May 29, 2012

le petit déjeuner

Few things are more delightful and relaxing than starting a lazy Sunday with a simple healthy breakfast on a Provence-inspired table setting.
With the weather turning nicer, I guess everybody loves to eat outdoors and Sundays could be the best days to enjoy the morning sun with a family or friends.
Recently I read an article in which a poet gives an answer to the question - what advice would you give to people who are looking to be happy - 
in this simple way:
" For starters, learn to cook and then set a table to entertain family and friends."
Could he be more correct?!
I am not a big cooker, but setting a table is something I enjoy a lot.
 This past Sunday we had a breakfast outdoors consisted of  french press coffee, yogurt with berries and nuts, and something  family favourite - crepes.
I grew up with crepes ("palachinki" in Bulgarian language); my mom can make fantastic crepes, so can my grandma. Crepes are pretty simple in theory, but to make them successfully, in my opinion, can be a bit of a challenge. I have always found making them a little intimidating and I have tried it  perhaps once or twice. That's it! But I am lucky since it turns out my husband is a crepe - master,  flipping the crepe over in the air with almost an artistic movement!  
He made the crepes, I set the picnic table for a more rustic look (and shot the photos).
We love to eat our thin-as-a-paper crepes spread with feta or brie cheese, strawberry or red fig jam, honey or maple syrup as we roll them up into a cylinder shape.
Oh, Joy!
Crepes turn even grown adults back into joyous children, don't they?
they are one irresistible SIMPLE pleasure.

 *In France people  believed  that if you could catch the crêpe with a frying pan after tossing it in the air with your right hand and holding a gold coin in your left hand, you would become rich that year.

Enjoy life , dear friends!
The more of us who connect to the joys that are available to us every moment, 
the happier we all will Be.

For those who want to try our family crepe recipe
4 eggs 
1 cup milk 
2 cup all-purpose flour 
1 pinch salt 
1 1/2 teaspoons vegetable oil

Combine eggs, milk, flour, salt and oil. Process by adding water until smooth and ready to pour. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and brush with oil. Pour approximately  1/5 cup of crepe batter into the centre of the pan, tilting to completely coat the surface of the pan. Cook until top is set and edges begin to turn golden, about 30 sec. Loosen with a spatula and flip. Continue cooking for about 30-40 sec more. Transfer crepe to plate. Repeat with the remaining batter.  


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  1. Sylvia, this is such a beautiful table setting in the garden. I love it all and your crepes look so delicious! Wonderful photography! Hugs, Pamela

  2. Hello Sylvia, your post today is just beautiful! Every bit of your table is stunning and I am sure anyone lucky enough to sit at it really enjoyed themselves. The food also looks delicious! How fun to spend a Sunday morning in such beauty with friends and family!

  3. Hello, my dear! These photos make me want to jump right into them, Sylvia...they are so beautiful I can hardly stand it!! :)
    And you are so right...getting together with those we adore at a lovely table to nourish the body and spirit...few things are more beautiful.
    Crepes are one of my absolute favorite do you say crepe in Bulgarian? In Russian, they are "blinchiki"...and filled with feta sounds fabulous...
    Thank you, dear friend, for such beauty and inspiration...
    Have a marvelous rest of the week...
    Love your way,
    - Irina

  4. Lovely! We love to make crepes. You've inspired me to have breakfast outdoors.

  5. Oh what an amazing breakfast you two enjoyed together - your pics are awesome, as well as the menu.

    Just perfect!!

    Thank you for the recipe!

  6. Dearest, this is the most perfect time for me to come to be with you. These crêpes are simply divine and your photography dear heart is WORTHY of being in a magazine!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU for this lovely introduction to a morning filled with much chaos, but thank GOD for it. Life LIVES ON!

    LOVE, Anita

  7. Good morning Sylvia,
    Your crepes look fabulous! What a blessing that your hubby makes them! I have never made them, but many pancakes, I have. Breakfast outdoors and crepes wrapped in fruit, would be such a treat. Thank you for coming for tea and have a delightful day.


  8. Sylvia I just ADORE your LOVELY blog really I do! Im a faithful follower too:) Please stop over for a visit:) Deidre~

  9. Oh my! I just got lost in all these wonderful photos. What a gift you have!

  10. A stunning table setting Sylvia!!! Wish I could have joined you for breakfast: the flowers, fresh figs, bowl of fruit, the pancakes.....just perfect!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  11. Gorgeous Sylvia~ magazine worthy! As always you leave me wanting more~ your styling, setting and Provence-inspired table are beautiful and delicious!!

  12. As usual, Sylvia - your post captured my heart. You set the most beautiful tablescape! I love the mix of textures and colors! Gorgeous! I'm going to go practice flipping my crepes now...... :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. What an amazing setting and tablescape. your photos are just wonderful, looks like a magazine shoot!! love your beautiful blog!

  14. Such a lovely table setting with lovely food. Your pictures are so amazing!



  15. Sylvia: Are you a professional photographer? Your pictures are stunning. I wish I had half your talent. Love the tea cups of course. Thanks for being a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. You make it special. Blessings, Martha

  16. Spending some time in your gorgeous and peaceful world here, dear sea sister!
    I cannot tell you what a thrill it was, one year ago, to see your sweet comment and beautiful self on my followers were my first (outside of family and dear Anita!) I thank you so much, I feel truly blessed. And to think that we spent our childhoods so near each other is mind boggling...
    Sending you much love, dear Sylvia...
    - Irina

  17. Precious Sylvia!!!!

    It is always a delight for ME to see YOUR comments on my page dear one! I am getting excited for June 8 as that is not only my very last day of my teaching contract, but it is our PARIS PARTY!!! I know that your photos and heart will sweep your visitors! You are such a great friend and I so appreciate your connection.


  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I just love everything, the table setting, the garden, the pics...everything!


  19. Simply stunning!! Love your table setting :)
    The pics are fresh and crisp - love the light you've captured!
    I'm your newest follower. Would love if you follow back! :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  20. Your images are so inviting. Who wouldn't want to come and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with you out in such a setting. Lovely. I found you at Vintage Farmhouse. Stop and see me at Quirky Vistas.

  21. beautiful, beautiful photos. thank you for sharing.

  22. Sylvia, You have an absolutely gorgeous blog! I kept saying, "Wow", "Beautiful", "Oh, my goodness". Thank you for all the inspiration and beauty here!
    I am a new follower and will be back VERY often! You are a blogging talent!!!

  23. Such a beautiful and inspirational post! I loved every picture. I make similar crepes too. They are easy to make and so delicious.

  24. Love this post - great inspiration! :-)

  25. What a beautiful tablesetting! I kept looking and looking to get it all in. Your menu sounds delicious too, and I will be trying the recipe! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Those crepes look so good-one of my favorite things--great pictures!

  27. Your tablescape is lovely and the photographs are beautiful beautiful! I love your blue and white and the pop of color. The crepes are not only pretty to look at, I'm sure they were delicious. I'm visiting over from G'Day Saturday.

    The French Hutch

  28. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! What a way to welcome your guests and enjoy the day. Thanks for sharing these great ideas and photos. I am stopping by from Home and Garden Thursday. Have a great weekend!

  29. Hello Sylvia, It is always a delight to visit your blog - your photos are awe inspiring! Love your outdoor breakfast - yes, it is just the right time - I love to sit out to enjoy the cool air, the song of the birds and the fragrance of the flowers - what wonderful gifts from God - crape making has yet to be something I've accomplished -willing to try - it has to be a lot of fun!
    I hope you're having a marvelous weekend,

  30. I love your outdoor setting...isn't it funny how we forget the simple things in this life?? crepes are good made with homemade jam and powdered sugar yummy...and outdoors?? Oh yes please!

  31. Mmmm....I enjoyed
    this from beginning
    to end! How fabulous
    that your husband is
    a crepe master : ) I
    adore crepes but as
    you say, they can be
    tricky! You must have
    had so much fun staging
    and then photographing
    this breakfast, Sylvia; and
    of course, eating it!

    Happy Sunday,
    xo Suzanne

  32. Wow, you certainly made me hungry:) This is gorgeous...I love the atmosphere in the pictures. Thanks for the inspiration.

    And thank you for your sweet comment yesterday.


  33. Dear Sylvia, such beauty in everything here! I especially love the vintage transfer ware jug filled with flowers, gorgeous! I have not made crepes for some time now, but you have inspired me to make them again! Everything is beautiful as well as delicious , I am certain! N.xo

  34. Beautiful photos featuring your lovely setting and the crepes. I sve never made these, however you have inspired me to try them. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Oh sweet friend,

    Even if you have bad weather, YOU WILL STILL get the most GORGEOUS PHOTOS taken because you really know what you are doing with a camera!!!!!!

    How are you? I see that you teach as well? My last day of school is TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit with me my dear one. You are so special! ENJOY YOUR DAY and enjoy putting your Paris post together!! Anita

  36. Hello Sylvia, I just wanted to let you know your lovely post will be featured in tonight's Home and Garden party post! I appreciate you and hope you're having a wonderful day,

  37. So so lovely Sylvia - I should love to be able to join you and enjoy! I am glad that you paid me a visit and left such a sweet comment - same wavelength indeed! I am following you now and I hope you will follow me too! I will be back to visit again soon and I am looking forward to checking out your latest gorgeous offerings!

    Hugs and a happy weekend to you, Stephie x

  38. HI!!
    LOVE your outdoor Breakfast, I would LOVE to join your next one!!!
    I need to make a family picnic breakfast....but far to HOT here now for that!!!
    I really enjoyed your table and of course those crepes!!
    Linking in with the PARIS party!!
    jamie--queen Mimi

  39. A lovely table setting, and those crepes look delicious. Thank you for the recipe. Every detail of your beautiful photography is gorgeous.


  40. gosh sylvia, your blog has literally knocked my socks off, it's sublime! i am now your newest follower, looking forward to more :)

  41. Such beautiful pictures!!! I especially love all your prett vintage china :) xx Holly

  42. Hello!

    I have come over from Anita's Paris party and I am so happy that I did. YOur blog is beautiful and your photos breathtaking.

    I cannot wait to explore the rest of your blog, I will be spending the next hour doing just that. Enjoy your weekend!

    Thank you for making my day a lot brighter!

  43. Another stunning table. All that blue and white with splashes of color -- how it makes me smile! Thank you for the smiles today!


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