I just can't get enough of those Fall colors!  

When the leaves begin to change and Thanksgiving weekend reaches, we always take a trip to one of the most wonderful parks in Ontario, Algonquin Park.
 It's kind of a family tradition. Some years we camp along the lake, others - we only canoe, but we are there every Autumn, enjoying the season splendor of nature.

Every Canadian knows that the park is at its best during Fall: the view of the vast landscape of maple hills and the palette of colors reflecting in the lake are simply breathtaking.

 Something magical happens every time I reach the hill. A sense of calmness and harmony pours over me. It's such a deep profound feeling that it's not easy to be recognized at first;
warmth, light, thrill 
but after a while, you immerse in IT 
You are in awe!  
You are at peace!
You become ONE with everything ...
It is enlightenment.

(oh, I wish I was a poet to express such an encounter; unfortunately, I am not )

I believe it's NATURE that can create such an experience in humans. It 's a well-known fact that people who often come in contact with nature are happier. I like to consider myself in that category .and YES, Fall definitely is a major contributor to that.


I always feel totally recharged when I come back home in the city. 
This time the trip brought out the baker in me, how surprising!
I enjoy cooking, but somehow baking has always been my grandma and my mom's "thing".
That day I wanted to bake.
No, it wasn't a craving for food, but rather an urge to make something out of my hands and NATURE

Is there a better time to bake an apple pie than in fall ?!!


and, Yeah mom, baking can be immensely satisfying, 
and the smell is the most intoxicating one!!!

I chose the simplest apple pie recipe and stuck to it, except I glazed the top of the pie with lots of bitten egg for more egg crust. I also sprinkled it with sugar.

Voila !!!

 I cut out little doves for decoration...

served it hot with whip cream.

It is the best simple and pure celebration of the season we have had!

 Dive into fall!

Grab the colors while you can!


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