April 17, 2014

Red Eggs on Holy Thursday

Digging way down deep into my roots... 
It is Holy Thursday and I am thinking of how...
my grandma would wake up early in the morning before the sun is rising. She would light the fire in the fireplace and boil water in the pot. She would gather freshly laid eggs from the coop and bring them in the house in her apron. 
Today is the day for dyeing Easter eggs, so grandma would paint the first egg red using onion skins. When children wake up, she would touch their cheeks with the first red Easter egg hoping that they will grow healthy and strong. Then, she might tell them the story of how "Mary Magdalene, the first to have seen Jesus after he had risen from the dead, went around the world to spread the word. She reached Rome and the palace of emperor Tiberius. Anyone visiting the emperor was expected to bring a present and Mary Magdalene brought an egg. She handed it to the emperor and said "Christ has risen from the dead." In disbelief, the emperor replied "How could anyone rise from the dead? It is as impossible as that white egg to turn red right now." While Tiberius spoke those words, the egg changed colour until it became bright red." 
Children might not necessarily remember this story, but they will know that Easter eggs are dyed red because that is the colour of Jesus's blood, they are a symbol of the renewal of life and they taste best during Easter time... On Easter Sunday, children will bring the eggs to be blessed at the church and will be cracked against each other in a game called good luck crack.  
Next thing my granny would do is to place this first egg in front of an icon leaving it there to guard the home from bad luck and evil spirits from entering...  
It is Holy Thursday and today she would also knead the dough for the Easter breads. Later, her hands would knit a wreath from fresh spring flowers because in the evening, she would dress in her special clothes and with the handmade wreath around her wrist, she will go to the church (to participate in Divine Liturgy and Holy Communion)... where she might stay until the sun rises... 

Digging way down deep into my soul...
It is Holy Thursday and while I am holding the warm red egg in my hand, I am thinking...
are the doors of my heart, my mind, my conscience, my life open enough, so that the faith can easily enter and settle there;
am I truly able to live simply and love with humility by serving others...

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  1. Beautiful story...reminds me of the Easters I spent with my grandmother in Romania. Thank you for sharing! Alice

  2. Oh my goodness this is a beautiful post...I am so thankful to have stumbled upon your blog. How very lucky you are to have such memories...to have a grandmother whom loved you so deeply. I have never heard this story, never even knew about the red easter egg. How lovely it is to hear. thank you so much for sharing. xxo

  3. Beautiful photography Sylvia. Lovely post thanks.

  4. I am so happy to see you post again, Sylvia my friend! What a stunning story, as I too believe in the impossible. There is nothing more exciting to believe in that which we cannot see, yet so much around us points toward the reality of it all. Your photos again strike up a beauty of the imagination, a retelling of real life. I wish you a blessed Easter as you dig into the depths of your heart to remember the events in your life that point to the fact that LOVE conquers all, even death. Anita

  5. I never heard the red egg story before. Thanks for sharing.
    Our family had different Easter traditions, which I remember fondly.
    Easter is so important

  6. Beautiful memories and words Sylvia. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  7. I am enjoying reading about so many traditions and stories about the reasons for dying eggs and I particularly like this one. Never heard of it before and thank you for sharing. Wishing you a very blessed Easter!


  8. You are beautiful. :)
    A blessed and joyful Easter to you, dear one....
    You are a very special soul.
    Love and many, many blessings...
    - Irina

  9. Lovely pics and story. Happy Easter for you and your family!

  10. Oh those red eggs are just fabulous, Sylvia! AND YOU came to visit me! I love seeing your words my friend; you like the new music I found? Another blogger introduced me to Brian Crain's piano pieces and I am hooked. I wish you a wonderful LIFE celebration today; in about an hour, we are driving to a lake to watch the sunrise and raise our hearts to the God that gave us life. I will think of you. Anita

  11. Beautiful story, Sylvia! Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter!

  12. Oh Sylvia - your heart and soul are open to memories and love, indeed, and bless you for sharing them with us.
    My Baba would dip her eggs in beet juice and also make the fastidious pysanky for "show".....You opened my
    treasure trove of memory with your post....bless you, dear lady.

  13. Sylvia I love this story with the eggs! Great idea!

  14. Just lovely Sylvia! Your red eggs are just fabulous.


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