February 8, 2015

Be Fierce

It's snowing. I don't mind it. I like it. I love watching it through the misted window from my bed. The slow flying snowflakes make me feel calm and I slow myself down. The world is gently forced into having a slower beat, dwelling in muted colours, mastering patience, experiencing stillness... I long for staying home all day, reading books, drinking coffee, cuddling in the comfort of warmth, food, feather blankets and fresh flowers.
When I start really slowing down, somehow in the corner of my hibernating mind, questions arise - What I want for myself and my life, what matters most to me, what is it that I want to offer the world, how might I get there...
I do not believe in resolutions, do not make to-do lists and rarely pick a word of the year, but when I feel the overwhelming need to make changes, I stop and take time to listen to what my heart is telling me at this very moment.
"You have work to do", is what I am hearing with every heartbeat. "You better start now, but do small steps without worrying if they are necessarily sufficient.

What you want for yourself and your life?

You have work to do in regards of exposing and maintaining the most authentic, creative, and kinder version of yourself. You need to be more self-aware, ego-less, enthusiastic, self-confident and specially disciplined in order to channel your energy and mind towards what matters most to you. Pull yourself into the present and trust your current circumstances.

What do you love to do? Do you know what your Element is? 

You love to write, you love to take photos. Creating prose and images that will help you and others live a meaningful life by pausing and noticing the beauty around is what makes you feel in your element. Do it every day! Focus your attention on writing for 30 minutes and shooting one photo every day. In this little block of time, practice your passion consistently and stay on track despite the environment you find yourself in. This sounds unglamorous, but this is the way you will master your crafts, the ones that you love to do. Never stop reading books, they will always help you gain a sense of yourself and the world.

What is it that you want to offer the world? How might you get there?

Stop waiting for things to get perfect. Maintain a healthy self-esteem and show acceptance. It's time to stop comparing your work with the work of others. Everyone is on her and his own path and by trusting your own journey, you will be more kind to yourself and your creative spirit.
Work in the direction of  cultivating enthusiasm and determination to continue when falling in the gap of feeling short and not good enough. Go back to the brilliant advice by Ira Glass in which you always find comfort and motivation.


"Fight your way through that, okay?"

Be unstoppable.
Be Fierce. 
Take risks.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone and recognize the need of creative entitlement - embrace it as a liberty of having a vision and a voice that deserves to be shown to the world.
Be Fierce.
You are already that, but you may not been fully investing it.

You have work to do. Better start now", I am hearing with every heartbeat... while the snow is covering the world in white, making it a blank sheet of paper, wide-open for a new story, for a new wisdom...

Thank you to Stampington & Company for asking me to elaborate on Artful Resolutions for one of their special  projects.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thank you! I needed to come to this beautiful place and read, see and hear the encouragement to push myself a bit more.

  2. Hope your dreams will come true Sylvia!

    madelief x

  3. You definitely practice
    what you preach, dear
    Sylvia! Such beauty.....

    xo Suzanne

  4. PS: Great video.....
    I couldn't agree more.
    Just sent a link to my
    little artist (my daughter)!

    xo S.

  5. Oh my friend, this is serendipity....

    I just got home from driving home through an ice storm. All is well, now I'm just waiting for Ruben to get safely home.

    As I scrolled down and read your words, I also read that fascinating bit of prose from the page of the book. I cannot believe how timely this is for ME.

    Then I ready YOUR words and how you prefer staying home to read, drink a hot drink, cuddle up, and then REFLECT. This is my life right now...or partly.

    Now that I am not spending time posting, I have much more time to read all that I need to nourish my creative soul. I now have more time to read the food that will feed my ideas, and to read others' wise words. I just read Gift from the Sea (amongst some poetry books as well- I read several books during the course of a period!) and Lindbergh's words are so classic, because you could swear she is talking about our times...slowing down, keeping life simple gives us MORE JOY. Oh Sylvia, this was wonderful.

    I just saw that you visited me. I thank you so much for your kind words. I will tell you something: I am planning and am in the process of taking my best blog posts, revising them with my own photos and putting them together in order to self-publish a book. I hope to have my posts together in a few months, revise and get some feedback from our dear Irina, then send it off to get self-published. I hope to announce that (if it truly happens!) on my blog that I will never delete, but hope to revisit sometime to let everyone who is interested know. I really appreciate you asking about me today. That is so kind.

    Keep being fierce. I think being fierce also included being brave enough to be kind and gentle when forces attack our well-being. Be well, happy and MUCH LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  6. I love your pictures very, very much and your bag, too.
    Where do you get it?
    Lovely hugs
    Molly --- waiting for a new Sylivia`s Simple Life posting :-)

  7. Oh Sylvia I always love your messages and your pictures! Just beautiful! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!

  8. So very timely... :) You are a treasure, dear friend. Ira's video is brilliant, and it is true, most importantly.
    You, dear Sylvia, are a remarkable artist...and human being. :)
    Thank you for you and the art you share with the world. Fierce indeed.
    Love to you,
    - Irina

  9. Ha! I was just going to send Anita a link to you post and the video, but I see she was already here...hooray! ;)

  10. Dearest Sylvia, this post puts into words so many of my own feelings and desires for myself. It was like reading my heart...thank you so much for putting into words what so many of us want out of our lives. One word that really struck a cord with me was ego-less. A few years ago I pondered how much heartache in the world was caused by those who are ego driven. I thought about how I could change how ego plays a part in my own life and what that could do in my own relationships with others.
    Thank you dearest for writing this beautiful post...now go and be FIERCE!
    much love...

  11. What beautiful photos and what wonderful words. I think we all need to remind ourselves of these things - I know I certainly do. What's important, what we are grateful for and what is truly important to us. I recently realized I need to focus more on what I need to do with my little free time, and leave all the garbage (i.e. time wasting stuff) behind. I feel like I need to print out this post and put it on my wall! Thanks

  12. Just beautiful<3
    Greetings from Finland from SisustEllen-blog♥

  13. What beautiful white tulips, i see white for the first time, the pink roses are amazing too!
    I like to watch snow from the window, I like building a snowman and snowball fights, but I hate it when everywhere is full with dirty footprints and the snow start melting.

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