Back in December, knowing how much I cherish my work on my blog and how I dream to see it published, my wonderful son wrote on my birthday card "... I wish you love, happiness and the discovery of your blog by an editor. Follow your dreams, Mom, I will always support you..." It fills my heart with love every time I read it! 
Less than a month later, an editor called and asked if I wanted to submit to their magazine... 
I guess, the one who said "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" is a wise, wise man. And because one of my favorite inspirational lines is "Happiness is only real when shared" by Chris McCandless, Into The Wild, I am sharing with you the fact that if you open the latest edition, Summer 2013 of Artful Blogging magazine, somewhere near the end, on page 122, under the International Blogger category, you would see my little simple blog, my unpretentious simple photos and an article I wrote about my blogging experience "The Simple Life." Frankly, it doesn't seem so simple to me - the effort, the time, the devotion, the creativity and the energy all us bloggers put into writing and organizing interesting, inspiring and authentic posts. That's why any kind of acknowledgment of our work makes us excited and happy. I am honoured to be featured in such a unique publication of the most visually inspiring blogs across the Internet and to be in the company of established photographers and talented bloggers some of them I have been following for a long time.
A million thanks to editor Jennifer Jackson Taylor (also a blogger) for getting in touch and making this happen.
Million thanks to all of you for supporting me and encouraging me along the way. If you get a chance, be sure to check it out. My Canadian friends can find it on Chapters/ Indigo shelves.

As far as my dreams are going, I have new ones ... big ones :) And as hard as it often might seem, I am going to continue following them. How about you?