March 27, 2011

White Thoughts



                            ... Time makes you bolder
                      Children get older
                      I am getting older too

                                              /Landslide-Stevie Nicks/


               Do I learn how to be more kind, 
               How to be more patient, 

                       more open-handed 
                       open-minded ?


                   Do I know how to give more love
                   Let myself receive more love?

                  Do I learn how to fully open my windows  
                  let go of the EGO?

            Do I really know how to stop and create peace in my heart?

            Do I have my 10 minutes of silence every day and if I have  them 
            Do I know why?             

      Am I able to accept other people's mistakes and forgive mine,
      Am I able to recognize honest tears?  
      What do I have faith in ? Can I stand up for what I believe is right?
      Am I capable of believing in the best of humanity? 

               Am I ready to laugh more and hug more,
                         to sing more 
                         to give more time ...?

                 Do I enjoy sunny days?
                          Can I dance in the rain and walk barefoot?
                 Can I push myself further?

                  Did I find  my purpose  in Life?
                  Do the books help me to comprehend the Life's Greatest lessons?


          Isn't  the most  important thing in life raising a child, loving a child 
               and ....
          loving a man?

                       '...Oh, mirror in the sky,
                       What is love?                                       
                       Can the child within my heart rise above?
                       And can I sail through the changing ocean tides
                       Can I handle the seasons of my life?... '

                                      I don't know,  I don't know ....

What I know is that Life is a mystery, I want to live it to the fullest and if one day I answer "Yes" to all of these questions - may that be my  legacy to my child .

     Believe those who are seeking the truth.  Doubt those who find it.  ~Andre Gide  



  1. Beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. Oh sweet Sylvia,

    You always visit me.
    You always leave kind words.
    Your images are made with LOVE.
    You believe, I see, in something outside of yourself.
    You and I ARE from the same planet!!!
    What a gorgeous post with images that evoke a sense of peace and gentleness that I so love and need daily. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL REMINDER TO KEEP ON ASKING ourselves these questions....and rejoice my friend.

    Fondly, Anita

  3. Absolutely beautiful images and sentiments. It is lovely visiting you.
    Did you receive a questionnaire from me? I will resend if not. I am picking partners for the tea cup swap. Can you e-mail me?

  4. Your linens are all just so beautiful.Your photo's and writings are all such lovely shadows of your home!yvette@twistedvines

  5. Good things to think about! You have lovely photos. I've always liked that Stevie Nicks song. And that quote by Andre Gide is stellar!

  6. Hello Sylvia - you have a sure eye for composition - the loveliness of the things you've pictured - their color and texture - exquisite
    Everything goes perfectly with the words of the song and the quote!
    Thank you for sharing this very Delightsome post with A Return to Loveliness.

  7. Absolutely the most important is to love our children and husband. Really I don't know that much else is important. I do believe in kindness. Such a beautiful post. Lovely pictures and thoughts.

  8. Beautiful post. Love your linens. They look German.

  9. Sylvia, this is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad I finally got around to stopping by after you so gracefully visited during last week's celebration of spring.

    I came by to let you know that you are one of the two winners of the encouragement tags. ;) Congratulations.

    I LOVE your music. I am ertainly looking forward to stopping by again soon.

  10. I love this post! Your photos are beautiful. I don't think there is anything more important than raising & loving your children & husband.

  11. Hi Sylvia,
    Oh my, what a lovely post! It's all so serene! Raising and loving my children and husband; the most important thing I've ever done!
    Hope you're having a beautiful day.


  12. Hello Sylvia, Your photography is so beautiful but your words are just as beautiful. Stopping by from a Good Life Wednesday!

  13. Lovely, soothing blog! I am following you.:)

  14. Very beautiful !
    Following you back !

  15. Sylvia~ such a soothing & beautiful post. All your white vignettes are are so beautifully composed! Thank you for my few minutes here starting my day with such wonderful words & beauty.

  16. this is amazingly beautiful and what my heart echos....

  17. I love the quiet simplicity of your post and the thoughts your questions provoke. Blessings!

  18. Hi, I couldn't find your email address. I just wanted you to know that your blog has been featured at my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday. The post goes up on Thursday (long story), and so you can go take a look.

    Welcome to our little blogging community! You should be receiving visitors shortly. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you in the Land Of Blog!

  19. What a lovely blog! I smiled at the last quote. wary of those who say they know the way.

  20. This entire blog had a calming and peaceful effect on me while reading it. I loved the questions that you posed as much as your beautiful photography.

    You have a wonderful gift with both.

  21. Beautiful post! Photography is outstanding and the word were so meaningful.

  22. Your photos are lovely and your post was wonderful thanks for sharing ..

  23. Peaceful with thought. Thank you.
    - Joy

  24. Lovely post, Sylvia. The pictures are just gorgeous. I am visiting from Brenda's. You have a beautiful blog! I am your latest follower!


  25. Hello, This is yet another thought provoking post complimented beautifully by elegant photography. Some of my favorites: tea cup with dried rose, white puffy heart on the hook, the stunning white blossom. You indeed have a gift. If you have not entered my give-away, please hop over and do so. Blessings.

  26. Welcome to Simple Pleasures, Sylvia. All of your photos reflected the simple things in life. I loved them all.

  27. Oh Sylvia what a lovely post. I just came over from Brenda's Welcome Wagon Friday and I just LOVE your blog. I am in Harrow, Ontario and I am your newest follower ;-) See you soon

  28. What a beautiful many things to think about ♥ Tricia

  29. Just visiting some of your older posts. WOW.

    You have one of the best blogs out there. You photography skills are amazing, and your text........oh do keep it up, it is like food for my soul.

    WELL DONE, my friend, truly an inspiration to a beginning blogger like myself..............well done, indeed!


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