November 27, 2011

A Rainy Sunday

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain ...
Henry W. Longfellow

 Have I ever mentioned I love rain ? 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love theater 
(not any theater, but Shakespearean theatrical performances and the Stanislavski's inside approach to acting) ?
this Sunday was the perfect day to get a lot of both ...
It was raining all day long and my family loves when it's Sunday to spent the day at home , 
but not this time ...
We created the perfect rainy Sunday !
We left the bikes at home and got our swagger on.
We reached Downtown ( the hustle and bustle of the city never stops, no matter how heavy the rain is ),
had breakfast in a small cozy cafe , or let's say a brunch;
a healthy walk in the rain
and a little wet, but totally refreshed we waited in front of the theater .
For us theaters have always been fun places to head to on a rainy day, especially to see a comedy .
" 2P4H "
( 2 pianos 4 hands ) is probably the most successful play in the history of Canadian theater . We couldn't miss the farewell performances.
Created by the duo Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt, the play is funny, full of humor, music and charm .
Anyone who has ever taken piano lessons or has simply encountered a musical instrument can recognize himself in a story.
A simple setting of two grand pianos, 
honest acting
provide a great time for the audience.
We were dying of laughter in our chairs ... 
From Bach, Chopin and Beethoven to Mozart and Billy Joel
we enjoyed an impressive performance .

Love every second of it !

Even if you don't become a great musician ( which is more likely ), simply enjoy the playing every time you hold your instrument. 
Even if the dream is gone, the music and its magic exist longer than you would have thought.

What a lesson for our guitar , violin , piano player !
He  said  with a big smile on his face " It was a very smart and funny play, indeed. I now know that I'm not the only one being pressured to play my instrument" 

 Unfortunately photos were not allowed during the performance, but I found a 
short video to take a look .

To my Canadian friends , don't miss the delight of this musical entertainment. Plane your visit to Panasonic Theater if you can.

There is always MUSIC on a rainy day !

Thank you for your visit , dear friends ! 

I am sharing this rainy Sunday with Suzanne around the virtual water cooler 
Monday Moments


  1. Dearest Sylvia,

    What a splendid, perfect way to spend a rainy day! You have just described a dream Sunday, especially if it's raining (theatre or the museum,either one gives me butterflies and goosebumps!)
    Your photos are brilliant! You gave us a terrific taste of the day (down to the crepes), and it seems that our kiddos have some things in common. Piano, guitar, theatre..:)
    So happy for your special day...
    Love and light for a wonderful week,
    - Irina

  2. Yippee, the video is working now, I'll have to show this to my daughter...looks like a wonderful show!

  3. Silvia i think you have this touch of God!!!
    ....and the best part is that you make me to believe in my self,thank you!

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    You have a lovely blog here, I've discovered it via Suzanne's Moments link.
    Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday.

  5. Oh, I think I would love to this! Including the walk in the rain.
    Wishing you a great week, Sylvia!
    ~ Zuzu

  6. What a lovely blog you have here so happy to find you and now following. You have captured some special moments here with your photos, sound like you had a wonderful time. Loook forward to visiting you again.

    Always Wendy

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a rainy day, and I love your city-scape photos, so different then our small village in the rain.

    Ps I agree with PAPAZAR !

  8. i am so loving your blog. i too love simplicity, the rain, shakespeare, music (i play the piano & violin), and i totally agree that old is better ;)

    lovely, lovely blog.

  9. Hi Sylvia,

    Your Sunday sounds perfect!!

    Happy new week! Lieve groet,


  10. lovelovelove your photos... and what a wonderful way to spend the day!!
    visiting you from privet & holly

  11. Visiting from the lovely Suzanne's at Privet and Holly.

    Your post made me wish for rain and theater. Imagine every piano teacher in the world would love this play.


  12. Sylvia, you and I
    are kindred spirits,
    as I LOVE a rainy day,
    too ~ actually get a bit
    cranky in the summer
    when we've had a long
    dry spell ~ and this
    day looks PERFECT,
    as do your pictures,
    which I adore! Thank
    you for joining these
    perfect moments to
    Monday Moments!!!

    xx Suzanne
    PS: Makes me want
    to pick up my old guitar
    and give it a go, again....

  13. PS: What city is this?
    I am taking my daughter
    to Vancouver, B.C. in
    January to visit a college....

  14. I love the rain only if I am laying in bed listening to it. What a special place you have here I will follow on my way out and hope you will visit my place soon and do the same Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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