February 7, 2012

Feeling the Love

As Valentine's day is just around the corner, I am willing to celebrate every love as the new Starbucks Love cup calls out. Here at my little world, Valentine's Day isn't seen only as a day that couples celebrate their love for each other, but rather a great day to celebrate love in general; our love for everything in life.
Love is truly everywhere  and " like the sun, it' comes out of the clouds and warms our souls."
Valentines' day reminds me of my unconditional love to my family and friends,
but I also love:
romantic movies
loving gestures
planet Earth
the smell of lavender

I can go on, and on, and on with days on this list
because if you just think about it,  
it is so easy to love.
How not to feel the love when my husband brings flowers home simply because he knows how much I love that;
when my son bought from a classmate, who is trying to help his family, a power balance band to surprise me;
when I produce almost a "real conversation" with my seven month adorable nephew discussing in dolphin whistles, "neh"s, and "owh"s his sweet potato mash or his new toy;
when even though we live on different continents, we talk with my sister literary every next day for almost an hour;
when the book I am reading now is titled " Slow Love", the most sustaining sort of love that comes of an unhurried and focused attention to the simple things, available to all of us;
when all of my neighbors decided to plant a tree in our community with a plaque in honor of a neighbor who pasted away after a prolonged illness;  
when I found the perfect vintage Valentine's Day plates for my vintage tea party at my favorite Antique show (stay tuned for my next post);
when I received the most lovely parcel with great Valentine's Cards which I purchased from the enchanting Anita's Etsy shop;
when the graceful Suzanne from Privet & Holly notified me that I am one of the winners of her clever creation Card Keyper;
when I found the most charming pack of 24 assorted chocolate squares made with love in Belgium;
when a friend of mine finishes our phone calls with "Volim te" in Serbian even tough I don't speak the language; 
when I was driving back home Leon Russel's voice filled the air : 
I love you in a place where there's no space or time
I love you for in my life you are a friend of mine
And when my life is over
Remember when we were together
Really, how not to feel the love?
At the end of the day 
Love is everywhere and the heart can find it no matter how unlikely the place seems.
I open my mind, arms and heart while doing things I love, 
there it is : Love is everywhere...
I hold on to it and cherish every feeling of it !


Dear Friends,
feel the love around you. 
Put a whole lot of love into whatever you are doing, making, cooking, giving, sharing... 
Spread loveliness here and there in your home.
Celebrate every love this month 
this Valentine's Day!

I love to read your lovely comments.
Thank you !

I am sharing with Amy ~ Virtual Coffee
   Sarah ~ Good Life Weds


  1. And I LOVE
    visiting you,
    my kindred
    spirit friend : )
    Yes, if we remind
    ourselves of it,
    daily, there is
    always, always
    something, some-
    one or somewhere
    to love!

    Sending much
    your way, tonight....

    xx Suzanne

  2. Very sweet! I'm glad you're feeling the love. Beautiful pictures too!

  3. I am feeling the love for your writing, Sylvia! Thanks for the reminder to see the love all around us. Always a joy to visit you here!

  4. Love IS everywhere and I always feel the celebration HERE! Beautiful Sylvia~ thank you for sharing your love! ♥

  5. SYLVIA!!!!!!! I am so late, but LOOK at your photos, so creamy white and soft, so simple, yet profound with feeling and TRUTH!!!!!! LOVE IS ALWAYS TRUE! ANd then I see my drawing!!! Oh, you sweet friend, you!!! Thank you for framing my illustration of MYSELF when I was a little girl!!!!!

    This is so kind. May love surround you in great measure my dear. Have a great day! Anita

  6. I see a beautiful face radiating LOVE, (hello Anita), and YOU, amazing Sylvia, are such an example of LOVE...we feel it!!
    Thank you for this glorious, touching post.
    LOVE to you, sweet sea sister..
    Sending light, love, hugs, warmest thoughts and wishes, dear friend.
    - Irina :)

  7. What a lovely post. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Pamela

  8. Sending you much love from here. Love simply makes sense of this funny old world we live in, without it we would be lost.


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