March 3, 2016

Wisdom of The Falling Water

Marching through the solid rock tunnels behind the Falls, I see the faces of princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe smiling at me from the photos exposed on the walls. The notion of sharing the same experience not only with my beloved family, but also with many of the world's influencers carries a strange sense of timelessness. At the end of the tunnel, I find myself unbelievably close to the very foot of Niagara, standing in awe (once again) from the vastness and the intensity of the winter scene.
I have seen Niagara Falls numerous times. Each time I am embraced by its majesty, I feel a deep connection with the raw essence of Nature's creative force. It is the same as meeting a dear old friend who I haven't seen for a while, but every time we both reunite, there is joy, happiness, healing conversations and flows of energies. This friend of mine is loyal, fearless and full of universal knowledge. 
Witnessing how one-fifth of the world's fresh water is crashing before my eyes into a white soft foam, I am reminded of the grand scheme of things in which I am a teeney tiny bubble in a planet-sized cup of milk. The voice of the falls, muted by cold, whispers into my ears beautiful Morrie Schwarts's story about the little wave being afraid of vanishing into nothing by crashing against the shore only until it learned the truth from another wave saying to him, "You're not a wave, you're part of the ocean." And I feel my soul expanding and myself rising high above the raging torrent into the oneness of all things. My difficulties, problems and limitations, that felt like boulders a minute ago, become tiny pretty pebbles, washed out by the cascade, no longer insurmountable. All the barriers I often build between me and the world are being gently destroyed with every next bundle of deep green water. Love is rushing up into the vastness of my own heart and I know in a way I never understood before that nothing in life is important enough that is worth closing over. My openness makes the whole world of discovery open up to me.
Surrounded by the chilling silky mist from the continuous movement of the water, I can't help but think that the power of the world really works in a circle. Those who argue that life doesn't move in a straight line – upwards and downwards, but rather in a cycle with no beginning or an end to it, seem to be quite right to me. Life is a great wheel, a sacred circle with no frame. From the sky, earth and stars, through the whirling wind and the transforming water, to the beauty of changing seasons, the development of the world happens in a spiral. My life is a circle, and so is the life of all living things – the infinite circle of unity, eternity, sun and moon, mind and body, breathing in and breathing out... And perhaps the whole purpose to this life cycle is to allow us to experience our growth, to expand our spirituality while travelling to ourselves and arriving to where we started. It is not an easy path, but obviously, this circular eternal journey of being "part of the ocean" is  the only one given to us all. None can summarize it better than the words of Joseph Campbell "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature."
They named this vantage point from where I am feasting my eyes, Journey Behind The Falls. And I get it. But I will call it, Journey Beyond the Falls. Because by marvelling at this colorless white breathtaking beauty, I am able to delve down beneath the surface of my own life in a search of something deeper, meaningful and inspiring. Tuning my senses to this cosmic connection, I am contemplating the thousands of years of wisdom that flows through the rushing water into my veins straight to my mind.

Stay open
Do never close your heart so that you never block the flow of the infinite energy within you. 

Be present
Always feel excited about the experience of the moment, no matter what it is. See things as for the first time. This is the only way of falling in love with the world and everything in it. This is the only way to feel alive. 

Go places that are bigger than you are

Contemplate the big picture and reconnect yourself in the harmony with the Universe. See yourself as an integral  part of nature. Learn from it. Grow. 

Find your passion by knowing what really matters to you
Know the things you do best and do it fearlessly with grace.

Stop taking each day for granted 
Pay attention – every moment is an unique opportunity to grow and improve yourself.

Go slow and stop pushing
"Do not just do something. Sit there." It is only through stillness that you can reflect clearly and deeply. 

Continue to strive toward beauty, authenticity and compassion.
You will eventually be able to overwhelm selfish concerns and reach a greater understanding of who you really are – what better and honest way is there to serve humanity. 

Spread love and gratitude around you with the same intensity as this natural force moves the water.

I am leaving my old friend with a heart wide open and a promise of coming back soon. As comfortable as we might seem to be living, we often have to be reminded of the need to broaden our horizons, to keep growing by looking for ways to create a nourishing life. We all need a new magnitude of our individual Journey Beyond the Falls.
Thank you to Niagara Parks for doing a great job in giving us an opportunity to see, taste, touch, hear and feel this magnificent gift from nature to mankind. To find information about Journey Behind the Falls you can visit the website here. 


  1. Water is life, and we can learn from the roaring currents. Listening and standing still are two of my favorite things to do, but the race of work sometimes doesn't allow me. HOWEVER, I have been trying to listen MORE to my students. The result? A better teaching moment, their success, my joy. There is a lot of wisdom here Sylvia, and profound beauty. The white and seafoam green is all I need today to focus on what I love: WATER.

    THANK YOU for these amazing photos. Oh I am striving to improve what I take in and what I put back out into the world.

  2. You are so wise. I am always amazed by the depth of your feelings and how you find a way to weave them into words. Your pictures are the icing on the cake.

    Your suggestions at the end of the post are something I really have to contemplate. I need to copy them and keep them on my bathroom mirror. I really appreciate 'Go slow and stop pushing'. I once read something to the effect of "Don't just do something. Sit there"

    Thanks always for the inspiration, Sylvia. I would love to visit Niagara Falls someday. :)


  3. Beautiful contemplations and matching photo's Sylvia!

    Madelief x


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