They say you have grown taller from walking with the trees...
I feel it! Every time when I am there among them... 
It is on walks that a lot of my inspiration comes. Be it through the city, the country road, the woodland, or the beach, I take in the sights and sounds, smells and textures of each season. Autumn, though, is something special. One can sense the divine artistry of nature in every leaf, every fruit, every tree, every sunset... The endless array of patterns and shapes around us has always been a source of joy and wonder. The views have never been more full of colors, shadows, and light... and you want to bring that still, harmonious life into your home as a reminder of everyday marvel that surrounds you.

When the rain finally stopped (after a whole week of pouring), my son, our dog and I got in the car. We had a basket and scissors with us. The nearest forest was calling! On our way to the woods, we paid a visit to the local market and bought pumpkins. There is no Autumn without the most versatile of vegetables. Either in savory and sweet meals or just for decoration, pumpkins together with pears and apples create the perfect fall mood.
Walking in the autumn woods has always been naturally enchanting. 
While diving into the trees, it seemed as the three of us were in awe. Even the dog behaved differently. 
Leaves were swishing under our boots, the freshness of the air was palpable. The silence was delightful. My son started creating stories. He was whispering ... We were looking for acorns. Our basket was quickly filled with yellow, brown and red leaves. We cut branches to bring home. We fed the squirrels. We were quiet and full ... 
We collected memories...

At home, I placed the fall branches in the vase. Then, using walnut shells we made Autumn boats. 
(These crafts will be used as place cards holders on the upcoming friends gathering.)
I shared my memories of the sweetest and delicious roasted pumpkin my granny and my mom make.
"Why have you never cooked a roasted pumpkin, mom?", asked my son. 
That was a great question!  

I  called my mom ... and you know the rest...

( See the recipe on my next post What is It About Pumpkins?)


Hope your Autumn season has been wonderful! 

How do you decorate your living space for Fall, Dear Friends?

THANK YOU for your visit and kind words!

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