February 17, 2012

Family, Flowers & Cake

It's Friday afternoon and I love it. 
And not only because it's the end of the working week, but because for our family it is the beginning of the time spend together. Just the thought that tomorrow every one of us would lay in bed longer than other days, then we would have a breakfast together and would decide about the rest of the day together brings me joy and comfort. Very often, Saturdays are even more busy than the others days of the week, but almost everything we do during the weekend we try to do it together.
This weekend, though, is kind of different since our province, Ontario, and two other celebrate a Family Day on Monday. This public holiday was originally created to give people a day off between New Year and Good Friday, but it also provides time for families to be together and celebrate the importance of such a unit. I love this idea, even tough in the beginning it sounded strange to me, the common thoughts such as, why we have to acknowledge the significance of our families just one day of the year when we have to do it every day ( same as Valentine's day, Christmas spirit , etc) and "every Sunday is kind of a family day"..., but now, I love having a day to focus on telling my family how important they are to me and how I love every moment when we are together. I don't think I can tell them that every single day and much enough if I am not somehow reminded to do it. I also have to admit that it is such a treat to have this long weekend in the middle of February and if someone doesn't have a family, he or she may mark the day on the calendar as a "Friend Day", or "Time just for me Day", or "Reading Day" – make it special, don't miss the opportunity to appreciate what you have.



I am still not making a big deal out of this holiday, but I enjoy baking something special, visiting art exhibitions, or skating with my son and husband... Simple things, yet... in the back of our minds we know it's a family day and this helps foster the bond between us and make our family time memorable. Family bonds lead us to our beginning and guide us to our future. Knowing where I come from has helped me not to lose my spirit, to experience life fully, and to speak from my heart. My parents have always been THERE for me regardless of my downs and ups like a blurred background of a photo which really makes the subject stand out. Children learn about families from the time they spend in their own families, the time when the attention is on the person, the time when they can freely share thoughts and feelings and would be understood, for the most part (at least this was my parents genuine intention and my parents' family model - everybody speaks, sometimes it  seems nobody listens, but at the end everyone is aware of the problem and is looking for a solution).
I want my son to feel that family IS 
this unconditional love, 
this gathering over home-cooked food, 
this endless support,
mutual nourishment,
these inherited values, 
these new traditions,
these quarrels that easily come and go,
these group hugs and circles of truth, 
these vacations during the cold winters to the warm South 
these board game evenings and doggy-park mornings....
These roses,
this cake...

... and everything that is  made with love.

" Families are like fudge-mostly sweet with a few nuts"
                                 ( author unknown)

P.S. These roses are a second bloom. Floral designer Amanda Heer shares how she gives her arrangements new life and I decided to prolong the existence of my Valentine's roses. I cut the stems just below the head and put them in a deep dish filled with water. As she recommended, I added a crushed aspirin to preserved their freshness.
Aren't they charming placed so close together, holding each one's blossoms? (like a real family)

Have a sweet weekend and a wonderful Family Day, dear friend, even if you don't have a special holiday for it.
 Or if you do, share with me how you celebrate it .

            "A family is a little world created by love."

Thank you for your visit and your kind comments. I love reading them.

Cheers !

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  1. What a sweet post. I hope you enjoy your time with your family this weekend. They should appreciate the cake!!!

  2. What a sweet sweet post!

    Yes, this Monday is President's Day here in the States, and all the schools and government jobs have the day off.

    Enjoy your family this weekend.


  3. Oh darling one,

    The tenderness and beauty here are affecting me at this moment, in ways beyond expression. Since we have not had any snow this winter, WINTER is a far off memory, and any sign of spring now is a warm embrace. Your photos are ethereal and comforting and what you create from your own eye's perspective and lens is SHEER BEAUTY...thank you for this precious weekend moment that I will savor all weekend long.


  4. It's funny, but as I
    read this I pictured
    you as a grandma,
    sharing your wisdom
    with a little girl who
    is by your side, baking
    and chatting and
    loving YOU : ) Enjoy
    this special day with
    your family. My kids
    will also be off of school
    for President's Day and
    like you, I LOVE having
    them home!

    xx Suzanne
    PS: The roses are lovely.

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    What a sweet post! We Islanders have the holiday too but not my hubby because he's Federal. He's been sick so I'm just thankful he is finally well enough to go back to work. *sigh*
    Your cake looks yummy and your roses, oh so pretty, all tucked snugly in the bowl together!

    Thank you for your lovely post and do enjoy your nice long weeknd.


  6. Beautiful post, Sylvia! Family is so very important to me as well. How special it is to have a day to celebrate that!

    I love the roses in the dish...I will have to try this. Your cake looks absolutely yummy! :)


  7. Heavenly roses, and what a great idea, family day, personally I think we should set aside one a week. Families are so very precious and we are lucky to have close knit ones.

  8. I hope you saver every moment of the day dear Sylvia. Your words and photos are so beautiful and I know that your family is very lucky to have you and be with you.

  9. Wow that cake is unbelievable!!!!!

    Oh Sylvia, your comment is just a piece of art to the heart my dear. I agree with you that ANYONE who writes must write from an honest heart. One of my favorite contemporary poets said that when drafting a poem, "...start from the heart and finish with your head." It must be an honest account of what one perceives and of course, editing and revision must follow, but sharing honestly is what I think is the key. That is what I love about YOUR WORK HERE; your photos truly are evidence of a skill but you start off sharing things that are important to you and your love (and mine too) of simplicity shines through perfectly.

    I wish you a splendid day of relaxing (as I have a day off from work !!!) and a day of creativity!

    BISOUS, Anita

  10. Hi Sylvia! I stopped by to thank you for stopping by @ my place and leaving such a sweet comment and you got me speechless here! WOW! I LOVE your photos! You really have a great eye and I would be honored if you shared some of these with my readers via food linky!

  11. Happy Family Day, beautiful, dear Sylvia! I hope you are enjoying this very special day with the loves of your life...
    Another touching, stunning post, dear friend!
    What wise words, and those lovely and ROMANTIC roses are cozy together like a little family..
    That cake! Yummy :)
    I am so glad you came by chez moi...romance daily is a must, you are right!
    Thank you for this beauty..
    What a blessing to have had a childhood where you are cherished, heard, and valued. My favorite memories are ones where our family was together, just being a loving, crazy family! Now I cherish "family days", and we try to have them often. Family and dear friends...food for the soul (and a little cake doesn't hurt:)
    Have a beautiful week, my "Sea Sister"!
    Love and warm hugs,
    - Irina

  12. Awesome post! In the states many of us have off Monday as it is President's Day, but it is lovely to have a day off just to celebrate FAMILY. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Just popping in to say hello, beautiful friend!
    I hope you had a refreshing and joyful weekend..
    Sending hugs,
    - Irina :)

  14. Oh my, so much beauty. Your page is gorgeous and your pictures are dreamy. I found you through Irina's Gypsy in Me and I hope to come back and look with more time. Today I am taking a little bloggy break. Off to make a bowl of roses. :)
    Much love.

  15. Oh, there is lovely and talented Marcia...what a beautiful soul, I am so glad she found your blog, dear Sylvia!
    I am stopping by to wish you a wonderful week, dear friend.
    - Irina

  16. How marvelous...you were on vacation?! I hope you had a wonderful time, dear friend!!
    Thank you so much for writing to me, and I hope the transition back into the "real world" is a gentle one :)
    Sending love your way,
    - Irina


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