October 20, 2012

An Autumn Walk, Pumpkins ... and Something More

They say you have grown taller from walking with the trees....
I feel it! Every time when I am there among them... 
It is on walks that a lot of my inspiration comes. Be it through the city, the country road, the woodland, or the beach, I take in the sights and sounds, smells and textures of each season. Autumn, though, is something special. One can sense the divine artistry of nature in every leaf, every fruit, every tree, every sunset... The endless array of patterns and shapes around us has always been a source of joy and wonder. The views have never been more full of colours, shadows and light... and you want to bring that still, harmonious life into your home as a reminder of everyday marvel that surrounds you.

When the rain finally stopped (after a whole week of pouring), my son, our dog and I got in the car. We had a basket and scissors with us. The nearest forest was calling! On our way to the woods, we payed a visit to the local market and bought pumpkins. There is no Autumn without the most versatile of vegetables. Either in savoury and sweet meals or just for decoration, pumpkins together with pears and apples create the perfect fall mood.
Walking in the autumn woods has always been naturally enchanting. 
While diving into the trees, it seemed as the three of us were in awe. Even the dog behaved differently. 
Leaves were swishing under our boots, the freshness of the air was palpable. The silence was delightful. My son started creating stories. He was whispering ... We were looking for acorns. Our basket was quickly filled with yellow, brown and red leaves. We cut branches to bring home. We fed the squirrels. We were quiet and full ... 
We collected memories...

At home, I placed the fall branches in the vase. Then, using walnut shells we made Autumn boats. 
(These crafts will be used as place cards holders on the upcoming friends gathering.)
I shared my memories of the most sweet and delicious roasted pumpkin my granny and my mom make.
"Why have you never cooked a roasted pumpkin, mom?", asked my son. 
That was a great question!  

I  called my mom ... and you know the rest...

( See the recipe on my next post What is It About Pumpkins?)


Hope your Autumn season has been wonderful! 

How do you decorate your living space for Fall, Dear Friends?

THANK YOU for your visit and kind words!

I am sharing with Vintage Inspiration ~ Savoring Fall


  1. GOOD MORNING SWEET SYLVIA! This has to be my favorite season. I don't know; every time spring comes, I feel the same way....summer if fun, winter is really great. But spring and FALL are two seasons of change. And what joy that can bring to us. I SEE YOU HAVE A CHOCOLATE LAB???? My favorite dog of all time.

    Roasted pumpkin, roasted acorn squash or any other seasonal gourd is my favorite for a cozy evening meal. I am currently enjoying making stews with either chicken or fish with white beans and herbs. It has been so fun and cozy to enjoy the bounty of the season. Keep up the fun and I send you my wishes for a beautiful day! Anita

  2. Good morning, Sylvia!
    Your photos are so clear and beautiful, I feel as if I'm right there with you! I don't think I have a favorite season - I love them all, including winter (which many do not care for).
    How do I decorate our living space for fall? Well, while Mother Nature takes care of all the decorating outside, I am working on a few autumn crafts to decorate our little cottage inside. Hope to share them soon.
    Wishing you & yours a beautiful day,

  3. Beautiful post, Sylvia! You really captured the essence of fall. I love to add natural elements to my home this time of year to take the place of flowers. Nature is good to us this time of year!

    I really love those walnut boats! So cute. I also like the arrangement you made with the small branches and bits and pieces you collected on your walk!

    Have a great fall day!


  4. I think it's time for me to
    take a walk in the woods!
    And how lucky that your
    son is game to go along.
    I'm not sure I could get
    my nearly 14-year old to
    be the subject of my photos,
    either ~ he's too shy : )

    Right now I have a few
    pumpkins, mums and
    curly willow decorating
    our interiors. I love to
    bring in Bittersweet when
    I change our planters for
    the winter.

    Thanks for the gorgeous
    pics and have a wonderful

    xo Suzanne

  5. Your fall arrangements are beautiful. I think the little Autumn boats are adorable and would be a great craft for children to make. Beautiful photos and mosaics. Have a wonderful week. blessings, Pamela

  6. Hello!

    I found you through Anita's Blog ( Castles, Crowns & Cottages) and I just love your photography. I live in Ontario, Canada and our leaves are turning but not quite as beautiful as Autumn where you are photographing. I look forward to you future posts.


  7. What a magical day, dear friend!!!
    Oh, I am right there with you....few things leave me "quiet and full", as you so poetically phrased it, than a walk in the woods...in Autumn!
    How beautiful...and your sweet son right along with you...you are tres chic as always, dear sister! And I am in love with your sweet fur baby!!
    Gorgeous post as always...and what lovely and whimsical little boats...beautiful bouquet you created...
    We are having a lovely gray day here...the leaves just pop against this sky...
    I'm so glad you enjoyed Maya's work...the treasures she sent are from last year...but thank you for the birthday wishes...it is coming up soon... :))
    Blessings, beautiful friend....thank you for delighting my soul today!
    Much love,
    - Irina

  8. Dearest Sylvia, I did not want to forget to THANK YOU!
    Your words regarding the painting are too kind, my friend...
    I enjoy COLOR so much, so occasionally I'll play with some paints...just fooling around, but I appreciate your kindness very much...it inspires me to work on the technique and creativity...
    Blagodaria!! (Is that right???)
    Love to you, dear sister!

  9. Oh your photos, they are sublime and speak to me like poetry my darling friend!

    Sylvia, your comments are so precious and sincere. Thank you for the lovely words and poetry is an exciting art to look into each others' human experience. I believe that sacred writings are from God, speaking to humanity. But poetry is human speaking to human. Oh, the whole art of it is divine.

    I hope you are enjoying a cozy and peaceful week so far. I substitute taught yesterday and will again do so on Thursday and Friday. Things are looking up in my corner of the world and my art will be displayed locally, FiNALLY!

    Love to you dear friend, and enjoy a simply beautiful day! Anita

  10. What a magical time in the forest! I adore your photography, thank you so much for sharing your post with all of us!

  11. Such beauty!

    So nice visiting with you tonight.

  12. What a charming post! I love the photos, the subject... everything. You have a talent in words & photos. I will be back to check out more! I found you at Debra's Common Ground. Enjoy your fall. You ask how did I decorate/celebrate fall... well, I'm in the middle of a huge remodel at my house so decor is scarce this year (too much moving things too & fro) but, I did a little decorating (& would love for you to come by to look) & we went away to see color in Tennessee as Texas is still green/warm. Thanks for sharing.


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