October 15, 2013

Giving Thanks

Life gave my family and me the most amazing days of Autumn and elementary pleasures. Abundance of colours and beauty made me want an extra pair of eyes... My heart was wide open, but still with no capacity to collect all the joy and overwhelming wonder running through my body... 
I lost my mind in 
the gentle whispers of the wind, 
in the lake's aquarelles stamped with dancing leaves,
in the glorious sun sprinkling gold over the world,
in the ancient wisdom of the trees, 
in the kindness of the earth, 
in the laughter of my favorite people,
in the heady quietness of the afternoon,
in the warmth of the pie made with freshly picked apples , 
in the humble Nature's reminder that there are a million reasons to be thankful...
I breathed in light
and breathed out love and gratitude.
It was Thanksgiving and we counted our blessings, from sunrise to sunset with every precious moment in between...

We had our little afternoon picnic in Ken Whillans Resource Area in Caledon, ON 

I am giving thanks to all of you, who find time to "stop and smell the roses" with me. You, dear friends, keep me inspired.

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  1. Beautiful...this post is the definition of the word!

  2. The most beautiful autumnal photos I've ever seen! Wish I could admire all this magnificent beauty in reality!
    I'm glad for you! Enjoy!


    You know what? You dear Canadian friends are lucky to celebrate your thanksgiving while the leaves are still on the trees! By the time our Thanksgiving comes in November, our trees are barren of all the colors, HOWEVER, we give thanks even in the barren times! What a landscape, what décor! Fresh air, fresh beginnings! Much love to you and thank you for being faithful to coming to my blog. You are so gentle and lovely, and I wish you a happy day as we head toward the darker months.. Anita

  4. the warmth and joy just radiates off the page...

  5. Oh Sylvia another gorgeous posts! I really do love your photography...so inspirational...so poetic...so captured this wonderful season.
    XO Barbara

  6. Exquisite! You have captured your wonderful day well.

  7. Every word and photo is so beautiful, Sylvia. Thank you for sharing your view of autumn.

  8. Just beautiful - Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  9. Your photos are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I often wonder why the USA Thanksgiving isn't this month myself.

  11. It looks like an absolutely perfect Autumn day dear Sylvia! You live in an amazingly beautiful place my friend!
    hugs from here...

  12. Lovely....just lovely. Blessings counted!

  13. Absolutely and exquisitely beautiful post! Happy Late Thanksgiving!

  14. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful day! There is so much to be thankful, isn't there....
    I love the photo of your son throwing up the leaves!

    and I feel thankful for your beautiful words, your inspiration and your lovely stories. xo

  15. Oh my, what a gorgeous setting! It looks like a perfect day :)

  16. Wow....such amazing autumn pictures! The beauty is breath-taking. We are indeed blessed, and have much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

  17. Breathtaking....I can smell and feel this Autumnal goodness, dearest Sylvia!!
    Oh, and how YOU inspire, dear blog sister....I hope your Thanksgiving was warm and wonderful...and I give many thanks to you too.
    Pure bliss is this post.... :)
    Love and hugs to you,
    - Irina

  18. Sylvia, I love how you "get" this
    gift that is our life. Each and every
    season is precious and you celebrate
    them well. It is great that your son is
    happy to participate in these sweet
    outings. Hold on to these years!

    Your blogging friendship is truly a
    gift to me. I always appreciate your
    kind and insightful comments on my
    blog, and it is such a joy to read your
    posts and see life through your lens : )

    xo Suzanne

  19. Wow! Gorgeous photos and words! I love the sunshine on that apple pie.

  20. Beautiful words and beautiful photos! Love the fall color...makes me crave the fall that is just barely beginning here in our part of the country. :)

  21. Wonderful photos. I love the story they tell!

  22. Gorgeous photos, Sylvia! It looks like a wonderful day.

  23. Your opening statement says it all...Autumn and a group of wonderful photos to make us THANKFUL and appreciate all that is around us.

  24. Beautiful words and photographs Sylvia! A joy to read and look at!

    Thank you for your sweet words on my blog too. They helped to ease the pain a little.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  25. I just found your bog and love it. Such beautiful photos and wonderful words to go with them. :o)

  26. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Sylvia . . . Your post is just dreamy . . . dreamy. So beautiful!
    It's always such a treat when I come by.
    Sending hugs . . .
    Happy, Happy Fall,

  27. beautiful photos, what a gorgeous Fall afternoon!


  28. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a spectacularly wonderful day. In all things, give thanks.


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