April 12, 2011

Old Books & a story


                     " A room without books is like a body without a soul " 

Cicero said it centuries ago.
I love this quote perhaps because of my deep love of reading. I can't imagine the world without books. In my childhood, no matter the occasion, a book was a constant present from my mom and dad always accompanied with a written message about ''being a window to the world." I especially adore the old books, old falling apart books... Something about the feeling of faded pages makes me more connected to the earlier times, to the Universe, and such a mystical allure makes me wonder of my existence today ...

Last week, while leaving a client's residence, from the corner of his eye my husband saw something ditched in the lobby. He left, but an inner voice forced him to come back. When he saw what he had just found, my husband was sure I would be extremely happy to have these treasures. Yup, he knows me very well ...
He brought home a pile of old classical literary work! 
Books for which I would rummage through  big boxes at antique actions and garage sales, I would browse shelves at thrift stores  FOR HOURS ....

I was thrilled....
I still am  ...

The books are issued at the beginning of the twentieth century, 1905, 1906 in London by different publishers. Among the titles are Alexandre Dumas' Twenty Years After, W. M. Thackeray The Newcomes, Christmas Books and Bleak House by Charles Dickens, The Golden Treasury with all the work of Thomas Moor, Lord Byron ....

Flipping these thin delicate pages, I was bombarded with thoughts and emotions ...
First, I thought who can abandon a treasure like this, but then again how otherwise I would find it ...

Leather covered Classical  Literature! 

In fact, my big joy was the 1906 edition of ''The Works Of William Shakespeare" 


I started to read, but my mind blustered with thoughts and questions... Who did this book belong to? What kind of person was the owner... Was it a present... for a loved one ???.... 
Between the pages, there were cut pieces from newspapers with literature reviews. He or she must have been really into poetry ( like me... )
My imagination kindled... I created stories larger and grande in the theme of love and romance...

and then
something special to me happened, believe it or not .

When I reached  the page of Romeo and Juliet, there was a small calendar of the year 1963, BUT wait, it wasn't some pocket month calendar - It was a Canadian Cancer Society calendar of the year 1963 with month April highlighted in red color as CAMPAIGN MONTH ....

What is so special you may ask ....

Remember my  previous post about the Daffodil Month April of the Canadian Cancer Society, about my passionate support of such a worthy cause, about my faith  that cancer could be cured, my hope that no love will be touched by the disease... 


I am not exactly sure what to make of this story...
I haven't quiet interpreted it yet...

But I know the books are at the right safe place in the hands of the right person,
aren't they ?!!  ( as it's meant to be )

 I also know ''as I started looking,  I found more and more''....


Dear Friend,
Thank you for your visit and kind comments ! They mean a lot to me !


  1. Wow. amazing! I needed to see this this beauty in photos and hear this great story that happened one day to you I have hope again

  2. What a lovely Post. We love old books. I decorate with them too. Your newest follower...hope you can visit me sometime soon

  3. A post after my heart, I tell ya! I love books!!! :D So, what are you reading now?

  4. Sylvia - This was meant to be! What a wonderful find and connection to something dear to your heart! I know you'll treasure these beautiful books for a long time to come - you have a hero for a husband!
    Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

  5. Oh,so happy you got those treasured books.I adore books, too, including the older ones. How wonderful you are the new owner! Great photos, too! Susan

  6. Slyvia,A beautiful message, and these books are in the right hands...truly treasures. A post now that you've written your thoughts down...a memorable one!Lovely photo's!

  7. I understand completely!
    I bought 23 old books at a bookfair last Saturday, and was thrilled to find the odd notes and the faded slips of a card between covers :-)
    I love this post - very beautifully done!

  8. Old books are treasures indeed! I have many that will be returning to the cottage.

    Mrs. M.

  9. Hi Sylvia,
    I share your love of old books and I think your photographs are fantastic.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  10. Lovely post and photos. I LOVE books too and could appreciate your heart in this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love old books. Wow! Your photos are gorgeous! Magazine worthy. Had to go back and look a second time. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I too love old books and unexpected messages. What a sweet husband you have to bring you a surprise gift like this. And, may I say, your photos are stunning. Great post!

  13. first...I love the photos...soft, rich and beautiful....and that you found that little calander...so perfect. I'm glad you got the books...and your questions about who owned them etc...are questions that I would run through my head too.

  14. What a treasure collection you have there. Books will always be one of life's greatest simple pleasures for me. So glad you joined us today.

  15. I'm sitting here in Starbucks because my power is out. I'm trying to read and enjoy blogs to while away the time. In the middle of this busy public place, I came to your simple pleasure and I'm having, for lack of a better word, "a moment".

    You captured a passion of my heart in both words and pictures. I kept scrolling and looking and reading and trying not to covet your wonderful simple pleasure.

    To find the cancer calendar tucked in one book can be nothing less than a wink from God. It doubles, even triples the pleasure.

    I loved this. I was honored to read it.

  16. Beautiful Post, Your Book Vignettes & Photography are Wonderful.....

  17. Words do mean a lot..to give and to recieve..words written in a book, a journal, a letter..even a blog..Words that are spoken, words to hear. Words left unsaid, or words that sing..a book is filled with words, wonderful words or at times not so wonderful. Your books, word for word are beautiful..

  18. Hello Sylvia,
    I love your pile of old tattered books; charming! Your photos are wonderful as well.
    I found an old Trixie Belden book when my mother sold the family home. I remember I was not into my teens when I read it. The cover is taped on and the pages are all yellowed but I can't bear to part with it! I also have a few school books from the early grades. I will keep those too. My hubby thinks I'm a pack rat! :) These books hold memories for me and are not worth anything to anyone else but I'm glad I have them.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures.


  19. Sylvia, you have written a beautiful post! I share you adoration for old books and the possible stories behind them. Your thoughtful husband really blessed you with such a marvelous stack of literature. I think I would swoon too!
    All your photos help tell your story well. The books and your vignettes are lovely.
    p.s. I am all ready with your basket, I am only waiting on pins and needles for your cup to come in the mail....long story. I hope to have it mailed out by Saturday. I have loved getting it ready for you.

  20. What a beautiful collection of books you have Sylvia. I share your love of books too and the old ones are so charming aren't they? Your photos are so pretty. I really love them all, but perhaps the one with the hat and faded rose is my favorite.

    Thank you so much for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday :)


  21. Your Photography and Vintage Book Collection have captivated me... so glad I discovered your Beautiful Blog through The Rosy Note Blog Party... I am now a Supporter and will be back often to behold even more magnificent photos, enchanting stories and lovely collections...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. What a wonderful find, I would be beyond thrilled to rescue these books and give them a new home! Beautiful photos & vignettes...I'm always blown by away by your artistry~

  23. Hello I have just popped over from 'A Rosy Note' - You had me with the vintage books - the music my favourite of all time, and at the right tempo!

    I am a new fan

    Sue x

  24. Sylvia,
    These are fabulous! i am like you what treasures and who could part with them? Very beautiful photos! I love the rose petals on Macbeth. Too beautiful!! Thanks for linking this up!

  25. Such a beautiful story and gorgeous photos. I found you at Debra's party and I'm following now!!!

  26. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words, yes, I do lead with my Heart and that gives me a Peace about everything I do. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  27. Wow, these are lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas! I am following you.

  28. What great finds, the books are really beautiful! And your wonderful photos are just the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for linking up with VIF! hugs Debra

  29. Lovely story and lovely photography. I understand just what you mean about the old books. For me it is the smell of the old paper. It brings back such peaceful memories of the old Carnagie Library of my youth.

  30. I feel the very same about old books. I think about the people who have read them before me and treasure them for how they have been enjoyed. Your pictures are lovely...I also have the pink flowered suitcase. :)

  31. Oh what beautiful photos. And a beautiful story. I love books and I especially love old books, not just for looks but for what is written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your photos. Karie

  32. Perfect. They couldn't have found more loving hands.

  33. Fabulous treasure trove of books! Your photos have capture their richness so well.

  34. Darling Sylvia,

    You have struck a cord with my heart here...I love the simplicity of your blog, the piano music, the books, the dried memories of a rose so fair. Thank you for coming to my beach party, and what awaits me here? Books. So perfect, with a cup of tea to lull me to dream again.

    THANK YOU!!! Anita

  35. Your pics are lovely....you should check out my recent find in the oldest books store in Paris...Shakespeare and company...a Cross Creek Cookbook...by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings...in Paris...of all places...Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com...I need to practice my photography...do you take the photos with a soft focus lens?

  36. Silve, pozdravlenija za prekrasnija blog. Udovolstvie e da go cheta, da se liubuvam na prekrasnite fotos. Prodaljavaj da pishesh i da radvash sveta.. Celuvki

  37. May I use your beautiful photo with books and a cup on our blog http://klub-aa.blogspot.com/ to ilustrate Lewis quote?

    It'll be sign with your name and link of course

    1. Thank you for asking me! Of course, you can use my photo as long as proper credit is given.


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