" A room without books is like a body without a soul " 

Cicero said it centuries ago.
I love this quote perhaps because of my deep love of reading. I can't imagine the world without books. In my childhood, no matter the occasion, a book was a constant present from my mom and dad always accompanied with a written message about ''being a window to the world." I especially adore old books, old falling apart books... Something about the feeling of faded pages makes me more connected to the earlier times, to the Universe, and such a mystical allure makes me wonder of my existence today.

Last week, while leaving a client's residence, from the corner of his eye my husband saw something ditched in the lobby. He left, but an inner voice forced him to come back. When he saw what he had just found, my husband was sure I would be extremely happy to have these treasures. Yup, he knows me very well!
He brought home a pile of old classical literary work. 
Books for which I would rummage through big boxes at antique auctions and garage sales, I would browse shelves at thrift stores  FOR HOURS...

I was thrilled!
I still am.

The books are issued at the beginning of the twentieth century, 1905, 1906 in London by different publishers. Among the titles are Alexandre Dumas' Twenty Years After, W. M. Thackeray The Newcomes, Christmas Books and Bleak House by Charles Dickens, The Golden Treasury with all the work of Thomas Moor, Lord Byron...

Flipping these thin delicate pages, I was bombarded with thoughts and emotions.
First, I thought who can abandon a treasure like this, but then again how otherwise I would find it.

Leather covered Classical  Literature! 

In fact, my big joy was the 1906 edition of ''The Works Of William Shakespeare" .


I started to read, but my mind blustered with thoughts and questions. Who did this book belong to? What kind of person was the owner? Was it a gift... for a loved one??? 
Between the pages, there were cut pieces from newspapers with literature reviews. He or she must have been really into poetry (as I am).
My imagination kindled. I created stories larger and grande in the theme of love and romance...

and then
something special to me happened, believe it or not.

When I reached the page of Romeo and Juliet, there was a small calendar of the year 1963. 
BUT wait, it wasn't some pocket month calendar – it was a Canadian Cancer Society calendar of the year 1963 with month April highlighted in red color as CAMPAIGN MONTH.

What is so special you may ask.

Remember my previous post about the Daffodil Month April of the Canadian Cancer Society, about my passionate support of such a worthy cause, about my faith that cancer could be cured, my hope that no love will be touched by the disease... 


I am not exactly sure what to make of this story as I haven't quite interpreted it yet.

But I know the books are at the right safe place in the hands of the right person,
aren't they ?!!  ( as it's meant to be )

 I also know ''as I started looking,  I found more and more''...


Dear Friend,
Thank you for your visit and kind comments. They mean a lot to me.