the end she (wisely) says "Oh, dear ! It is simply great, but don't make a big fuss over (it)..."
There you go.
In fact, I have always liked such an attitude: always give your best, but don't take yourself seriously, keep it simple and be appreciative.

So I have been thinking the last couple of days how to really say thank you to all of you out there, my dear readers, for your support, your encouraging words, your hugs, your greetings ...
From my loyal readers and top commenters, Susan T , Anita, Irina, ShirleyElizabeth , Zuzu ( my very first follower) ,Michelle, Dayle,Ricki Jill Treleaven and recently Suzanne, to single-time visitors, everyone that visits the blog makes me content, blessed and humble. You inspire me!  You nurture the growth of my blog! (You make me glance at my BlackBerry every ten minutes :) You ROCK!
and I am filled with gratitude!

When the lovely blog community offers a valuable response, isn't it the best way to thank it  having a GIVEAWAY (I prefer saying " it's a gift ")
Yes! It's the very first time I have ever done one, but I know it's the best time.

The winner of my giveaway will receive:

             four linen napkins, that I've just made from my grandma hand-weaved fabrics,

            four vintage teaspoons from my collection,

a copy of one of my favorite books (I quoted this book in my last post),
 Kathryn M. Ireland 's CLASSIC COUNTRY.

She is an interior and FABRIC designer and the book is filled with lots of ideas and wonderful images. (I am keeping my copy ; I've just bought a new one from my favorite book shop :)

I am trying to keep it simple, that's why if you like my gift and want to take a part in the giveaway simply leave a comment! (actually , the best and most interesting comment wins :)
That's it.
The giveaway ends Saturday, October 1st, 2011 at 12:00 (noon) central time.

                             THANK YOU  to each and every one of you !!!                        

I would be extremely thankful if you put my giveaway button on your sidebar. 

I am sharing my photos with Sherry ~ Home Sweet Home