November 7, 2011

The small (ordinary) things that make the big picture

How was your weekend?
The usual office chitchat surrounds you when you walk in on a Monday morning. I am not at the office right now, but standing around the virtual water cooler,  the one at which we will meet with Suzanne every Monday. 
When being asked how my weekend was, I often try to escape the usual answer "it was ok, doing the usual stuff ..."
Does it happen to you when you want to share something really interesting and a bit less trivial than the common activities done during the weekend,

you only have:

- the tiny, mini morning ray trying to reach the window and making way to the full sunlight to penetrate the room;

- the tiny little roses that blend seamlessly into a simple cut bouquet silently smiling from the side table reminding about the everyday beauty of things taken for granted;

- the morning coffee (a latte to be more precise) made by your husband with lots of VANILLA love and  the not so perfect foam heart on the top of the most precious sweet coffee mug – a gift from your son for Mother's Day, personalized "Greatest Mom";

- the finest wool in your Ugg sheepskin boots that gives warmth and comfort to your feet while walking with your loveable dog in a chilly autumn morning;

- the successful presentation with your colleagues at OISE  founded not on fancy technology, but rather a simple idea originally developed through cooperation, collaboration, care and lack of pretension. Thank you Amanda and JoAnn! 

- the honest food cooked for the family, especially the little notes in your son's lunchbox. Who doesn't like a sweet little message from someone who loves you and cares about you? I do, so does my son and he is 13!

-  the sweet sound of my adorable baby nephew's gurgles and coos; 

-  the ECLECTIC music of four cool men of Toronto's "creaking tree string quartet " (find more here) that fits your current mood and a new book recommended by a friend which is going to be a topic of your next book club discussion;


And the highlight of the week:

I finally decided to face my wardrobe and clear away everything that I have been accumulating for years. I finally used the one year rule: if you have not worn it in a year, then Trash and Donate. I have been keeping clothes which I haven't wore for years – some new ones, other with sentiment of the memories they bring. Not any more! I collected three big trash bags with jeans, t-shirts, skirts, jackets and at THE SAME EVENING, donated them to the local Salvation Army. Goodbye clutter! And you know what? I felt GREAT –  light, loose, and energized as after having a cardio exercise.
Clutter drains our energy. It's totally true. Purging the unneeded stuff brings a sense of relief, more breathing space and a peaceful mind (to me, it was more like getting rid of negative thoughts and making room for the good ones.)    

these are small ordinary things, but aren't they the ones that deserve to be treated as special as the big things, worthy of our full ATTENTION. Aren't they the ones that we have to be willing to share because they make up our days? However, we often overlook them since they seem so ordinary and arrive quietly without any fuss and preparation. Simple pleasures through the day are often far more satisfying than one amazing weekend and when we "connect the dots" between these little moments, life seems FULL/ big. 
Because the little things  make the big picture. 
Because all the smaller details give the big picture DEPTH.

Thank you Suzanne! 

Dear Friend, come and share your Monday Moments at Privet and Holly,
read her blog and you will fall in love with her written words.


Have a nice week!



  1. Ahhh....simple pleasures. You had a perfect weekend filled with loving moments and a cleaned out closet. Beautiful! I hope your week is lovely too. Blessings, Pamela

  2. The simple pleasures are the best ones. Everything sounds perfect right down to the fur in the boots.
    I have been trashing and donating things too, it feels good. :)

  3. You SO get it,
    Sylvia, and I
    just loved peeking
    into your weekend
    and all that made
    it special to you.
    Your pictures are
    just amazing and
    I felt like I was
    looking in the
    window! My own
    uggs may be making
    an appearance, soon,
    as there is snow in
    our forecast. Bring
    on that lovely fur!

    Thanks for keeping
    me company at the
    water cooler. Know
    we'd natter {as my
    British friends say}
    on and on if we did
    it for "real!"

    Happy Monday,
    xx Suzanne

  4. PS: I've gone through
    both my kid's closets
    in the last two weeks,
    finally mucking out my
    daughter's with her this
    weekend.....Now, on to
    my own, which I've
    neglected for the last
    inspired me ~ I want to
    feel LIGHT!!

    xx Suzanne

  5. Isn't it freeing to get rid of the clutter? Love this post focusing on what's important - the little things. :)
    Happy, lovely day to you, Sylvia!

  6. Love your post my friend...pure joy! Yes...all we need to do is look around us at our lovely world and see how truly blessed we your images...JOY! xoxo

  7. Beautiful roses and collage! It's always a load off my shoulders, too, when I clean out closets and get rid of all the clutter.
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo

  8. thanks for stopping by my blog to visit sylvia! it's nice to meet you too :)
    Love your blog! I'm excited to look around more and get to know you better.
    PS I'm your newest follower.

  9. Loved visiting here with all your thoughts and ponderings about what really makes up LIFE and its many things to do and so controlled by the clock... places to be...that we lose the monumental "moments" in that race.. thank you for sharing . thank you for visiting. look forward to coming back here. **having just moved a thousand miles across country, I do GET it about clearing out, letting go, turning loose. Enjoyed!

  10. Simple pleasures are always the best ones. I always enjoy my visit with you, Sylvia. It's such a soothing place to come. Thank you and have a delightful day.

    Blessings from the Island,

  11. its so important to see and enjoy all the little moments in life, makes everything so much sweeter... not to mention your fantastic pics :)

  12. Thank you so much Sylvia for stopping by and for praying for our church building situation!

  13. Dear Sylvia, my Black Sea Sister!

    What an exquisite meditation, this post...

    Aaah, I feel like I just came from a mini spa session after reading your illuminating thoughts and seeing those breathtaking photos.
    Pure beauty and magic..

    That nephew of yours is sweetness personified:)

    Beautiful. And I think your new header is so lovely.
    Thank you, dear Sylvia, for the inspiration and wisdom.

    Sending love your way,
    - Irina

  14. I am sending you light and good cheer, my friend!
    Hope all is well with you.
    Always remember:
    "You are of infinite worth"! :)

    Love to you,
    - Irina

  15. My goodness what a beautiful post! The photos and music flowed so wonderfully with your eloquent words! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! And I'm so inspired to clean out my closet now! I loved the photo of your pretty lace garments on fancy satin hangers! How elegant!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  16. Beautiful thought provoking Post.

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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